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2015-04-06, 11:01 PM
What this is: An Archtype available to 5e Bards, Clerics, Druids, Sorcerers and Wizards to make them feel like Eberron setting artificers. It aims to let you do artificer/magitech stuff like making magic items and industrializing magic without actually disrupting the 5e "Magic Items are at DM discretion only" economy too badly. It does this by letting you give rituals, concentration spells and cantrip-casting wands to non-magical characters: stuff that was already available to the other PCs for a feat if they were interested, but which is generally not available to D&D's hypothetical 1st level commoner outside of magitech settings. The War Wand is basically an invention of my own. It seems like the sort of thing that would have existed during the Last War, but has no particular support in the Ebberon setting as far as I know. Likewise, infusions aren't exactly the same thing as artificer infusions in 3.5e, and I feel like that is probably for the best.

Crafting Proficiencies: At 2nd level (or at 3rd if you are a bard) you gain proficiency in the use of a herbalism kit and two sorts of artisan's tools. If your DM allows players to create magic items, you know how to create kinds made using tools you are proficient with.

Prepare Infusion: At 2nd level (or at 3rd if you are a bard) you learn to prepare infusions. An infusion is a magical drink similar in nature to a potion, but of a far more temporary nature. An infusion contains one spell of duration of 'concentration' and a range of 'self'. The drinker of the infusion gains the benefit of the spell for as long as they continue to concentrate. Drinking an infusion disrupts concentration on existing concentration spells. Preparing an infusion requires a vial of water, the use an herbalism kit, ten minutes and a casting of the spell to be infused. An infusion remains potent until the spell slot used to cast it is regained.

Etch Schema: Starting at 6th level, you gain the ability to etch magical schema of any ritual spell you know. A schema is a magical writing similar in nature to a scroll, but written on permanent materials such as stone tablets or metal plates. Each schema contains step by step instructions for casting a single spell, allowing anyone, spellcaster or not, to cast the spell as a ritual once per day. Etching a schema takes an hour and costs 200 gold per spell level of the spell contained within. Schema for cantrips cost 50 gold to make.

Craft War Wand: At 10th level, you are able to create spellcasting weapons usable by magical and nonmagical characters alike. These weapons, known as war wands, are constructed from ordinary spell foci and been imbued with two spells: one cantrip and one other spell. Both must be of instantaneous duration and lack expensive material components. By attuning to the war wand, the wielder may treat both spells as if they were known and currently prepared. Although no magical ability is required to cast a cantrip from a war wand, higher level spells require spell slots as normal and may be of little use to noncasters. Crafting a war wand takes one hour, a spell focus and 100 gold per level of the noncantrip spell to be imbued. A war wand containing two cantrips requires only the time and the spell focus. Despite the name, any spell focus may be used - wands are merely the most common form.

Create Warforged: Starting at 16th level, you rediscover the secrets of creating living constructs. With standard tools, it takes full month of effort and 1000 gold to assemble and enchant a single warforged. By spending six months and 10000 gold constructing a Creation Forge, you may cut the time to do so down to a single day. Regardless of the method used in their creation, these living constructs are not mindless servants. Though often quite fond of their creators, warforged have minds of their own and will leave if mistreated or if better opportunities clearly await them elsewhere. Note that in many settings the creation of warforged is illegal or restricted. With DM permission you may discover some other major innovation instead of or in addition to this one.

2015-04-11, 12:37 AM
And now for a rogue archtype: The Poisoner!

Poisonmaking: When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with Poisoner’s kits and may safely handle both poisons and venomous animals without ending up poisoned yourself. You may harvest enough venom from such a venomous animal per long rest to restore potency to a single expended vial of poison or anti-venom at no cost.

Skilled Application: At third level, you become very skilled at applying poison. All creatures suffer disadvantage on saves against poison you apply, and the DC to resist poisoning is equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Dexterity modifier. Finally, your poisons dry out after one hour rather than one minute.

Advanced Poisons: At 9th level, you learn new and deadly ways to administer poisons. By spending 10 minutes with your poison kit, you may apply any one of these benefits to a vial of poison (be it basic, or another advanced poison): Ingested Toxin: You may now concentrate a vial of poison to improve its potency if ingested. Such a poison deals your full sneak attack in poison damage to anyone who swallows it or consumes food or drink poisoned by it. Airborne Toxin: You may now powder a poison so that it becomes a poisonous cloud when thrown. The poison fills a 10' cube for one minute, poisoning anyone who enters. Holding ones breath does not prevent this from occurring. Contact Toxin: You may treat a poison so that it requires skin contact rather than blood contact to poison a victim. Anyone who touches the poisoned item with their bare skin is exposed to the poison.These benefits do not stack - the most recent method of preparation replaces all previous preparations.

Expert Poisons: At 13th level, you learn newer and even deadlier ways to administer poisons. By spending 10 minutes with your poison kit, you may apply any one of these benefits to a vial of poison: Binary Toxin: You distill a vial of poison into two (or more) vials. Each individual vial is harmless on its own and detects magically as not being poisonous. Only once a creature is exposed to the contents of each vial do they make a save and potentially become poisoned. Antidote: You may prepare an antidote for a poison you own which renders a drinker immune to that particular vial for one hour and cures the drinker of the poison if they are already exposed. Subtle Toxin: You may alter a poison to inflict a debilitating condition instead of inflicting damage. For as long the victim remains poisoned, they are either blinded, deafened, paralyzed or rendered unconscious.Each benefit is compatible with all the rest and with one Advanced poison alteration.

Poison Heart: At 17th level your body becomes completely inured to the presence of poisons. You become immune to both poison damage and to the poisoned condition, as well as any condition inflicted by a poisonous substance. Any poisons you are exposed to linger harmlessly in your blood for 24 hours or until flushed out with a vial of anti-toxin. Treat your any quantity of your blood larger than an once as containing a full dose of each such poison for the purposes of poisoning creatures and coating objects with poison. Finally, your enhanced metabolism renders you immune to being charmed or frightened - your heart and mind cannot be poisoned by outside influences.

2015-04-11, 10:50 AM
What this is: An Archtype available to 5e Bards, Clerics, Druids, Sorcerers and Wizards

It doesn't work like that - you can't make a subclass and expect it to work for a bunch of different classes. For example, that Artificer class couldn't possibly work for the Bard that doesn't get his subclass until level 3 - he would miss out on the first two abilities entirely.

2015-04-11, 05:08 PM
Updated for bard support.

And yes, ideally I'd make four separate archtypes for the four different classes. But does anyone actually need that many?

2015-04-12, 06:30 AM
I'd suggest alternate fluff for Poison Heart. Rather than performing some kind of radical procedure to replace your blood, what if it were just a matter of working with poisons so long that they've basically permeated you? That would also play into the immunity. I'm not sure how to fluff the ability to choose what poison you afflict a creature that bites or eats you with, but perhaps the poisoner can make special mixtures that bring out the effects of one or another poison in their body. (Nominal gold cost and an hour or two to mix?)

2015-04-12, 02:37 PM
How about a mixture that makes you retain the next one you're exposed to?