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The Gentleman Adventurer, a classic archetype in the world of fantasy. But not quite as often seen as others are. A rich and flashy adventure. Smooth and slick, polite yet with a strong wit as sharp and deadly are their swords. Its quite hard to play as a Gentleman Adventure. Both in terms of theme, and in terms of mechanics. The Swashbuckler comes close, but close is not good enough my friends. Not good enough at all.

So when the system does not provide, we turn to homebrew. I could not see anything that fit the gentleman adventurer, thus I have decided to dedicate a class entirely to them. Whenever you play as a charismatic gentleman who can who women with a flash of his smile, or a scholar whose cunning plans make his enemies tremble. Or perhaps you're a rash young-blood, bold, adventurous and daring... and then of course, there is the villain. Moustache twirling, diabolically evil and love it. This class should cover them all.

Gentleman Adventurer

Attributes: Intelligent and/or Charisma are the main attributes for a Gentleman Adventurer, as its fuels their class features. Constitution are secondary, for fortitude and health. With Strength or Dexterity usable to supplement their melee ability
Races: Masters of mixing class with danger, humans are far and away the most common of the Gentleman Adventurers. Half-Elves that were raised by humans, tend to make effective Charismatic Gentleman Adventurers as well. Other races can become Gentleman Adventurers, but are likely to be looked on strangely by their kin,
Alignment: Any. Due to the the wide variety of the Gentleman Adventurers, you could have a loyal soldier to the crown, a swashbuckling freedom fighter, a noble that cares little about others, yet keeps themselves out of trouble, or the famous moustache twirling diabolically evil villain.

Class Skills
The Gentleman Adventurerís class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Appraise (Int), Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disable Device (Int), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (All) (Int), Listen (Wis), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Search (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), Tumble (Dex), Use Magic Device (Cha)
Skill Points at first level: (6 + Int Modifier)x4
Skill Points at each additional level: 6 + Int Modifier.
Hit Die: d8

Base Attack Bonus
Fort Save
Ref Save
Will Save



+1Performer vs Tactician, A Gentlemanís Education



+2Monster Lore, Flourishing Style



+2Tricky Combat, Bonus Feats



+3Reckless Assault, Explorerís Knack



+3Skilled Defence



+3Snazzy Suit



+3Fancy Style, Bonus Feats



+4Flashy Combat



+4Gentlemanís Manners



+5Connection Network



+5Master Suit, Bonus Feats



+6A Masterís Style



+6Masterís Combat



+6A Gentlemanís Investment



+6Noble Defence, Bonus Feats



+7Perfect Suit



+7Perfect Style



+8Perfect Combat



+8A Gentlemanís Ally, Bonus Feats



+9A Gentlemanís Perfection

Class Features
All of the following are class features of the Gentleman Adventurer.
Weapon and Armour Proficiency: Gentleman Adventurer are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, as well as one light or one-handed exotic weapon of choice. They are proficient with light and medium armour, and with all shields (except tower shields)

So, the skills give the GA a wide range of physical, social and intellectual choices, though I donít think they quite have the same skill-range as a bard, rogue or factotum. Still, there a proper solid skill monkey. BAB was obvious, their Skills over Combat, but still Combat heavy so they get Medium BAB. Saves wer a little tricky trick, as they could easily have full saves. However, I went for medium saves instead, as the Gentleman isn't quite as good as other adventureres in terms of toughness, reflexes or willpower as others... but quite good all around.

As for Weapon and Armour proficiencies? Well, a Gentleman Adventurer is a trained fighter, so simple and martial weapons. Of course, their education is beyond that of a fighter, so they gain an exotic weapon as well. Armour wise, they lose heavy because its rather undignified and troublesome, nothing like a good old leather shirt or breastplate.

Performer vs Tactician
Whilst there are many different types of Gentleman Adventurers, they can all be split into two different categories. The Charismatic Performer, and the Intelligent Tactician. At first level, you chose to either become a Performer or a Tactician. If you chose to be a Performer, you gain Gather Information, Handle Animal and Perform as class skills. If you chose to be a Tactician, you gain Decipher Script, Forgery, Spellcraft as class skills.

Due to the flexibility of the Gentleman Adventurers, it is possible for a Performer to have some skills as a Tactician, and a Tactician to have some of the Performerís flair. Though they lose some of their potency in order to gain these abilities. For every two abilities you select is the same as your choice for this class feature, you gain a +1 Bonus to either Charisma (for Performers), or Intelligence (for Tacticians)

This right here is the Lynchpin of the class, as it decides whenever or not you are focused on Intelligence of Charisma. Most importantly however, it let you decide how much you want to focus on Intelligence on Charisma. As it doesnít tie you down to all those options once youíve chosen it. If you chose Performer, but like a Tactician option for a class feature, then you can take it.

That being said, it does encourage and reward you for sticking to your first choice. A stacking increase to either Intelligence or Charisma is quite a reward, especially with how few and far between ability score increases come, and how expensive they can be. So you have to think carefully before you make your every decision.

A Gentlemanís Education
Gentleman Adventurers are slick and well-trained, no matter where they come from. Chose either Performer Skills or Tacticianís Skills. You gain 2 skills points at every level, (and x4 at first level) that you can spend only on skills derived from Charisma (for Performers), or Intelligence (for Tacticians).

At level 5, and every 5 levels afterwards. You gain an additional skill point per level to spend on the skills, taking into account previous levels.. If you can no longer take any skills derived from your attribute, then you can spend those skill points freely.

This is the first feature that properly makes the GA a skill-monkey. They Rogue has Trapmaking, the Bard, Bardic Knowledge or Knack, and the Factotum... has every single skill. This class feature however, is what allows the GA to full call itself to be a skill monkey. Having a total of eight base skills at level 1, but also having that base skill increase, up to a full, impressive, 12 skill points per level base. Of course, half of them are restricted to certain skills, but youíll likely be taking quite a few of them anyway. Still, keeping them restricted as they are, should help the Gentleman Adventurer from having too diverse a skill set... and the levels in which you gain more can easily be tweaked.

Monster Lore
A Gentleman Adventurer is smooth, slick and very well educated. Whilst his fellow man might be flexible beyond belief, monsters follow a general template that can be studied and learned, and this is something all Gentleman Adventurerís learn about. At level 2, when making any knowledge check about monsters (including for feats like Knowledge Devotion), a Gentleman Adventurer can chose not to use the normal knowledge skill required, but make a special Monster Lore Knowledge check with a bonus equal to his Gentleman Adventurer level + his Intelligence modifier.

