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2015-04-23, 05:57 PM
Before i begin, this was based off of the Half-giant Racial class in the Monster manual and was home brewed for a player in one of my upcoming games. I also used numerous other official and unofficial books, references and ideas from other home brewed race's and class's It is VERY min-maxed it has extreme strength and con, but will lack in just about everything else. The player will still have a class to accompany this however the more he goes into this race the more he will min-max and the bigger his Achilles heal gets. I have talked to him about this and he is aware.

I am posting this here for input on minor tweaks and modifications. As well as sharing it with the community.

The true name for this race is unknown those who have encountered them have dubbed them “zombie chef’s” for there grotesque and zombie like appearance and there uncanny desire to cook 5 star meals with last weeks ear lobe and there own ooze. Zombie chef’s are an unusual and uncommon race, No one knows exactly where they hail from or how they came into existence. For that matter most people have never heard of the race, those who have think of them as a myth. Known for their brutish strength and health however lacking in most every other department.

Climb, Profession (Cook)
All simple weapons and armor, shields except tower shields
Zombie Chef's gain feats at a slower race than most, at level one they start with Toughness, they then receive a feat at level 5,10,15,20, ans so on.(the reason for this is to help balance the high strength, if they took fighter with the bonus strength and feats i feel this would be too powerful)
Zombie chef's must be within one alignment of Neutral Evil as they are undead


1st/1d12/0/2/0/0/(2+int)x4/+8 Str, +4 Con,-4 Dex,-4 Wis, Monstrous Feat, +2 Natural Armor, DR 1 (except cleaving)
2nd/2d12/1/3/0/0/(2+int)/+2 Str,+2 Con,-2 Int
3rd/3d12/2/3/1/1/(2+int)/Monstrous Feat, +3 Natural Armor, DR 5 (except cleaving)
4th/3d12/2/3/1/1/(0)/+2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Dex
5th/4d12/3/4/1/1/(2+int)/Monstrous Feat, Large Size (-4 hide check), Reach 10ft, +2 Str, -2 Dex, DR 10 (except cleaving)
6th/4d12/3/4/1/1/(0)/+2 Str,+3 Natural Armor
7th/5d12/4/5/2/2/(1)/Monstrous Feat, +2 Natural Armor, -2 Wis
8th/6d12/5/5/2/2/(0)/+2 Str, +2 Con
9th/6d12/5/6/2/2/(1)/Monstrous Feat, DR 15 (except cleaving)
10th/7d12/(6/1)/6/2/2/(0)/+2 Str, +2 Con, Profession: Cook (+10)

** Note: No Ability score can fall below 2 through the loss of skills above.

Starting ability score adjustments +4 Str, +2 Con, -4 Int, -2 Dex, -4 Wis Charisma: 1 (feel free to put 20 points into it its still 1)
Base speed 40ft, Can’t sprint (max Double move)
Darkvision 60ft
Languages: None, a zombie chef may spend 1 skill point to learn to simple common (not unlike a trained ranger pet), 3 skill points to learn to understand common (at a basic level), and 5 skill points to speak common (at a basic level). There intelligence prevents them from learning more than this.
Favored Class: Fighter, Barbarian
Creature Type: Undead (Zombie)
Single Actions Only (Ex): Zombies have poor reflexes and can perform only a single move action or attack action each round. A zombie can move up to its speed and attack in the same round, but only if it attempts a charge.
Slam Attack (1d6/2 lvs medium size, 1d8/2 lvs large size, bludgeoning damage) (counts as natural weapon for feat purposes)
Ability Scores can’t be reduced below 2 by racial class levels. So if a Zombie Chef has 4 Int and takes a level with -4 int the resulting Int score would be 2 however when gaining stats from leveling of otherwise the stat is treated as it would be (in this case 0)
If Int or wisdom hit 0 on this character it doesn’t become frozen instead it becomes neutral and can/will attack anyone it can get its hands on

These ate still a work in progress and are mostly necromatic feats that a necromancer can add to one of there ghouls i used a lot of content from Dragon Magazines on these.

Graveborn Warrior

Prereq: none
Effect: Grants a bonus feat (ie. allows use of a monsterous feat to pick up a normal feat, can only be taken/used once)

Vicious Claws

A necromancer (or intelligent zombie) may drive spikes through a zombies forearms to add additional melee damage.
Requirements: Zombie level 3, Someone to complete the modification (Necromancer, Intelligent zombie (Int 12+), other special characters at DM discretion)
Effect: Adds +1 bonus damage to a zombies slam attack and adds slashing as an additional damage type