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2015-04-12, 08:12 AM
One of the things that bothered me the most of the d20 system, is that it seems like no matter how quick someone SHOULD be, he will act as often as the slowest turtle, all humans walk as fast without special class training and speed as a whole is not a factor.

So I came up with a simple new system, the C3 (Current Combat Count) that will build upon the initiative system, and expand it to make high-initiative PCs/NPCs/monsters actually ACT more.
The system is part of a total stand-alone overhaul I'm making to a d20 system variant (with new classes, magic system, etc) where a turn less lethal, and as such having first turn won't matter as much-but more turns will be useful for a squishy dex char.
However it is fully compatible with 3.5 and 5th edition DnD, and presumably pathfinder and 4th (don't remember their rules, but I THINK its the same.) and I think it will really mesh greatly in 5th, where "bonus attacks" are hardly a thing.

This system requires a bit more bookeeping, and is a bit confusing until you get used to it, but after that it gets fluid and improves gameplay, and effectifly enabling speed-based characters or enemy encounters.

The C3 system works the following:

1-At the beginning of an encounter each participant rolls a d20 and adds his base initiative (dex modifier+any abilities) to generate his starting C3.

2-The participant with the highest C3 score goes goes first and take a turn, losing 15 C3 (this CAN take you to negatives).

3-As long as there is a positive C3 value to any participant, repeat step 2 with the new highest score each time.

4-Once all participants reach 0 or lower C3, each rolls a d20 and adds his base initiative again to his CURRENT C3 (so, if you were on -3, rolled a 10 and had 5 base, you are now on 12), this counts as the end of a round for counting duration of effects/recharges/etc.

5-Rinse and repeat until the encounter is complete.

Naturally using this systems requires the "nerf" of every initiative boosting feat/ability as to the fact they can trigger multiple times in combat, and that extreme initiative shenanigans will lead to abusive number of turns. the quickest way is "half rounded up"

Not too complex, but overall I find it useful and fun.
Posted it here to see what you guys think of the system, and if any of you want to try it out I'll be glad-the more testing data the better I can tune it (maybe 15 C3 per turn is too much/little, the higher the count the less the rolls matters, but the more the base initiative matters)

2015-04-12, 02:07 PM
Please provide an example. I like the sound of this but am not sure of the particulars.

2015-04-12, 02:37 PM
Also forgot to mention that in start tie, the two roll off to see who us first, and later ties are going for the one that was further from having a turn, will happen in example.

Example scenario, monk and paladin face three goblins.
Monk has 16 dex and improved initiative.
Paladin has 13 dex.
Goblins have 14 dex each.

Encounter start and all roll for initial C3, monk gets 17, plus 3 from dex and 2 from improved initiative, final score 22
Paladin rolls 4 and has 5.
Goblins roll 13, 11 and 3 for 15, 13 and 5.
Goblin 3 rolls off with Paladin, Paladin wins.

Monk goes first and beats Goblin 1 a bit, going down to C3 7.
Goblin 1 strikes back going down to 0
Goblin 2 strikes the Paladin, going to - 2.
Monk is now highest again, so he strikes and kills Goblin 1,goung to - 8.
Paladin strikes down Goblin 3 with a smite, going to - 10.
All are now 0 or lower. New rolls apply.
Monk get 7,plus 5 bonuses and minus 8 current, leaving him at 4
Paladin rolls 17,with his minus 10, and the bonus he has 8.
Goblin 2 rolls 8,2 from dex and -2 current make him 8, tied with Paladin. As Paladin had the letter turn, goblin 2 wins the tie.
Goblin 2 strikes the Paladin and drops him down, going to C3 -7.
Monk strikes and kills the Goblin, ending the encounter and resetting C3 values for next encounter.

Clearer now?

2015-04-12, 06:02 PM
Sounds just like Shadowrun's initiative system, which was one of my favorite things about Shadowrun. Porting it fully to 3.5/P//5e sounds like it might need more work than halving Init bonuses, due to how Dexterity is already one of the best stats to pump up, but it does sound pretty good.