For every 5 ranks in the appropriate knowledge skill for the monster, the Gentleman Adventurer gains a +2 bonus towards his Monster Lore checks. If though multiclassing or other means, the Gentleman Adventurer has the favored enemy class feature, he can apply the bonus to his Monster Lore checks against the specific monsters.

A Gentleman is well-educated, and what better way than to reflect this education, that having its own unique knowledge check? It might share its name with the Pathfinderís Inquisitor's class feature, but this is much stronger in my mind. What I like best about this however, is that putting ranks into your knowledge skills make it stronger, unlike other knowledge checks. The favored class thing is because I felt like it fits, I donít see it being used much, but its there.

Flourishing Style
Gentleman Adventurers are skilled combatants, and have unique fighting styles born from their spectacular education that a mere fighter cannot easily replicate. At 2nd level, choose one of the following.
Swashbuckler: This Gentleman Adventurer is a master fencer. Their class features only work when they are wielding a single weapon in one hand, either a buckler or nothing at all in the other hand. Swift and nimble, this Gentleman Adventurer gains Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat.
Florentine: Whilst as Swashbuckler might use a buckler at best, this Gentleman Adventurer has learned the art of using a second, lighter weapon in conjunction with the other, as such their class features only work when wielding a light weapon in their off-hand. You gain Two-Weapon Fighting as a bonus feat.
Kung-Fu: Having learned the secrets of the ancient arts of Kung-Fu, a Gentleman Adventurer abandons weaponry and turns their very body into a deadly weapon, because of this, they only gain their class-features when fighting unarmed. You gain Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat.
Knight: Solid and strong, a Knight wields the traditional sword and shield combo, giving him a strong defence to back up his offense. This Gentleman Adventurer gains Shield Specialization and Shield Ward as bonus feats.
Juggler: The only Gentleman Adventurer that fights at range, the Juggler wields a light-throwing weapons with deadly accuracy and ability, whilst still being sufficient at close range combat. They gain Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot as bonus feats

So, Combat Styles. First appearing from the Ranger, these are normally seen as just a way to give players a package of bonus feats that they gain through-out their levels, sometimes they can chose which feats at certain points, whilst others are just basically ĎYou get Feat X and Y Levelí. Pretty boring in all honestly

Which is why Iím happy to announce that this isnít Wizards of the Coast Combat Styles. But T.G Oskarís Combat Styles. Instead of simply giving you packages of feats, his material gives you interesting and unique abilities, that are different not just for the different styles, but his different classes as well. Check out his Retooled Ranger and Samurai to understand what I mean. Then go check out the rest of his stuff, as its awesome.

Bonus Feats
At 3rd level and every 4 levels thereafter, a Gentleman Adventurer gains a bonus feat. The Gentleman Adventurer may choose from the list of fighter bonus feats or luck feats. A Gentleman Adventurer is considered as a fighter of his class level minus four for feats that have a fighter level prerequisite.

Tricky Combat
At 3rd level, the Gentleman Adventurer has experienced combat enough to know the little tricks and skills that can give him an edge in combat, beyond the normal stabby slashing business. Chose either Performer Combat or Tactician Combat. Performers gain Improved Feint and Improved Disarm as Bonus Feats. Whilst a Tactician gains Improved Trip and Improved Sunder as Bonus Feats.

A Gentleman Adventurer knows there is much more to fighting than just clobbering each other until one falls down. However, a Gentleman Adventurer, also doesnít have the training and abilities of a martial adept. So how do they do more than just clobber opponents? Simple, they use combat maneuvers such as trip and feint. Of course, Disarm and Sunder arenít all that great, but Iíve got plans to make them useable.

Reckless Assault
At 4th level, the Gentleman Adventurer knows that sometimes, in order to get results. One must be willing to take risks, risks that to others might appear reckless. Indeed, perhaps they are, or perhaps they know they are not. Even though calculated decision or gut instinct. When wielding a one-handed weapon, a Gentleman Adventurer can take a -2 penalty to their attack, in order to added +1d8 to the base damage of their weapon until the end of your turn. This can be used whilst dual-wielding.

At 8th Level, and every four levels afterwards. The Gentleman Adventurer can reduce his attack by a further -1, and add another +1d8 to the base damage of their weapon. Reckless Assault is treated as Power Attack for all intents and purposes, meaning that it cannot be used in conjunction of Power Attack.

So. Rogues have Sneak-Attack and Swashbucklers have Inspiring Strike. As I didnít want to do the boring, +Ability to damage, I decided to make something a little different. I wanted to add extra dice similarly to sneak-attack, but not needed difficult requirements to get it. So the actual extra damage will be lower. So I decided to base it of that one feat that all melee users have. Power Attack.

As I actually wanted this to be multiplied by an critical hit, I decided to have the attack increase the base-weapon damage of the weapon, but this also opens it up to other abilities. You know two-weapon rend? The feat that does damage equal to the base damage of yours weapons and 1.5x Str? Well, it also deals the Reckless Assault Damage as well. So its actually worth taking.

Not to mention, as its treated as Power-Attack, you can use Leap-Attack to increase the damage granted by it. Which fits the imagery of the Gentleman Adventurer. Other homebrew classes and feats can also affect it, but I wonít talk about any I know. Finally, its a -2 attack at the start, but it currently only increases by -1 attack per extra dice, so it scales exponentially, though I can change it if its too powerful. Still, -6 attack for +5d8 damage seems more appropriate than -10 for the same results

Explorerís Knack
At level 4, a Gentleman Adventurer likely has a quest or two under his belt, and has come to an realization. The ability to properly traverse and survive in all environment without aid is a rather important to have, as one never knows when one might be imprisoned, stripped of your possessions and dumped onto a desert island to die, amongst other scenarios.

When making a Balance, Climb, Jump, Swim or Survival check, a Gentleman Adventurer can treat himself as having ranks in that skill equal to 1/2 his level. Furthermore, the ACP penalty that applies to these checks is reduced by 1 for light armours, 2 for medium armours and 3 for heavy armours. This cannot reduce the ACP penalty to 1.

