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2015-04-29, 09:02 PM
So I've been putting together a scifi d10 system and for the last few weeks, we've been running playtests. Combat is smooth and brutal, but it's missing something. I'd like some assistance with that something.

As is common in d10 systems, rolling a 10 on the die makes it explode, and in some rolling a 1 causes it to implode. In this system, the die can explode for as long as luck will let you, but there's only one implosion per roll. What I'd like are some suggestions on the effects for each attack type I have, scaling in severity from 1-10. At the moment, there are ranged, melee, and psionic. There is a special subsystem that makes psionics more dangerous the more it's used in a short span of time, so I'd like suggestions for that one be from 1-20 if you would be so kind to do so.

Thank you all in advance.

2015-04-30, 08:19 AM
Major problem with fumble rules: The better you get, the more likely you are to trip them. Someone rolling a vast pool of dice is far more likely to roll a 1 than someone rolling 3 dice.

2015-04-30, 08:52 AM
Major problem with fumble rules: The better you get, the more likely you are to trip them. Someone rolling a vast pool of dice is far more likely to roll a 1 than someone rolling 3 dice.

We actually need to know much more about the dice system to make any statements like this. If for example it's roll Xd10, "Choose Highest" among results, - including explosions. A 3 dice character is likely to fumble if only because they're more likely to have a non-imploding result.

If it's a single 1d10+modifier this is also not the case because because, they're not rolling multiple dice and high modifiers would offset implodes.

I'm not saying that's what is going on here but all we know is that the system is using d10s, and they explode or implode. We need to know exactly how you count the dice, and determine which results take place before we can say anything useful.

EDIT: Also increased chances of bad results with more dice may also be appropriate if the dice represent unlocking being able to take greater risks for more reward rather than just raw skill.

For example if the psionics have threshold you must pass to use a skill, but psinonic power is risky so the more dice you put it in to try and meet the threshold the greater chances of bad feedback (any 1s cause feedback even on success).

Regardless we just don't know enough. Could you go into a bit more detail OP?

2015-04-30, 04:33 PM
In all cases, only a single d10 is rolled to determine success, rerolls only happening in the event of an explosion or an implosion as described in the OP. My intention for fumbles isn't to make them auto-fails, but to cause an interesting setback. For instance, rolling a 1 on a melee attack followed by another 1 on the fumble chart would be like striking a particularly solid surface with enough force to slightly numb your arm and resulting in an additional -1 to the attack roll and on all melee rolls in the following round. I desire each number beyond that to be incrementally worse until you reach 10 and have a major setback like breaking a weapon or attacking a teammate.

Psionics is special in that we have a secondary stat called "psychic static" that accrues with each additional cast. For the playtest of this, each instance of psychic static gives you a -2 to your roll as to whether you succeed to cast your power, a +1 to a factor of the power (damage, range, ect), and adjusts your rolls on the psychic fumble chart by +1. So a psyker with 0 static would fumble and roll on the chart for 1-10, but a psyker with 5 static would fumble and roll on the chart for 5-15. With a maximum static of 10, the worst you could get is a chart of 1-20, but your powers would be incredible, and as a result I want the risk of a fumble for that threshold to be monumentally dangerous.

I hope this explains my goals for this thread.

2015-05-06, 07:02 PM
I'm going to bump this thread once in the hopes that someone can help ease me out of this writers block I've worked myself into. I hope my previous post elaborates enough to provide a decent understanding of what I'm after. If not, please let me know.