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2015-04-16, 09:48 PM
So in a setting I'm making aberrations (and a handful of dragons) led an army of orcs and goblinoids to destroy a major dwarven empire around 2000 years ago (major enough that dates are still recorded based off of the year its last duly elected emperor was killed). I have decided to make a subrace of dwarves for it representing those dwarves which spent near 2000 years as illithid (and other aberration) slaves. So they can either be 2nd generation freed slaves, or born in the slave pens. In the former case they're second class citizens for the most part, since while the dwarves will lead crusades to free them, they don't really like them since they have had the fight driven out of them. While for the game in the setting I'm about to start they aren't exactly the most appropriate regardless (it's a dwarf nobles game, so 2nd class citizen subrace isn't the best fit) I do want to try and get them balanced for play before making them an option.

Physically they're on the small side for dwarves (starting height 3'6" + 2d4" starting weight 100 lbs + height addition x 2d6-1 for males, 3'4" + 2d4" and 75 lbs + height addition x 2d6-1 for females). They have little to no facial or head hair, growing at most scattered wisps of silvery-white hair, but have thick chest and limb hair of the same translucent silver.

Thrallbred dwarves have dwarven racial traits except as listed below:

+2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom, -4 Charisma; this replaces the normal dwarven ability score modifiers.
No racial bonus to attack rolls or AC against specific creatures (in setting dwarves get +2 to AC and saves against Aberrations instead of +4 AC against giants, that save bonus is also lost).
No racial bonus to saving throws versus spells and spell-like abilities.
No weapon familiarity.
Darkvision 90-ft (instead of 60-ft).
Light Sensitivity
+2 to saves versus disease.
+4 racial bonus to Use Magic Device checks made to emulate being a goblin or goblinoid.
Naturally Psionic: Thrallbred dwarves gain the psionic subtype and 1 bonus power point.
Endurance: Thrallbred dwarves gain the benefits of the Endurance feat as long as they are psionically focused.
Reduced Sleep: Thrallbred dwarves need only 6 hours of sleep each day.
Tireless Craftsman: Thrallbred dwarves may craft for 12 hours each day instead of 8; this does not apply to creating magic items. This increases the amount of progress a thrallbred dwarf makes per Craft check by 50% or the amount of money they make per Craft check by 50% when they can work for the full 12 hours.
Once a thrallbred dwarf reaches 3rd character level they gain Biofeedback as a psi-like ability 1/day with a Manifester Level of 1/2 their character level (augmented as a psion power).
Favored Class: Psion.

I think they might be too good as wizards (+2 Int and Con as opposed to a grey elf's +2 -2), and little worried that I might have gone too far with the other traits in general.