I admit, this is a bit of an odd one. Balance tends to be a skill where you put 5 into it and then forget, whilst the other skills... lets be honest guys. They donít really get touched. But, those skills are quite commonly used in game (at least in my experience), and a Gentleman Adventurer knows this. Despite how undignified it might be, one needs to live. Thus, the reasoning behind this feature. Not to mention that the Gentleman Adventurer is getting a liiiittle top-heavy, and I didnít want this class feature to be to powerful

Skilled Defence
At level 5, a Gentleman Adventurer learns that relying solely on armour and agility is not always enough to keep them safe. Chose either Performer Defence or Tactician Defence. If you chose Performer Defence, once per turn as an Immediate Action, when targeted by an attack. You can use either a Bluff or Perform check in place of your AC. If you chose Tactician Defence, once per turn Immediate Action, when you would take damage. You can use an appropriate knowledge check against the enemy that dealt damage to you. Reduce the damage dealt by the attack, equal to the knowledge check. Neither of these abilities can be used on consecutive turns.

An interesting little ability like this. I wanted to increase the defences of the Gentleman Adventurer, but again. I didnít want to do the boring ĎYou gain ability X to your ACí. The Performer Defence isnít that inspired, and a pretty standard skill in place of AC. Iím proud of the Tacticianís Defence, reducing damage dealt by any attack is a more flexible and clever thing to do. A Tactician knows he canít avoid all damage (fireball anyone?), so he focuses on keeping himself protected when he does get damaged.

Snazzy Suit
The most important item for a Gentleman Adventurer, is not their weapon or a magical item of power. But their smart and slick clothing. Styling and comfortable, a Gentleman Adventurer is simply not a Gentleman unless they have a suit that matches the current fashion. At level 6, the Gentleman Adventurer finally gains a suit that is not only all of the above, but an armour that can aid them in battle, and stay together through thick and thin.

The Snazzy Suit is an outfit that is treated as Light Armour when beneficial, that gives +2 AC, and has no max dexterity, ASF or ACP. The Snazzy Suit cannot be sundered, and only the Gentleman Adventurer can wear it. The Snazzy Suit cannot be sold, but it can be enchanted through the normal means. Additionally, the Snazzy Suit all Charisma and Intelligence based skills an untyped bonus, equal to 1/2 of its AC.

What is a Gentleman without a suit? Not a Gentleman is the answer to that. And thus, the Snazzy Suit was born to represent how a Gentleman Adventurer always wears their suit, even in combat and it remains immaculate and stylish at all times. +2 AC isnít much currently, and so you might not see a point to wearing it above other armours, and honestly, its kinda the point. Its a free, un-sunderable armour that gives you a skill bonus. So, it has low AC. At least for now, at higher levels, its going to be increasing and bringing other abilities to the table.

That being said, it is an outfit first and foremost, so if you have multi classed with a monk, or get a monkís belt, you still get your wisdom to AC whilst wearing this, alongside other similar abilities. So, it does have a rather strong niche upgrade.

Fancy Style
At 7th Level, a Gentleman Adventurer has practiced enough with their unique combat styles so that they can evolve to the next level of their abilities.
Swashbuckler: Quick on his feet and with his sword, the Gentleman Adventurer gains a +10 bonus to their base speed. Additionally, they gain the Combat Reflexes feat for free. If you already have Combat Reflexes, instead increase the bonus AoOís by 50%.
Florentine: The master of the Florentine fencing style knows how to wield his two weapons effectively, and especially using the second weapon to supplement their defences. The Gentleman Adventurerís penalties when fighting with two weapons are reduced by 2. When wielding two weapons, the Gentleman Adventurer gains a Shield AC equal to the base AC of the Snazzy Suit.
Kung-Fu: As they begin to master the art of Kung-Fu, the Gentleman Adventurer begins to hit harder, as well as pushing their bodies towards amazing feats. The Gentleman Adventurer gains Leap of Heavens and Superior Unarmed Strike as bonus feats. Additionally, they can now invest points granted by the ĎA Gentlemanís Educationí class feature into Jump.
Knight: Stranding strong with shield and sword, the Gentleman Adventurer is steadily becoming more and more resilient. They gain Toughness and Improved Toughness as bonus feats, and gain a bonus to Fortitude Saves equal to their Shield AC bonus.
Juggler: A master weapon-thrower needs more than simple accuracy, but also distance and speed. The range increment of all thrown weapons used by the Gentleman Adventurer increases by 30 feet. Furthermore, they may attack in with any ranged weapon without provoking attacks of opportunity if they are in a threatened area.

So, I mentioned that Iím doing the Combat Style the way of T.G Oskar and not the Wizards of the Coat, and this is showing it right here. Yes, this section here is still giving one or two feats, but that should be the very last time you get any feats from this section, unless my plans horribly horribly wrong.

Swashbucklerís wear light armour so they can be swifter and more agile than their heavy-armour counterparts. And whilst full-plate isnít as restrictive as one might imagine, leather armour still gives you better speed and agility. So, faster speed and reaction times reflect this. Again, the 50% increase is to avoid the ĎX bonus to Yí that is quite common, and something Iíve done myself. But I feel like it works, with the Swashbucklerís emphasis on agility and speed.

Florentine... okay, the penalty reduction, I just straight out stole that from T.Gís stuff. The other one... well, the Florentine style is about having a parrying dagger in the off-hand, so an increase to AC reflects that quite well, and it will be increasing throughout the levels as well.

Kung-Fu was hard, because I wanted to keep up in terms of damage, but at the same time wasnít sure how to do so. Superior Unarmed Strike seemed like a solid choice, but alone it wasnít enough. But in Kung-Fu films... thereís a lot of jumping normally and similar tricks. So, I gave them greater jumping ability, and will be developing them in the future.

Knight, is the resilient and tough guy. So HP and Fortitude? Perfect sense. Juggler... okay I admit, T.G Oskar just managed to do it so well with the Ranger, that I honestly couldnít think of anything else for them to do. Iím will be doing something different for the next one, I promise.

Flashy Combat
A Gentleman Adventurer knows that one needs more than skill in order to be a master fighter, but style. Show. Pizzazz. Even the most tactical and reserved of the Gentleman Adventurerís know the need to perform, though they still go about it in a reserved way. At 8th Level, chose either Flashy Performer or Flashy Tactician.

