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Kon Owens
2015-04-14, 03:04 AM
I wanted to play a character with the Deathless Subtype, but was unable to find any template to confer it. So, I retrofitted the Necropolitan into a new template. I drafted this up really quickly, don't know if its balanced or not. Can I get some feedback on it?

Spectral King (Deathless Template)
Spectral Kings are souls that possess an inherent nobility that have coalesced to transcend death, a process that has come to be know as the Night of the Wraith.

Spectral Kings are pale, tall, and thin. They and everything they carry appear faded and worn, but not in bad condition. If you catch a glimpse of them in the corner of your eye, it appears as if their skin is see through, and you can see the skeleton underneath. Sometimes, a flicker passes over their hands or face, and black veins come to the surface, diapering just as quick. An air of mystery seeps from them, making them seem aloof and removed from the world around them.

Spectral King Qualities:
Spectral King is a template that may be applied to any humanoid or monstrous humanoid.
A Spectral King new any language it knew in life, and keeps its base creature stats and special abilities, expect as noted below.

Requirements: May only be taken at First Level, 5000 GP, taken out of the characters staring gold, or added as a debt that he must pay off before he may buy any items.
Size and Type: Size and type remain unchanged, and the creature gains the Deathless Subtype.
Hit Dice: HD become d12, as dictated by Deathless Subtype.

Keeps all the base creatures special qualities, and gains the following
Turn Resistance: +2 to resist Turn Undead attempts
Destroy Resistance: +4 to resist Destroy Undead attempts
Exalted Spirit: Spectral Kings are treated as if they had undergone the Exalted Ritual
Eternal Soul: Spectral Kings do not suffer the penalties of aging
Soul Item: Spectral Kings gain a specific item that functions as a hybrid of a Phylactery and an Item Familiar. It is the object that keeps a Spectral King bound to the world, and the item around which they reform over 1d20 days if their physical body is destroyed. Additionally, it can be leveled by spending money to enhance it, and gains abilities as an item familiar. However, instead of giving bonus experience as an item familiar, it instead drains 10% of all experience earned by the Spectral King to sustain itself. If the Soul item is destroyed, the Spectral King immediately dies, and his body dissolves into dust, and cannot be restored to life.
LA: +0

Night of the Wraith (Ritual):
Requires: 5000 GP, the item to become the Soul Item, and the bones of the deceased
Ritual: The soul of the deceased is recalled to the bones it inhabited while it was alive through the use of mystical runes drawn on the bones, symbols painted on the floor, and incense burned to entice the spirit back (part of the 5000 GP, probably around 1000, is spent here). Next, a priest, priestess, necromancer, etc. intones the sacred words to settle the Soul into the item, which then becomes the Soul Item. The item must be worth at least 1000 GP to act as the focus. The remaining 3000 GP is then taken by the intoner to pay for his services, and the Soul reforms its former body around its bones over the course of 1d20 days. When the time is finished, the Spectral Knight rises, having attained a semblance of its former life.

Final notes: This template was designed to try and be a good aligned undead, I don't know how well I accomplished this. I think the penalties/requirements outweigh the benefits, but I am open to suggestions. Tell me what you think, please!

2015-04-14, 04:54 PM
In order to play a deathless, all your character has to do is DIE. You then bring him or her back as a deathless creature.

This template seems to be one for an inherited Template rather than an acquired one, which I'm unsure how you would add the template to an existing creature.
I suggest you look at the Deathless Subtype for ideas on how to create a proper template to confer it.

One of the problems with PC deathless is that the PC risks being destroyed. Not a fun fate since you cannot be reincarnated or raised from the dead.


Kon Owens
2015-04-14, 06:33 PM
Fair enough. I'll head back to the drawing board and see what I can do with the Deathless Type itself. Thank you for the feedback.