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2015-04-26, 10:00 AM
Hello everyone, I am currently a player for a chillax 3.5 edition Forgotten Realms game. Set in the beautiful Moonshae Isles, I was encouraged to log our sessions here and would be more than happy to share our adventure with you.

A history lesson~
In the year 1367 an outbreak of wights began to spread across the mainland of Faerun that would cover the continent almost in entirety in a matter of weeks. The wight advancement had grown so rapidly that inhabitants were forced to abandon their homes, escaping to neighboring islands for shelter as refugees. Anyone with the will to repel the invasion of unholy flesh either joined the ranks of the undead themselves, or carved small pockets of resistance. These bastions of hope would vanguard the attempt to retake Faerun. Three years later is where our first session starts, The majority of Faerun's mainland reclaimed but still vacant and slowly being resettled.

Our Cast of Characters~

Ardorph Nasmith - A dwarven rogue and party handyman hailing from Citadel Umbra. Worshipper of Velsharoon, he tends to keep to himself.
Normb Golfinsky - Human dread necromancer, "People Person" of the group. Also a worshipper of Velsharoon, he hails from the island of Snowdown.
Emil Delacroix - Human duskblade, a stern worshipper of Anhur. Seeks to save his brother Yvon from the Red Wizards of Thay. Local of Snowdown.
Kelm Alen - An Aasimar favored soul of Velsharoon. A farm boy from Caervu without any knowledge of his celestial heritage or solid reasoning to be chosen for Velsharoon's blessings. Aided by Ardorph and Normb, Kelm left his family to seek out his "Destiny".

Session One~
First day of Ches, Claws of the Sunsets, 1370
Our story begins in Snowdown, on the road between the two townships of Llandrain and Harloch. Kelm, Normb, and Ardorph agreed to aid Emil in his hunt for Yvon, his brother. The trail ran cold in Llandrian and the party is out of options. At this point Normb conjures the idea in his head to raid passing caravans for signs of Yvon. With careful wording the party is convinced that "stopping" and "searching" the beef caravans moving along this road would be the best plan. Emil tucks away in the bushes next to the road with Ardorph as Kelm and Normb observe the road, clearly visible and seemingly unarmed. As any good caravan leader would do when confronted with two dark robed individuals in the middle of a road: He stops the train of goods at a safe distance, and asks friend or foe. Clearly meaning no harm, Normb smoothly explained that they were looking for an individual of Mulhorandi descent. The caravan leader was surprisingly specific in his answer, mentioning a very similar looking man in the city Caer Westphal southwest of Harloch not too long ago. Emil was disappointed the meeting did not resort to violence.

Third day of Ches, Claws of the Sunsets, 1370
Following the road southeast to Harloch on foot was nothing to scuff at. Flat grasslands and the occasional conversation about Velsharoon keeping the party company. When out of the blue along the path was a large leather satchel moving on its own. Upon closer inspection the satchel was in fact being searched by a wandering gnome, chatting with himself. Emil, the only one in the group familiar with the gnome language, approached with authority demanding an explanation. Startled, the petite man argued this was his sack now, he found it, its his. Either by greed or frustration, Emil picked up the gnome. The rest of the party was unsure if this was a formal way to greet in gnome culture. A Sonic Snap with a dash of Fell Weaken lead a simple misunderstanding to utter chaos. The gall of the gnome tightened Emil's grip, but his strength was failing him as they both started to be effected by gravity. In retaliation Emil drained the gnomes own strength with a Chill Touch. This continued until both were unable to continue grappling. At this point the gnome was back on the ground as he wanted. Yet on his back being flattened by a smelly human wearing armor. In a desperate attempt to turn the odds, the gnome argued his case to Kelm in Elvish. Assuming him to be of Elf kind due to his unnatural beauty, his words fell on deaf ears. Kelm never really had the time to learn other languages while tackling the day's chores on the farm. That is when the owner of the satchel arrived. A hill giant the size of a house, inquisitively asked why they were ransacking his property. With no time to spare and almost completely in unison, Kelm tore flustered Emil off the gnome while Normb attempted to explain. Damning the gnome to thievery, which was completely true, while sugar coating the parties intentions. Unable to argue or even flee, Emil's play date was taken along with the satchel by the astonishingly civil hill giant. Our heroes resumed traveling, dragging Emil with them, for few more hours before settling for the night.

End of Session One~

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It has appeared! Emil reporting for duty!

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I thought "racist Joe" was before the gnome?

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I'm curious, Holylocust which character are you playing?