If you chose Performer, as a swift action once per turn after you have hit an enemy, you may attempt to stagger all enemies in 10ft for a number of rounds equal to your Intelligence Modifier (minimum 1). Make a d20 roll, + your Charisma Modifier and ranks in Perform against their Will Save. If you surpass their Will, they are staggered, if you do not, you have no effect.

If you chose Tactician, as a swift action once per turn after you have hit an enemy. You may attempt to daze the struck enemy for a number of rounds equal to half your Charisma Modifier (minimum 1). Make a d20 roll, + your Intelligence Modifier and highest ranks in knowledge against their Will Save. If you surpass their Will, they are dazed. If you do not, you have no effect.

Finally giving you something to do with those swift actions of yours (Immediate Action from Skilled Defence not counting), with a fun little feature to boot. Swashbucklers - which are having a heavy influence on this class I shall admit - always come across as flashy, acrobatic fighters. Whilst you can most certainly be acrobatic, flashy is a little harder to reach. So, hence this little class feature. Complete with two different styles of flash!

Will your quick wit and flashy sword play amazing the view enemies? Or shall you confuse and befuddle you chosen opponent with efficient strikes and technique lecturing? Or do you have other ways to get the same effects?

I admit, I had first thought of doing shaken and frightened instead of staggered and daze... but fear effects have a lot of resistances, so I went for these two instead. Hopefully, the DCís arenít to high either... I was wondering if I should have it as a static 7 or 5 instead of a d20 roll, though I will admit that element of randomness honesty fits the Gentleman Adventurer very well.

Gentlemanís Manners
A Gentleman Adventurer is not just a slick and stylish adventurer, but a person that would be at home in even the most cut-throat of ballrooms. Because of this, a Gentleman Adventurer has mastered a few tricks in order to help win them an advantage in mire of politics. At level 9, the DC of the following skill checks is reduced by 5:

Using Diplomacy to increase the attitude of an NPC up to Friendly. Using a Bluff Check to lie to someone, or to pass on a secret message. Sense Motive against opposing Bluff Checks, as a Hunch or to Discern a Secret Message.

Additionally, a Gentleman Adventurer can chose a Performer's Manners or a Tactician's Manners. If they chose Performer, then all normal skill checks using a Perform Skill (not class features, or other checks that user Peform) have their DC reduced by 5. If the chose Tactician, then the DC for all History and Nobility & Royalty Knowledge checks are reduced by 5.

So, I just realized that its been almost five levels since Iíve had a non-combat class feature... and I donít want a Gentleman Adventurer to only be able to bring the overwhelming majority of their class features to combat. The Rogue and Factotum have out of combat class features, so to does the GA. Hence, I had given you this, to improve the Gentlemanís ability in being a face.

The DC lowering might be a bit too high, so I might tweak it so its only a lowering of 3 or something. I decided to do DC lowering instead of adding a flat bonus to Diplomacy, Bluff and Sense Motive, is because I was unsure what the bonus would be, plus only those skills really fit what I have in mind. Not to mention that I feel that DC lowering benefits any Gentleman Adventurer, no matter how they are built.

There's also quite a few homebrew (or Pathfinder) disciplines out there, using a wide variety of skills... and gestalt is most definitely a thing. Donít want this skill bumping up the use of those disciplines through a skill boost.

Connection Network
At level 10, a Gentleman Adventurer is a well established Gentleman and Adventurer... and like all good Gentleman and Adventurers, he has connections. Quite a few of them actually, and these connections have connections of their own which he can sometimes call on, giving a few little boons in certain situations.

When making a Gather Information check, the DC is reduced by 5. Additionally, the Gentlemanís connections allows him to sell items at 70% of the base price, as well as buy items and services at 80% of their base price. Finally, if using the Reputation Variant Campaign Rule, a Gentleman Adventurer has a +3 bonus to their Reputation.

Yeah... I admit this one is a little weird, especially for a 10th level character. Iíll admit, I was struggling quite a bit for this one, and Iím honestly not happy with it. I like the idea of a GA having connections, and being able to find items better, as well as sell and buy items better than most. But... I donít know... it just doesnít feel like a level ten ability. Suggestions would be welcome.

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Master Suit
At level 11, a Gentleman Adventurer now has the prestige and money necessary in order to upgrade their Snazzy Suit into one created by masters of tailoring. Its AC is increased to 4, and it gives the Gentleman Adventurer Resistance to Fire, Cold, Lightning and Acid equal to 1/2 of its AC x 5. So at level 11, the Gentleman Adventurer has resistance 10 to Fire, Cold, Lightning and Acid. Additionally, it allows the Gentleman Adventurer to make a single reroll for a Charisma or Intelligence based skill check that normally does not allow retries. This check however incurs a -5 penalty.

The first upgrade to the Snazzy Suit is here ladies and gentleman, and I rather like it. Not only does it have increased defensive abilities with a higher AC as well as Energy Resistance, but it gives you quite a significant non-numerical boosts to your skills, allowing you to retry and skills in which you flubbed up. Either through an unlucky roll or horrible RPing and the DM flatly saying ĎYeah, noí. Hopefully now all Gentleman Adventurers are wearing the Snazzy Suit...

