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2015-04-24, 10:07 AM
I just wanted to check with other Fate Core enthusiasts to see if they think that the extra allowing magic to be cast via Lore (price: 1 refresh) is balanced with the extra using Red/Blue dice to represent armor and weapons. I want to use both in an upcoming campaign.

Red/Blue Dice Rules (http://fate-srd.com/fate-system-toolkit/weapons-and-armor-alternatives#red-and-blue-dice)

Addendum: I'm also not sure how to restrict magic. Would it purely be based on the opposition number? How would I determine these target numbers outside of using Dresden or D&D as influence?

2015-04-24, 11:07 AM
Presumably magic users would need appropriate Aspects and possibly Skills/Stunts too, right? Or are you talking about a system where all characters can use magic via the Lore skill merely by giving up a Refresh?

I'd never seen the Red/Blue dice thing for weapons and armor. What a cool idea! It might be a good mechanic to use for with magical weapons.

Balance-wise, I don't know, but it sounds fun. :smallsmile:

2015-04-24, 11:27 AM
You're going to need to go into detail on what sort of magic you're going for, particularly what the limitations are on what it can do. There's a world of difference between magic being "Can do such-and-such specific cool things not otherwise possible to do" and it being "Can roll Lore for everything."

As for setting difficulties, the easiest way is to treat it like any other use of a skill. If you're trying to affect another character they get to defend, if someone can and wants to interfere with what you're doing they get to roll active opposition, otherwise determine passive opposition based on whatever criteria you normally use.