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Occasional Sage
2015-04-05, 12:06 AM
I'm torn between level one and two for this. Compare to Scrivener's Chant, a cantrip.

Essentially, this is justification for ignoring spell copying time, which many tables seem to handwave.

Apprentice Transcription

School Transmutation
Level Alchemist 1, Magus 1, Wizard 1
Casting Time 10 minutes
Components V, S, F
Range touch
Target a single writing instrument
Duration Concentration, plus up to 1 minute/level (one hour max)
Saving Throw no
Spell Resistance no


By casting Apprentice Transcription, an arcane caster imbues a pen, stylus, or other writing instrument with her knowledge and skill, allowing it to copy magical writings for as long as she maintains her concentration on the work, which includes providing new pages to write upon. When the pen finishes a spell the caster may select a new spell for the pen to begin. These copies take one minute per spell level to complete. When the caster stops concentrating the pen will continue writing the spell currently in process, but will not begin a new spell.

Apprentice Transcription follows all normal rules for copying spells (book fees, special inks and their cost, et cetera). If supplies run out, the spell abruptly ends.

2015-04-05, 12:13 AM
Is Homebrew? Should be on Homebrew forum. Can self-report thread to get it moved.

Occasional Sage
2015-04-05, 12:19 AM
Nominally I suppose. Thoughts while it's here?

2015-04-05, 11:08 AM
I would make it a cantrip for my players, but I'm a DM who handwaves away the rule about scribing time. Maybe 1st level spell if you enforce that rule? This seems like a spell the wizard only casts on downtime.

2015-04-05, 11:12 AM

There's a similar spell for mundane writings and it's a cantrip. Even though this is more narrow it is more powerful so I would put it at at least level 1. Since copying a spell normally takes 24 hours, this is a pretty big time-saver. Albeit one that is only necessary now and then. So I'd pin it at level 2. i.e., basically at the very high end of mediocre utility. Especially since mainly wizards use it: they can always leave it unprepared until necessary (though this might cause an 8+ hour delay to get it ready) or put it on a single 150 gp scroll in case there's a time crunch in an emergency.

If you're only trying to make it easy for your players then yes you could make it any level at all lower than 2: 1, 0, or a free ability that all wizards have without requiring this spell. But I was trying to pin a level that could fit nicely with any DM.