A Masterís Style
At level 12, the Gentleman Adventurer is a tried and true warrior, capable of crossing blades with the best of the best. Only legends themselves can easily dismiss a Gentleman Adventurer of this level of power. Including the strongest of demons, devils and angels.
Swashbuckler: The dramatic and daring Swashbuckler has learned how to better inflict devastating strikes, and how to inflict such grievous wounds against those that would normally ignore it. The critical range of any and all weapons the Swashbuckler wields by 1. This ability stacks with all other abilities that increase the critical range of a weapon, but after the doubling effects of Improved Critical, Keen and other abilities. Additionally, the Swashbuckler gains an additional +10 bonus to their base speed
Florentine: The Florentine fighter is not just a master of defence, but also a master of counter-attack. Whenever someone attacks you in melee, and misses by an amount greater than your shield AC, they provoke an attack of opportunity from your off-hand weapon. Because of the sudden attack, the enemy is treated as flat-footed against this attack, even if they have abilities that would normally allow them to negate being treated as flat-footed unless their ECL is 2 higher than yours. Additionally, your off-hand weapon deals damage as if it was one size larger
Kung-Fu: As a master of Kung-Fu, your strikes donít just damage your opponent, but set them up for further punishment by yourself and your allies. Whenever you successfully hit an enemy with an unarmed strike, they take a penalty to their AC and attack rolls equal to your primary modifier for damage rolls with unarmed fighting, plus any enchantment bonus you have. This penalty is only applied once and is in effect until the end of your next turn. Hitting an enemy whilst they have this penalty refreshes the duration. Additionally, you can chose one component of your alignment, your unarmed strikes are now considered to be that alignment for the purpose of overcoming damage resistance. True neutral Gentleman Adventurerís can pick any alignment.
Knight: A Knight by this level has learned that all the defence in the world is useless if they cannot take the enemies attention away from their allies. Once per turn as a free action, the knight can select an enemy within 30ft. Roll a Perform, Intimidate or Monster Lore check against that enemiesí Will save. If you succeed, the enemy takes a -5 to all attack and damage rolls against anyone that is not you until the end of your next turn, as well as lowering the DCís of all their abilities by 5 if they do not target you. Area of Effect abilities that include you are not affected by this. Additionally, you gain Mettle Class Feature.
Juggler: The Juggler has learned a few important tricks and abilities in their time adventuring, some of which others may see as magic... and perhaps they might even be. At the end of a Jugglerís turn, up to four weapons that the Juggler has thrown that turn can return to him. Through he can only catch them if he has a hand free. Additionally, any weapon that the Juggler throws and hits with becomes lodged in the enemy. Whenever they make a move or standard action, the enemy takes damage equal to the weapon's base damage plus its enchantment (including abilities such as Flaming). If they take a full-round action, they instead take the damage twice. Each lodged weapon affects the enemy in the same way.

So, Master Style. Each of them giving the GA a minor boost and then a major boost... through the gap is smaller than some of the combat styles than the others. Still, overall it should be a solid but not too powerful a boost to the characters and their styles.

Swashbuckler becomes faster, as well as getting a greater chance at getting critical hits. I was toying the the idea of allowing them to bypass critical hit immunity as well, but I wasnít sure if that would be too strong at this stage of the game...

Iím proud with what I came up with for Florentine in all honesty, as basically. Its the old ĎParry Riposteí that is so popular, but TWFing exclusive and introduced in an entirely new way. Hopefully its not to confusing... oh and because its off-hand weapon Riposte only, you get to deal more damage with the off-hand weapon. Hope you enjoy it!

Kung Fu... ah Kung Fu. If martial arts isnít about hurting and harming your enemy through attacks, I believe its about weakening them and leaving them open to further attacks, as well as decreasing their chance to counter-attack. The alignment strikes is just a standard feature for unarmed fighters around this level, like Monks for example.

Knights... well as I said. What is worse for a tank, than the ability to draw the enemies fire? So, you now have that. Not by forcing them to attack you, but by making it a huge inconvenience to not do so. The DC lowering means that spellcasters and monsters with SLAís are still affected as well, making it a win win! And of course, with toughness comes Mettle.

Juggler... was difficult I admit, as T.G Oskarís Free Action Returning was difficult to match, and I knew I couldnít copy him anymore. So I can you the ability to throw and return at least some of your weapons (through you need a quick-sheath in order to catch them all!), but most importantly, a reason not to do so at once. Hence the idea of you lodging them into your opponentís body and doing damage for each action they make. Might not be the same as Free Action return, but donít worry, Iíll make it more than worth it during the final style set.

Masterís Combat
The Gentleman Adventurer is a true master of combat, ability to chain attacks with their tricks and vice versa, in order to perform dazzling and deadly displays of their ability. At level 13, whenever the Gentleman Adventurer successfully hits an enemy whilst using their Reckless Assault class feature with the highest possible attack penalty, they may take a free maneuver check against the enemy, as long as they have the ĎImproved [Maneuver]í feat, e.g. If A Gentleman Adventurer has Improved Disarm, they make a Disarm check for free after hitting an enemy using Reckless Assault. This ability can only be used once per turn.

Additionally, if a Gentleman Adventurer uses a maneuver of which they have the Improved Feat, without attacking them first and successfully make the check, the may make a free attack against the target of the successful check, as long as they are using Reckless Assault with the highest possible attack penalty for that attack. This ability can only be used once per turn.

Finally, you can chose either ĎMaster Performerí or ĎMaster Tacticianí. If you chose Performer, you may use your ranks in Perform and your Charisma modifier in place of attack rolls and other skills checks for Combat Maneuvers. If you choose Tactician, you may use your highest ranks in a Knowledge skill and your Intelligence modifier to do the same

So, Masterís Combat, empowering the Tricky Combat class feature by giving those ĎImprovedí feats proper usage, as well as giving even more incentive to use Reckless Assault. The reason I linked it to Reckless Assault, it to back up the ideal of a Gentleman Adventurer being daring and flashy, only doing their best when taking such risks.

This feature might seem like Iím giving you a lot of abilities at level 13, but keep in mind that it is really only 2 class features. The first two paragraphs is basically the same feature, just making sure you understand it works both ways. The third paragraph is the proper second part of the feature, letting you use those skills checks of yours to great effect.

A Gentlemanís Investment
At level 14, A Gentleman Adventurer is more than an adventurer, but a busiman as well. By making several calculated investments, A Gentleman Adventurer has given himself a strong income that might even grow to that a king would be hard to match. Every month, a Gentleman Adventurer gains gold equal to 1/5 of his WBL. This can be further reduced to 1/20 per week if the Gentleman Adventurer and DM agree to it. If the Gentleman Adventurer is not around to collect this money, it does not vanish. Instead it is placed in a bank or a safe to be collected when they are ready.

Depending on what the Gentleman Adventurer in, this gold per month could be switched with something of equal value. For example, if the Gentleman Adventurer invests into a wizard academy, he could call on their services for a reduced price. If he invests into a combat school, he could likely gain a cohort or followers from there, or train there to get a bonus feat. These are just suggestions however, and the final decision is up to the DM

Yeah, I know I know. Another rather weird class feature, but I honestly like it. It really helps emphasize that the Gentleman Adventurer isnít just an adventurer in a snazzy suit, but is a Gentleman, and what does a Gentleman do best, but to help others and conduct business? Thus. the investment class feature, where you get a solid non-adventurer reliant source of income or similar. Admittedly it made me want to do an entire sub-system on investment, but thatís a bit beyond my capabilities.

