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Loki Eremes
2015-04-09, 09:18 AM
Hello there PlayGrounders!! Long time no see....

Well....As the title states, this has to do with Shadowcasting and the Master of Shadow. Love the prestige flavour.

The problem comes when its been a looong while since i last played D&D so i need some help with this (for me) new material: The Tome of Magic.

As i said earlier i love the prestige flavour but apart from giving me a Shadow elemental as a companion, its a bit weak, specially at early lvls.
I mean. Ill always cast a Mystery rather than give him a bidding as a standard action. So i was thinking...
How can a i make this fella stronger in combat???
My DM allowed the retrain of the 2 feats it comes with. but only Ghostly Grasp (libris mortis) comes to my mind.
I also know i can buy stuff for him... but im entering this campaing lvl 8. Not a lot of gold. (i think it will be ending at lvl 15...but not sure tough...)

So my main questions are:
1- Which feats do you think would work great on the Elemental??? (or on my character that would affect him)
2- Which items?

and one more...
3- When it becomes LARGE at 3rd lvl... its changes to the Large Elemental from the table right?
[I mean...because getting large only weakens it more:
+2 STR (which it doesnt have)
-2 DEX, -1 AR & AC
The only good perk is the reach increment...]

Well...those are my questions...summing up, i want this bud to use its full potential, not only be a "touch mysteries delivering machine" :smallfrown:

Loki Eremes
2015-04-09, 09:29 PM
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