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2015-04-08, 08:15 PM
Here's a first draft of a generalist tradition. Tear it apart if don't mind, see what may be broken.

Hedge Wizard
From traveling Mages to scholarly Sages, Hedge Wizards are generalists among the workers of the Arts.

Ritual Mastery
Working rituals is easier on the caster, though more time consuming. The Hedge wizard has worked to master the ritual casting as no other.
At 2nd level the casting time for rituals is halved for you.

Spell Researcher
At 2nd level, you may choose 3 cantrips from any class list and put them in your spellbook.
(Borrowed for Pact of the Tome Warlock)

Spell Versatility
The Hedge Wizard is a master of memorization. At 6th level the Hedge Wizard may spend an action to trade one prepared spell of 6th level or lower for another of equal level or lower once per long rest as long as he has his spellbook.

Improved Familiar
At 10th level you gain the Find Familiar spell if you don't already have it. You may also spend your Attack action to allow your familiar to attack. You add your proficiency bonus to your familiar's AC, Attack rolls, and damage rolls. As well as any saves or skills it is proficient in. Your familiar's HP is equal to its maximum listed or four times your Wizard level, whichever is higher.
(Borrowed from Beastmaster Ranger)

Improved Spell Versatility
At 14th level you may use Spell Versatility twice per long rest. In addition, when you use spell versatility, you gain a bonus spell slot equal to the level of the prepared spell you traded with the feature.