Noble Defence
At level 15, a Gentleman Adventurer has learned to further his defensive abilities and turn his opponentís attacks against them. The ability of Skilled Defence can now be used once per turn as a free action. Additionally, you can chose either ĎNoble Performerí or ĎNoble Tacticianí. Neither of the following abilities can be used against the same enemy consecutively

If you chose Performer, as an Immediate Action whenever you are targeted by an attack or included in an area of effect attack, you can make a special check to redirect the attack back on the attacker. Make a d20 + Your ranks in perform + your Charisma modifier vs their attack roll, if the attack does not require an attack roll, make it against their caster level or something similarly appropriate. If you win the check, then the enemy takes the full effect of the attack instead.

If you chose Tactician, as a Immediate action whenever you are damaged, you can make a d20 + Your ranks in an appropriate knowledge skill + your Intelligence modifier. The damage received is reduced by a similar amount, and you can heal yourself and any allies in a 30ft range up to a total amount equal to the damage reduced. If the damage is negated completely, you may instead exchange the healing in order to replicate the Inspire Courage Bardic Music on yourself and all allies in 30ft. You are treated as a bard with an equivalent level as your levels in Gentleman Adventurer, but the bonuses are untyped instead of morale.

So, after quite a few abilities focused on increasing your offense and/or utility, we finally revisit Skilled Defence. Now, their abilities no longer eat up your swifts action, through they can still only be used once per turn. Now your swift action has an entirely different use, for more powerful defense abilities. Through you do sacrifice Flashy Style use next turn.

Performance reflects the attack, because its a much more flashy thing to do, than to simply tank the attack, but Tactician's tank it in order to heal themselves. If they can fully negate it, they get a powerful boost to themselves and their allies for 5 rounds (as thatís how long Courage lasts once you stop playing it), which is likely the strongest of the effects, but also the hardest to happen. Admittedly, reflecting the attack is quite powerful as well...

It did have the side effect of make me want to add even more efforts for a Gentleman Adventurer to inspire and buff his allies, but Iím not entirely sure how. Maybe I should note it down as an ACF idea, likely take out the Combat class features...

Perfect Suit
At level 16, a Gentleman Adventurer doesnít just have a stylish suit, but THEY stylish suit. One could not ask for anything more from the suit in terms of style and function. The AC of the Snazzy Suit is now an untyped bonus, though it does not stack with any other armour worn, and is equal to the amount of skill-points the class offers before any extra modifiers, rounded up. E.G, at level 15, the Gentleman Adventurer has 6 skill points, +5 skill points from the Gentlemanís Education class feature, for a total of 11, halved this is 5.5, and is rounded up to a total of 6 AC..

Additionally, the Snazzy Suit now offers a Spell Resistance equal to your ECL+the amount of skill-points the class offers before any extra modifiers. The penalty for rerolling your skills, as stated in the Master Suit class-feature is reduced to -3, and you gain a Flight Speed equal to 1.5x your base speed at perfect maneuverability.

If you ainít using the Snazzy Suit, then I must ask what the hell are you using. 6 untyped AC with no max dex or ACP with 15 ER, 11+ECL SR, a bonus to your charisma and intelligence skills, along with reroll chances, AND Perfect Flight Speed, without any enhancement bonuses at all! Not to mention the AC, ER and SR does continue to scales through Epic Level, which means this is actually a class that benefits from going over 20. Hopefully its not too powerful...

Perfect Style
At level 17, the Gentleman Adventurer has reached the pinnacle of their fighting style. Whilst their general abilities might improve, for their particular styles there is no more room to improve.
Swashbuckler: The Swashbuckler now doubles the amount of Attack of Opportunities they normally have, replacing the ability of Combat Style. Additionally, for Attack of Opportunities they are treated as having a 10ft range. The speed bonus granted by the Gentleman Adventurer is doubled, as is the increase to critical threat range. Finally, a Swashbuckler may inflict critical hits against enemies normally immune, through the bonus damage is halved.
Florentine: Whenever a Florentine makes an single attack, they may instantly follow up with a second attack with an equal base-attack bonus. In addition, whenever they make an full-attack action, they gain an extra attack with their main-hand weapon, stacking with abilities such as haste. Finally, a Florentine can sacrifice their shield bonus to AC, as well as any attacks they might make with their off-hand weapon for the round, in order to treat all attacks they make with their main-hand weapon against Touch AC until the end of the round.
Kung-Fu: The ultimate ability of Kung-Fu is the ability to strike at an opponentís weak points, ignoring magical aid to avoid your strike. You ignore any miss chance the opponent has, and all enchantment and deflection bonuses to AC. Additionally, at the end of your turn, all opponents stuck must make a Fortitude saving throw with a DC equal 10+1/2 your level+ your average base unarmed damage (the amount of damage you do with an unarmed strike, without modifiers such as Power Attack, Reckless Assault or Critical hits), the DC is increased by 1 for each attack beyond the first. if they fail, they are dazed for one round
Knight: The knight can now shrug of even the mightiest of blows and effects and keep on coming. The knight gains Improved Mettle and Evasion as class features, and gain an untyped bonus Con equal to their Shield AC. Finally, the ability granted to them my A Masterís Style can be used on all enemies in 30ft range instead of 1.
Juggler: If a weapon is thrown within its first ranged increment, the weapon returns to the Juggler as a free action (as if it had the returning special quality), ready to be used again. Thus, a Juggler may make full ranged attacks with the same weapon. Additionally, the damage inflicted by weapons lodged into an enemy is doubled, and they take a -1 stacking penalty to Strength or Dexterity for each weapon lodged in them.

Whew, this took some effort and a half...

Swashbuckler was actually rather easy, just going back and increasing the abilities they already have. Knight, I already knew from the start would end with an actual bonus to Con, which could get quite high depending admittedly. Making their challenge AoE just make sense. Kung-Fu was just taking the penalty to its natural conclusion, as well as rewarding your diligence by being able to ignore some forms of AC

Juggler and Florentine were the hard ones I admit. Juggler, I ended up surrendering and giving them the free action return. However, I liked my idea of weakening an enemy by lodging multiple weapons inside of them... and apart from damage, the most crippling form of weakening is damage to ability scores, hence the penalty... which actually gets around ability damage & drain immunity, through it only lasts for as long as the weapons are stuck in them.

