View Full Version : Pathfinder Items of Blood--Enchanted Weapons and Armor ala Berserk

2015-04-28, 10:15 PM
I was watching the DEATH BATTLE episode Guts vs Nightmare and one of the things mentioned was that Guts' sword had shed so much demon blood that it existed in two worlds simultaneously.

That got me to thinking about a ruleset for making weapons and armor enchanted in a similar fashion. Weapons that are drenched in a certain kind of blood enough develop abilities related to what they are drenched in and armor that are exposed to certain criteria develop resistances based on such.

Now as I have said on previous occasions, I'm good at coming up with ideas but nowhere near as good at creating balanced mechanics. So I am asking the Playground for help in figuring out an actual mechanic beyond GM fiat.

Demonic Kitten
2015-04-28, 11:57 PM
Just a precursor to my post: I have never seen the show talked about above, but I see no reason why this wouldn't work.

Hmm. This sounds a bit like Legendary Weapons in PF. They have so much history behind them that it gives them powers and a semblance of intelligence. Alternatively, there are Story Feats that you can take once you achieve a certain goal, and those feats tend to be fairly powerful. The thing about story feats is that their power can be made to scale with the size of the goal you must achieve before you take it. I see no reason a feat requiring you to slay 1000HD of demons with one blade couldn't grant that blade Ghost Touch, or Bane (Demons), or the Holy property. In fact, those sound like the kind of feats I would encourage my players to go for, because it gives great plot hooks.

This looks like it could be a very fun idea. I look forward to seeing how you proceed!