View Full Version : Any rpgs out these similar to d.grey-man or claymore you could recomend?

2015-04-05, 07:52 PM
I just binge read both of these today (I was sick) and I realy liked the tone of the two mangas.
I also liked the concept/theme stuff; You got the vaguely christian advanced fantasy worlds with supernatural antagonist defending against some kind of dark force. Being sent out on missions and faceing realy dark stuff.
For some reason after I read them I had an urge to play an rpg with that whole feel going on. Any systems you could recommend?

Or just the feel without the setting, the dark fantasy thing.

Also I like the whole "he who hunts monsters" thing that claymore has going on.

note; I am still sick as I wright this so sorry if it is complete gibberish.

another note; soul eater has the same thing going on and is awesome, a bit to echi for my tastes but it is still awesome

you know what else kind of sort of has it? The vampire hunter d books. Never watched the show or read the comics, but those books were awesome.

Karl Aegis
2015-04-06, 02:20 AM
Sounds like Tenra Bansho Zero is what you are looking for.