Florentine... not completely happy, but I do like it. It is a fencing style, so being able to do quick strikes beyond the norm make sense, a double-hit if you will. Then, the second weapon doesnít need to just be used for defence, but also to put your enemy off balance, creating openings for your to strike. Not sure if that alone is worth the cost... maybe if I other a greater chance of inflicting critical damage as well...

Perfect Combat
They technique of the Gentleman Adventurer is now completely flawless, only those with greater might or magical aid can block their blows or break through their defences, in it shows in how they fight. At Level 18, the Gentleman Adventurer can chose ĎPerfect Performerí or ĎPerfect Tacticianí, additionally, the class feature ĎFlashy Combatí can now be used as a free action.

If you chose ĎPerfect Performerí, your stylish displays in the middle of combat can blow your enemies away... literally. As a move action, you can have all enemies in 60ft make a Fortitude or Will saving throw (whichever is lower), DC equal to 10+your ranks in Perform+Your Charisma Modifier. If they fail, they are knocked away from you 5ft x (your Charisma modifier + every 5 DC they fail by), and are dazed for a number of rounds equal each 15 feet of movement they took. If they hit an object or another enemy, they stop moving and both take 1d6 damage for each 5ft left in their movement, and both are dazed for a number of rounds equal to each 15ft of movement dleft (minimum 1). Allies have enough time to get out of the way of the knocked back enemies, through this doesnít grant them free movement. After you use this ability, you must wait 1d4+1 rounds before using it again

If you chose ĎPerfect Tacticianí, you intelligence allows you weaken an enemy and guide your allies to do devastating damage on them. As a move action, you can select a single enemy within 30ft. Make a d20 roll, + your Intelligence Modifier and highest ranks in knowledge against their HD. If you beat their HD, all allies can inflict critical hits and precision damage to the enemy if they would normally be immune to it, and all damage done to them is doubled. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 of your intelligence modifier, and after the ability is used you must wait 1d4+2 rounds before using it again. You can only affect one enemy at a time with this ability,

Well, here we are. The last of the recurring class features, and boy is it one hell of a dozy. First of all, the abilities from Flashy Combat are now free, meaning you have no reason NOT to use them (unless you donít want more dice rolls), and freeing up your swift-actions for other abilities. But of course, its the other abilities that really grab the eye.

The two abilities are somewhat similar to the Flashy Combat, in that Performers have an AoE ability, whilst Tactician's have a stronger, single-target ability. But their both possible encounter changing. A huge AoE knockback and daze effect? Not to mention the potential for a high amount of damage if you position yourself correctly, you can even daze enemies outside of the 60ft radius if your smart.

Then of course, Tacticianís boss killer ability. Sneak Attacks allowed AND doubled? Not to mention critical hits are open and doubled as well, on top of every other form of damage... a Tactician can quite easily eliminate an enemy if they work effectively with their allies... but it has the longer recharge time. Hell, the sheer power of them both forced me to put cooldowns on both... you ainít a wizard my friend, you're a Gentleman Adventurer.

A Gentlemanís Ally
At level 19, a Gentleman Adventurer is not just a slick and stylish swordsman, but a man with connections... connections that extend far beyond the reach of the martial realm, and the Gentleman Adventurer can call upon them all. Once per day, a Gentleman Adventurer can use Gate as an SLA, with a casting time of one hour.

Due to not being a magic user, a Gentleman Adventurer can only use Gate to call creatures to his aid. However, due to the strength of his connections, the price that he needs to pay for the creatureís service is halved. Because the Gentleman Adventurer is calling on his connections, and using a special ritual in order to call for aid, he can only have one ĎGateí in his service at any one time. If a Gentleman Adventurer tries to use Gate again, without the previous creatures having completed their service, they are instantly returned to their home plane.

Well... this is something. One of the most powerful level 9 spells as a free SLA... that by itself would have people screaming overpowered, but it is my belief that the harsh limitations Iíve placed on it - one hour casting time and only having one instance of it active - will make it balanced, despite the fact that you pay less than a wizard or cleric would.

A Gentlemanís Perfection
At level 20, the Gentleman Adventurer has reached their zenith, their peak, their perfection. There is no where else for them to go in order to become stronger, faster, smarter, slicker or snazzier, and this is reflected in their ability to use their Intelligence and Charisma to supplement all other abilities. A Gentleman Adventurer adds his Intelligence modifier as an untyped bonus all modifiers derived from Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma. Additionally, he can add his Charisma modifier as an untyped bonus to all modifiers derived from Strength, Dexterity and Constitution. Finally, the Gentleman Adventurer picks either ĎGentleman Performerí or ĎGentleman Tacticianí.

If they chose ĎGentleman Performerí, the Gentleman Adventurer applies his Charisma modifier as a bonus to his Strength, Dexterity and Constitution, and applies his Charisma modifier twice to Charisma based skilled. If they chose ĎGentleman Tacticianí the Gentleman Adventurer applies his Intelligence modifier as a bonus to his Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma. This bonus does not include any boosts to Intelligence or the application of it from this class feature. Additionally, a ĎGentleman Tacticianí applies his Intelligence modifier twice for Intelligence based skills.

So... Iím half happy, half unhappy about this class feature. On the one hand, its great, thematic and very powerful, reward both dedication and flexibility throughout making a Gentleman Adventurer... on the other hand, its basically just a massive X stat to Y bonus... which Iíve mentioned to be actively avoided.

I had toyed with the idea of giving you a large selection of bonus feats instead, to show you knowledge and experience. Say, 5 or even 10, but then I donít know how to apply the Tactician/Performer split to it, or how to reward you for either being dedicated or flexible... all in all, other idea would be appreciated.

2015-06-12, 12:45 PM
This is so wonderful. My only complaint is a distinct lack of pictures depicting Othar Tryggvassen, GENTLEMAN ADVENTURER!! Other than that, I love this.


2015-06-13, 04:56 AM

Still, I'm glad you like it! And I'm afraid that Othar Tryggvassen is a bit too... bombastic for what I have in mind for this type of character. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love him... but he's just a little too loud and insane for the picture. Nice suggestion however! So... no criticisms or thoughts about it beyond that please? I'm rather starved for feedback as you can see.

2015-06-14, 10:49 PM
Level 15 Tactician seems to be missing some text. Are you making a check? How do you determine how much damage should be reduced because d20 + level + ability mod is probably too high.
A master's style: you gain a 10-foot speed bonus, because +10 to speed doesn't make sense.

