View Full Version : D&D 3.x Other Half-Baked: Making Grappling Not Terrible--Constitition damage, not HP damage?

2015-04-06, 09:02 AM
At 1st level, the grappling rules make some mathematical sense--if you win a few grapples, you can do enough nonlethal damage to drop your opponent to zero HP and you win, you hold up the belt and your music plays, you exit the arena, etc.

But it doesn't scale at all when you level and fight level-appropriate monsters. Unarmed strike damage is pitiful, grappling is usually action-economy contraindicated, etc. Maybe you can tie up a spellcaster, but by the D&D rules, Conan isn't doing enough unarmed damage to Thulsa Doom to put him down in a reasonable number of rounds.

What if you had the option to switch out unarmed strike HP nonlethal damage for temporary Con damage?

MAke this available to anyone? With Improved GRapple or Improved Unarmed Strike (basically any unarmed combat feat)?