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2015-04-12, 03:40 PM
Here's some magic weapons based off of some of weapon types in the MH series.

Switch Axe
Legendary, Requires Attunement
This mechanical axe is able to shift into a powerful greatsword. Normally a +1 Greataxe, this weapon builds a charge each time it used to strike an enemy to a maximum of 10 charges. Once the weapon has 5 charges, it can be transformed into a +3 Greatsword as a bonus action. Each strike in Greatsword mode drains 1 charge. By expending 5 charges in a single strike, you can deal an extra 5d8 bludgeoning damage. The weapon switches back to a Greataxe whenever it runs out of charges or can be switched back manually as a bonus action.

Charge Blade
Legendary, Requires Attunement
A weapon developed using the same technology as Switch Axe, this is normally a +1 Shortsword with a matching +1 Shield. This weapon builds one charge every round that it is used to attack an enemy to a maximum of 5 charges. As a bonus action, you may switch the weapon to a +3 Greataxe. Each strike with the Greataxe deals an extra 3d8 bludgeoning damage and expends a charge. You can also expend all remaining charges to create an explosion in a 10-foot cone in front of you that deals bludgeoning damage equal to 7 times the number of charges expended. Once there are no more charges, the weapon switches back to the sword and shield. You can also switch back as a bonus action.

Legendary, Requires Attunement
This weapon is seemingly a normal set of a +2 Spear and +2 Shield. However, the spear hides a compartment where explosive powder is produced and stored. This weapon can hold up to three charges, and the charges can be restored as a bonus action. Whenever you attack, instead of performing a standard strike, you may expend a charge to deal 2d10 fire damage instead of performing a normal damage roll. Once per hour, you may also spend an action to deal 10d10 fire damage in a 10-foot cone in front of you.

2015-04-12, 09:39 PM
Why bludgeoning damage?

2015-04-12, 09:44 PM
It's because I'm representing the non-elemental impact/damage phials of the two.

2015-04-12, 10:25 PM
doesn't a +3 pretty much make it a legendary? especially with the extra damage?

2015-04-12, 10:28 PM
I was thinking that I might need to increase the rarity, since I didn't have my DMG on hand.

2015-04-15, 08:20 PM
Looks good, only complaint is that technically you should be able to use Axe Mode without any charges.

Also you can technically cancel the "spend all charges" finisher to switch into Sword and Shield mode and give a damage bonus to both shield bashes and Axe Mode attacks for a certain number of rounds- perhaps 5 per charge consumed? This boost stacks with that granted by Phial charges and the ult finisher thingy.

2015-04-15, 08:29 PM
I was trying to do it without making the weapons too complicated. You can make any changes you want.

2015-04-15, 08:32 PM
Charge Blade is hilariously overpowered while, conversely, Switch Axe is very underpowered.

That, and, being inspired from the Monster Hunter series, no rules to craft these using monster parts and tool proficiencies?

2015-04-15, 08:43 PM
Well, the idea was that CB only gets 1 charge per round, while SA can get up to 4.

2015-04-15, 08:46 PM
Well, the idea was that CB only gets 1 charge per round, while SA can get up to 4.

OH. Well that does change things a bit, doesn't it? I misread that. I still think that Switch Axe is probably a little on the weak side, but now I don't know what to think of Charge Blade. It's an odd one.