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2015-04-14, 05:56 PM
Sometimes when a large amount of demonic or devil energy is trapped in a human body it gets out through rage. This energy warps the body and mind, granting it's owner magical power and the body of an infernal being.

Demonic Rager
Spell casting
when you reach 3rd level, your demonic source of rage begins to grant you magical ability. Cantrips. You learn two cantrips of your choice from the Demonic rager spell list. Spell slots. .You are a third caster like the eldrich knight. You know the same number of spells as an eldrich knight, but you choose from the demonic rager spell list.

Spellcasting ability. Your spellcasting stat is charisma. Spell save dc. = 8+proficiency bonus + charisma modifier spell attack modifier = your proficiency bonus + charisma modifier.

Rage magic.
Starting when you reach third level, you may cast spells while raging. In addition, casting a spell always counts as attacking an enemy for continueing a rage, even if it is not an attacking spell. Also, when you rage you gain advantage on charisma saving throws and checks.

Demonic rage.
Starting at 6th level, while raging you may choose to enter a demonic rage. If you do so, while raging you immediately drop your weapons and can not use weapons until the rage is over. Your size becomes large. You gain 2 claw attacks that you are proficient with and deal 1d12 damage. As well as a 1d8 gore attack with your horns. While doing this all your natural weapons are considered magical. After the rage ends, you gain one level of exhaustion.

Demonic senses
Starting at level 10 You gain the ability to speak and read infernal and abyssal. Darkness, even if magical, no longer affects your eyesight. If you are not proficient in intimidation you gain proficiency in it, if you already are proficient, you double your proficiency modifier for intimidation checks.

Blended magical rage
when you are in a blood rage and cast a spell that takes an action, you may spend a bonus action to attack.

Demonic rager spell list.

.Blade ward
True strike
chill touch
fire bolt
shoking grasp

1st level
charm person
detect magic
comell duel.
hunters mark
burning hands
mage armor
witch bolt
armor of agathys

2nd level
hold person
alter self
magic weapon
misty step
spider climb
continual flame
enhance ability
heat metal

3rd level
bestow curse
feign death
speak with tead
animate dead
meld with stone
protection from energy
elemental weapon
gaseus form
vampiric touch

4th level
conjure minor elemtals
evards black tenticalls
fire sheild
stone shape
wall of fire
dimension door
greater invisibility

2015-04-14, 06:21 PM
Love the concept. No idea on balance.

2015-04-14, 06:41 PM
Love the concept. No idea on balance.

Thank you on the concept love, I also loved the concept.

Yeah balance is the issue, especialy with the spell list. I wanted it to be mostly buffing, but there werent that many buffing spells. So yeah, I have no idea if the spell list is at all fitting or balanced.