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2015-04-06, 03:18 PM
I'm looking to introduce some magic items into the 5e campaign Iím creating but I'm concerned about overloading the party and having a group of unstoppable juggernauts on my hands.

I thought I could remedy this by giving my players items that only had a single use. Things similar to force beads or dust of securement are what I had in mind. The issue is that I haven't been able to find many of those in the DMG and I was hoping the homebrew community had either specific ideas or general concepts for homebrewing items I could use!


2015-04-06, 06:17 PM
My DM's a fan of Single Use items, I think they're incredible.
Magic as a nonrenewable resource makes players think a little more and play a little more tactically.

So far in the campaign we've been running, magic is dying all around the world (the main point of the quest) so magic items are extremely rare and treasured. We've encountered -
A old enchanted mask that lets you speak and understand any one language (one time of course).

A harp that casts the sleep spell when played. (once)

A Greatsword that was originally supposed to mimic the property of whatever it came into contact with, but since the magic has depleted, it only steals the property of the first creature you kill with it, permanently (We now have a fire-type Greatsword. The property is permanent, but again, the magic was one time.)

A lucky coin that could be used once before an action to ensure the action was (at least partially) successful (not necessarily in the manner intended)

There were a few others I can't think of at the moment, but when I do I'll post them.
The trick with some of these items (like the coin and the Greatsword) was that we didn't know exactly what magic they had before we used them, which made it even more of a gamble.

Good luck with your items, hope this helped a little!

2015-04-06, 08:19 PM
I think that having something expendable and powerful up your sleeve can make or break a fight. I had a cleric that was being swallowed by a remorhaz, and I allowed him to use a bead of force to create a shield around him, choking the beast. It saved his life!

There are plenty of things you can offer. Just look at spells with material components (which aren't as many in this version), and you have some great inspiration.

Pouch of Gentle Repose: This gray felt bag contains a small amount of salt, and two mystically charged copper coins. When salt is sprinkled over the body, and the coins are placed over the eyes of a dead creature, they are under the effect of Gentle Repose. Once used, the coins are mundane, though the spell remains for its normal duration.

Squirming Jar: A one liter crystal jar filled with a jet-black liquid can be seen to shift in weight on occasion. Closer inspection reveal a number of tentacles occasionally sticking to the inside surfaces, while others roil around aimlessly. If thrown (range 20/60) or dropped from a height of 3 feet, the jar shatters. The point of impact becomes the center of a 10 foot radius swarming with inky tentacles grasping at everything in range. The area functions like that of Evard's Black Tentacles, and the save DC is 14. The tentacles last for 4 rounds, at which point the black pool quickly evaporates, and the tentacles wither away to nothing.