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The Circle of the Sky consists of shamans of agricultural communities and harbor greater concern over the processes of the natural non-living to support the living. These Druids tend to live away from others of their kind, but their mark on the environment is unmistakable to other Druids of the same Circle.

Weathered Traveler
Due to your power as a member of the circle, you are no longer adversely affected by natural weather. You don't take environmental damage from natural weather, and are not impeded by strong winds or heavy rain.

Spells of the Sky
Your attunement to the weather allows you to cast certain spells depending on the weather as if you already had them prepared. You cannot cast spells that you do not have the slots for, and these spells do not count against your total of prepared spells. In cases not accounted for, such as fog or hail, the DM selects which weather condition this counts as. In addition, when indoors, you can still access the spells granted by the weather outside of the structure you are in.

Spell Level/Weather

Burning Hands
Ice Knife

Scorching Ray
Misty Step
Snilloc's Snowball Swarm

Lightning Bolt
Sleet Storm

Fire Shield
Storm Sphere
Ice Storm

Flame Strike
Cone of Cold

Shaman of Weather
At 6th level, once per long rest, you may perform a 30 minute ritual in order to change the local weather (5 mile radius) to the desired light weather of your choice (Clear Skies, Rain, or Snow) for 1 hour. This weather isn't heavy enough to cause drastic changes that could effect creatures, but do serve to alter which spells you receive from your Spells of the Sky feature.

Inclement Spells
Once you reach level 10, when using spells from your Spells of the Sky feature in harsh weather conditions (Drought, Storm, or Blizzard), you may cast those spells at 1 level higher than the spell slot you use. This feature can only be used once per short rest.

Mystic Overcoat
When you become level 14, you now gain resistances according to the current weather. In Clear Skies, you gain Fire resistance. In Rain, you gain Lightning resistance. In Snow, you gain Cold resistance. In the more extreme weather conditions of that type (Drought for Clear Skies, Storm for Rain, and Blizzard for Snow), you gain an additional resistance. Drought gets Radiant, Storm gets Thunder, and Blizzard gets Bludgeoning.

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