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2015-04-10, 01:57 PM

I've recently thought about steampunk in D&D (specifically, mechs and similar), I found that there wasn't much support for them in the rulebooks and I had to look online to get anything I could really use in my campaigns. For a mech like this, I could have an NPC riding a reskinned golem or something, but I'm the kind of person that wants specific rules for my game. So, I thought I would bring it to the forums.

Any help on this/stats I could use?

Chaotic Neutral
2015-04-20, 07:47 PM
Depends on whether they are used for common people's transportation (as in a steampunk campaign), the mounts of adventurers and NPC heroes, or the war machine of a major villain. For the first, I would make them be not very effective at attacking or defending, for the second, decent-good at attacking and poor-good at defending, both dependent on whether it allows weapon/spell attacks (as in normal attacks allowed-attacks unfeasable). If the mechs are to be used by PCs, make there be different tiers of mech scaled to the gameplay (Even if it's just a few like the PHB horses.) For a villain, it would likely be a one-shot deal- just design it around the party. To be more specific, it would be nice to know which of the three options (or an entirely different one I failed to think of) you would be using, and the average level of the party. I don't have much offhand, but I can surely write something up if nobody else will.

2015-05-02, 02:27 PM
If you do not mind doing edition conversion, take a look into DragonMech. It's a 3rd party setting for 3.5, and is the result of turning your standard fantasy setting into a steampunk setting. With mechs. Some of which are large enough to house cities within them. And not all are powered by steam, some are magically animated trees, some are powered by slave labor (typically ones made by orcs), heck there are a few that are more or less giant piloted undead.

The core book has everything that you need to run a steampunk game in 3.5, but you would need to convert the mechanics for 5th.

2015-05-02, 02:37 PM
I suppose first we need to know what you mean by "Steampunk" it's seriously a rather broad term these days.

It could a setting where everything is some form of contraption, and coal smoke chokes out every part of living.

It could also mean a standard fantasy setting with a few trains, where everyone wears little miniature top-hats, monocles and stick brass tubes on everything.

It could also mean anything in-between those two, or something else entirely. If you give some examples of specific elements you want stats for it's easier to help. The more detail on what these things are and how they're supposed to feel/or function in universe the better.

The Witch-King
2015-05-03, 07:19 PM
I recommend you just look for the d20 3.5 version of Iron Kingdoms. It's a fully detailed steampunk fantasy setting. You should be able to find the book on sale on Amazon.com. The latest edition is its own rules system I'm told but you should still be able to get your hands on a copy of the old d20 rules.


2015-05-03, 07:24 PM
Any setting 100% steampunk without the magic elements?