You frequently change from singular subject to plural possessive in the same sentence. Use "his" not "their."

Will give it another look later.


2015-06-15, 02:30 AM
No, there's no text missing, its quite clear that you reduce the damage by the check you made. It might seem like a lot of damage reduction, but you can only make it against one attack per round, and most sources of damage tend to apply that damage multipule times a round. So its not actually that strong.

As for Master's Style? I don't see the problem. Fancy Style has the exact same wording, and +10 bonus to your base speed, means that your base speed increases by 10. Its simple logic.

The swap for their to him.... eeeeh... I'll look over that later...

2015-06-15, 01:04 PM
Here's what I think:

Saves: You said in your commentary that Fortitude should be its weakest and Will and Reflex its better saves, but they all progress at the exact same rate. More importantly, they all are +9 at level 20 which isn't even an option. It should be +6 for the bad one and +12 for the good ones.

DCs for most abilities: 1d20/10 + perform/best knowledge check seems a bit much and a nightmare for me as DM to try and overcome (Oh great, this thing's supposed to have a near indomitable will but I can't beat most of those DCs without sacrificing balance). Maybe try 1/2 skill ranks or something, that still lets it be awesome while giving some leeway for failure.

Feats: Gentlemen do seem to get quite a few bonus feats, but upon looking at attack bonus, I guess that much ekes past balanced.

Master Suit: What are you meaning by your calculation? 1/2AC*5 (at least 14) should be 35, not 10 and then having a +4 dexterity makes that 45. Did you mean AC BONUS? Because that would be much closer to your calculation (though still 20 with an optimized Dex.

Have you considered a code of conduct? I think that the idea would very effectively balance the class a bit more and add flavor too. It doesn't need to be a rigid code that must always be followed, maybe start with a collection of rules and have people choose five from that list at level one.

2015-06-17, 02:36 PM
Yeah, the saves are off. I didn't even look at that. Doh!

Since they should only gain 1 bonus feat at each bonus feat level, the table should say "bonus feat" not "bonus feats" as that makes it seem like they gain more than one. See fighter table as an example. Some of the technical problems come up quick. I am not a fan of giving returning weapons to the juggler for free. Not only that but it appears he could be hit with his own weapons if he doesn't have a hand free. There should be a save to avoid a weapon being lodged. These guys gain a lot of bonuses at each level. I think this class makes a fighter just look rather pitiful. That's not what new classes should do. That's just power creep.

Now comes a critique about the writing. Spacing is a serious issue. Add line spaces between things. This is just too hard to read with walls of text.

Florentine Fighter, Knight, Kung Fu Master and Swashbuckler should be in alphabetical order. Name changes for consistency as now they are all nouns. I'm also seeing a lot of grammar and proofreading errors. If you didn't have a wall of text, they'd be easier to catch.

I actually rather like the British spelling for the flavour and for the panache. I tried to remember that when making my edits. Speaking of edits, this needed quite a bit of work 1. to make it consistent, and 2. for readability. Florid sentences sound pretty but are hellish to edit when when you lose track of the subject.

Anyhow, back to the editing. I tried to work on this to show you just how much editing it needs. Whoah. A lot. I started to make edits in red, but there are just too darn many. This isn't even complete because I'd need to proofread it again. True neutral isn't used in 3.5; it's just neutral. "Chose" is past tense; "choose" is the present. Switching from 2nd person to 3rd in the same paragraph is just sloppy, as is using "their" for a singular subject. Yeah, I'm going all school-marm on you on this because it's clear that you could do a better job. Tsk-tsk.

Edited version below:

Swashbuckler: The dramatic and daring swashbuckler has learned to inflict devastating strikes and grievous wounds against those that would normally ignore it. The critical range of any and all weapons the Swashbuckler wields [increases] by 1. This ability stacks with all other abilities that increase the critical range of a weapon, but only after the doubling effects of Improved Critical, Keen, and other such abilities. Additionally, the swashbuckler gains an additional +10-foot speed bonus to his base speed.
Florentine Fighter: The Florentine fighter is not just a master of defence, but also a master of counter-attack. Whenever an opponent attacks a swashbuckler in melee, and misses by an amount greater than the swashbuckler's shield AC, the opponent provokes an attack of opportunity from the Florentine fighter's off-hand weapon. Because of the sudden attack, the enemy is treated as flat-footed against this attack, even if he has abilities that would normally allow him to negate being treated as flat-footed, unless his ECL is at least 2 levels higher than the Florentine fighter's ECL. Additionally, the Florentine fighter's off-hand weapon deals damage as if it was one size larger.
Kung Fu Master: A kung fu master's unarmed strikes don't just damage his opponent, they also set his opponent up for further punishment. Whenever a kung fu master successfully hits an enemy with an unarmed strike, that enemy takes a penalty to its AC and attack rolls equal to the kung fu master's primary modifier for damage rolls with unarmed fighting, plus any enhancement bonus he may have. This penalty is only applied once and is in effect until the end of the kung fu master's next turn. Hitting an enemy whilst it has this penalty refreshes the duration. Additionally, the kung fu master can choose one component of his alignment for his unarmed strikes for the purpose of overcoming damage resistance. Neutral gentleman adventurers can pick any alignment.
Knight: A Knight by this level has learned that all the defence in the world is useless unless he can deflect enemies' attention away from the knight's allies. Once per turn as a free action, the knight can select an enemy within 30 feet. Roll an Intimidate, Perform, or Monster Lore check against that enemyís Will save. If the knight succeeds, the enemy takes a -5 penalty to all attack and damage rolls made against anyone other than the knight until the end of the knight's next turn. This also lowers the DCs of all the abilities of the enemy by 5 if the target is anyone but the knight. Area of Effect abilities that include the knight are not affected by this. Additionally, a knight gains the Mettle Class Feature.
Juggler: The juggler has learned a few important tricks and abilities adventuring, some of which others may see as magic... and perhaps they might even be. At the end of a jugglerís turn, up to four weapons that the juggler has thrown that turn can return to him. However, he can only catch them if he has a hand free. Additionally, any weapon that the juggler throws and hits with becomes lodged in the enemy. Unless the weapons are removed (a standard action), any move or standard action the enemy takes deals damage equal to the weapon's base damage plus its enhancement bonus. If the enemy takes a full-round action, it insteads takes the damage twice. Each lodged weapon affects the enemy in the same way.