View Full Version : Golf: Tee Time!

2015-04-12, 01:32 PM
I was incredibly disappointed to see that that other thread with a golf theme was only spam (not linking to spam, sorry). So, presenting the game that my imagination insisted that thread had to be:

TPAY just took a shot on an 18 hole golf course. Describe what happens to the ball, and make sure you include how far from the hole they end up (if they end up having to retake their shot, they can probably look their old distance up for themselves).

Then you get to take your shot. Describe how you prepare for the shot: what club you use, your facing, your current count, how hard you hit, etc. Don't forget how far you are from the hole!

If you're starting on a new hole, go ahead and post how many shots the last hole took you. If you're the first person on a new hole (or just can't find a previous post detailing it), you get to decide how long it is, any notable features, etc.

Tee time!

I square off at the beginning of the first hole, 293 yards long (I have no idea if this is a normal length; I'm sure it doesn't really matter). I miss the catch when my caddy tosses me the 1 Wood, so I holler at him to just throw me whatever club is handy. I address the ball without paying attention to what he hands me and whack the ball as hard as I can in the general direction of that flag I see off in the distance.