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2015-04-26, 08:37 PM
A while back I made a few races for 3.X, and since I'm currently away from my computer (where I'm currently half-way through hammering out the Sapphire dragon port), I decided I might as well update my homebrew races as well. As I already ported the bloodborn (see the Bloodmarked in my signature, specifically the Sanguine Bloodmarked), that leaves me with the creation of the Arcanites. So here we go.

The arcanite

Arcanite Traits
Your character has certain charactaristics in common with other arcanites, as listed below.
Ability score increase: Your constitution score increases by 1. Being stone, arcanites are slightly more durable than most races.
Age: While they begin physically fully-formed, it takes some time for an arcanite's mind and soul to truly form, and most reach true maturity at the age of 20. As long as an arcanite is able to visit their birth plane at least once every century, they are functionally immortal.
Alignment: Most arcanites are formed with a strong inclination towards society and companionship, and this causes them to tend more towards the lawful alignments. However, a wild arcanite has a free and wandering spirit that drives them closer to neutrality or chaos than their more orderly brethren.
Size: An arcanite is shaped from the resonance of two souls and the winds of magic itself. As such, their physical characteristics may vary wildly, with some as short as 5 feet while others tower at 8. Regardless of height and weight, your arcanite is considered a medium creature.
Speed: Your base walking speed is 25 feet. While stone is durable, it isn't the most mobile of things.
Languages You speak common, primordial and one other language of your choice.
Breathless, restless: You do not need to eat or breathe, and need only enter a dormant state for 4 hours to benefit from a long rest.
Darkvision: An arcanite's magic fueled gaze is more capable of piercing darkness, giving you darkvision out to 60'. You may see in color with this particular brand of darkvision.
Subraces: Arcanites come in 3 common varieties (4 when the psionics handbook comes out); scholars, divine and wild.

Ability score increase: Your intelligence increases by 2. You are naturally quite bright and quick to learn.
Limited telepathy: If a creature that speaks the same language as you is within 100 feet, you may mentally communicate with them as a free action. You may read a creature's thoughts if they allow you to.
Studied spellcaster: You know one first level spell of your choice, which can be cast once per short or long rest. Your spellcasting stat for this spell is intelligence. If you have levels in a spellcasting class which knows spells (such as the sorcerer, bard or eldritch knight), then you may count this as an extra spell known, and the casting stat of the spell is the one used by your class. If you prepare spells (like the wizard, cleric or paladin), then you may count this spell as an extra prepared spell, and the casting stat of the spell is the one used by your class.

Ability score increase: Your wisdom increases by 2. You are able to draw on the many different memories that have been passed down to you to reach enlightenment and devotion.
Divine sight: You may cast the spells detect good and evil and detect magic once per short rest.
Innate spellcasting: You know the cantrip guidance. At level 3 you may cast the spell guiding bolt once per long rest. At level 5 you may cast lesser restoration once per long rest without the material components. Your casting attribute for these spells is wisdom.

Ability score increase: Your charisma score increases by 2. Your independent spirit gives you a powerful and compelling personality.
Chaos child: You may cast the spell confusion once per long rest. Charisma is your casting stat for this spell.
Iron will: You have advantage on wisdom saving throws.
Wild taint: When you cast a spell of level 1 or higher, roll a d20. If you roll a 1, then roll a percentile die and consult the wild magic chart to see what additional effect you cause. If you are a wild sorcerer, or have access to the wild magic table through some other means, then you cause a wild surge on a roll of 1 or 20.

((Fluff later, crunch now. What does everyone think so far?))

2015-04-26, 08:52 PM
I think that they're definitely overpowered, but the fluff is neat. +1 to AC is a lot more powerful than you'd think it would be.

2015-04-26, 09:04 PM
I think that they're definitely overpowered, but the fluff is neat. +1 to AC is a lot more powerful than you'd think it would be.

Thought about it for a second, and agreed. I've changed that to darkvision, though I feel like something is still missing... Any suggestions for something fluffy that might fit, but not add too much actual power? (Like, say, giving proficiency with an alchemist kit or stoneworking tools)

2015-04-26, 09:15 PM
Iron Will and Divine Sight are also overpowered. I can't think of any good abilities to add though.

2015-04-26, 10:20 PM
Iron Will and Divine Sight are also overpowered. I can't think of any good abilities to add though.

Iron will is, strictly speaking, actually weaker than the gnome magic resistance ability since gnomes also get intelligence on top of wisdom and charisma. Limiting it to wisdom given the rest of the Wild Arcanite abilities might be called for, but I think overpowered might be a bit too far... powerful and useful? Sure. But not overpowered.

And can you explain exactly how Divine Sight is overpowered? Detect good and Evil is an incredibly limited spell, almost to the point of worthlessness, and detect magi is really only useful for seeing just where a magic trap extends, or to see if a particularly magical item is actually magical... It doesn't even let you detect magically concealed creatures, since you have to be able to see the target. Neither are particularly useful, and it will probably be rare to actually have to use them. So why is the ability to use them 1/ short rest apiece overpowered?