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2015-04-19, 07:41 PM
Cold Iron, magic resistant, spell bending, traditionally able to ward off the powers of fay* and black magic. In D&D it is regulated to simply an offensive weapon, where traditionally it was a defensive one, a warding presence that kept magic from touching you. While I don't think it should grant full fledged spell resistance I feel that armor made of cold iron should give some advantage for the well equipped mage slayer or faerie hunter.

So here is what I propose

Cold Iron Armor Advantages: When wearing light armor made from cold iron you gain a +1 competence bonus on Will saves against Enchantments, Illusions, and the supernatural, spell-like, and spells of creatures with the fey type. Medium armor increases this bonus to +2. Heavy increases it to +3. A cold iron shield grants a +1 as long as it is not animate (it must be in close proximity to work), and stacks with the bonus provided by cold iron armor but not other competence bonuses.

Cold Iron Armor Cost: Like a cold iron weapon, cold iron armor (and shields) costs twice as much as regular steel armor of that type and costs an additional 2000 GP to enchant.

So the question is: Is this a fun/good effect to have? It's much cheaper than mithral or adamantine for the heavier armor types (2200 for medium, 3500 for heavy as opposed to 4000 for medium up to 9000 for adamantine heavy) but its benefit is probably also significantly less. The other concern is that as a resistance bonus it'd be useless (Cloak of Resistance >>> this) but as a competence bonus it might be a little underpriced. What do you, the playground have to say?

*Fey technically means Fated to Die, D&D confused it with Fay which means faerie, so while I will use the D&D term for mechanics sometimes I want to use the proper one.

2015-04-19, 09:33 PM
how much would a suit of cold iron armor weigh? Cold Iron is heavy.

2015-04-19, 09:48 PM
No heavier than iron/steel according to the DMG, if a cold iron longsword weighs the same as a steel longsword I'd assume that a suit of cold iron full-plate weighs the same as steel full-plate. And looking up iron density (cold iron in D&D is just pure iron forged a special way) it's almost the exact same as steel's (steel has a variable density based on composition, iron does not). So same volume, same density, should be the same weight.

2015-04-20, 10:15 AM
Personally I'd say that as it is, it's certainly not overpowered, but on the other hand I can't see myself ever equipping a character with it unless, perhaps, it was a low-level character roleplaying fey-hate for some reason. (Interesting note about fey vs. fay, by the way. News to me!) Might it make sense to have a minor damage backlash against fey creatures using their natural weapons on a creature equipped with the cold iron armor (perhaps, only if they don't beat AC)? Or would that be too much, do you think?