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The Mayhem Cleric is a cleric who embraces the more chaotic forces of the universe, calling upon Mad Gods, and channeling it through their own fractured mind. Their magic is unpredictable and unstable.

I can't seem to get tables working, so I may have to ask someone to help me with that. They mostly confuse me.

Prerequisites: Madness Domain, Wild Surge Class Feature, Intimidate 8 Ranks, Autohypnosis 4 Ranks

Hit Dice: D8

Base Attack Bonus: Middle
Saves: Good Fortitude, Poor Reflex, Good Will

This is a 10 level PrC

1 Mayhem #, God's Willing, Mayhem Power, Burst
2 Mayhem Mind 1
3 Mayhem Power, Burst Enhance
4 Mayhem #, Mayhem Mind 2
5 Mayhem Power, Burst Enhance
6 Mayhem Mind 3
7 Mayhem #
8 Mayhem Mind 4
9 Mayhem Power, Burst Enhance
10 Mayhem #, Mayhem Mind 5

Spellcasting: Each level, you gain either a Manifester level or a Cleric level, for purposes of spells/powers per day and level that can be cast/manifest.

Class Skills: Autohypnosis, Bluff, Concentration, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge (Religion), Knowledge (The Planes), Listen, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Spot

Skill Points: 4 + Int Mod

Weapon and Armor Proficiency:

Mayhem Clerics are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, with light armor, and with shields (except tower shields)

When a new Mayhem Cleric level is gained, the character gains new spells per day as if he had also gained a level in any one divine spellcasting class he belonged to before he added the prestige class or any one manifesting class he belonged to previously. He does not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained. This essentially means that he adds the level of Mayhem Cleric to the level of whatever other divine spellcasting class or manifesting class the character has, then determines spells or powers per day and caster level accordingly. If a character had more than one divine spellcasting class or more than one manafesting class before he became a Mayhem Cleric, he must decide to which class he adds each level of Mayhem cleric for the purpose of determining spells or powers per day.

Mayhem #:

Upon taking first level and every 3 levels afterward, the Mayhem Cleric is assigned a Mayhem number. This number is rolled randomly on a d20 and is permanent. Upon casting a spell, the Mayhem Cleric must roll a d20. If the cleric rolls a number equal to the Mayhem number a Mayhem Vortex is formed in a 50' radius centered on the cleric. A roll on the Mayhem Chart is used to determine the exact effects that take place. When determining another Mayhem number after the first, if the cleric had already rolled the number previously, reroll until a new number is rolled.

God's Willing:
Whenever the Mayhem Cleric casts a spell, the cleric has a chance to attract the attention of the Madness worshipped. If so, the cleric does not make a Mayhem check, it automatically succeeds and the cleric must roll on the mayhem chart. (Whenever the player casts a spell, the DM may say te Mayhem roll is made.)

Whenever a Mayhem Vortex is created by a Mayhem Cleric, a secondary burst is created and hits everyone with a Cure Light Wounds. A save must be made vs DC = 10 + HD + Wis Mod or the Cure becomes an Inflict no save. At each odd numbered level after 1st, the burst gets enhanced. The Mayhem Cleric must choose Control or Power. If Control is chosen, then all allies get a +1 to the save and all enemies get a -1 to thier save cumalitively. If Power is chosen then the spell advances 1 step (Light to Moderate to Serious to Critical to Heal).

Mayhem Power:
At every odd numbered level, the Mayhem Cleric gains a new Mayhem Power. To determine this power, the cleric rolls on the Mayhem Power chart and gains the power rolled. The cleric cannot gain the same power twice. If the same power is rolled a second time, the cleric rerolls until they gain a power on the list they don't have.

Mayhem Mind:
Mayhem Mind 1: The Mayhem Cleric gets a +3 against all Mind-Affecting spells and effects even if there is normally no save.
Mayhem Mind 2: The Mayhem Cleric gets a +6 against all Mind-Affecting spells and effects even if there is normally no save.
Mayhem Mind 3: The Mayhem Cleric is immune to all Mind-Affecting spells and abilities.
Mayhem Mind 4: The Mayhem Cleric not only immune but reflects the attack back upon the caster.
Mayhem Mind 5: The Mayhem Cleric not only reflects the attack back upon the caster, but the caster gets no save and is affected by it even if normally immune. If 2 Mayhem Clerics have this ability and one casts a Mind-Affecting spells or effect upon the other it creates a resonating field which explodes in a 50' radius doing an amount of d6 equal to the combined HD of both clerics to all within the blast radius no save.

Mayhem Power Chart

1-2 Chart A
3-4 Chart B
5-6 Chart C
7-8 Chart D

Chart A: Physical
1 Permanent Effect: Skins turns dull brown (+5 Natural Armor)
2 Permanent Effect: Arms become ape-like and hairy (+4 Racial Bonus to Strength)
3 1/Day Rage like a Barbarian of equal level as level in Mayhem Cleric
4 3/Day Gain Track Feat 1 min/level
5 3/Day Cat-like Grace 1min/level (+6 Racial Bonus Dex, and +2 Untyped Initiative Bonus)
6 3/Day Become as tough as stone 1 min/level (+6 Racial bonus Con, +4 untyped AC bonus)

Chart B: Magical
Gain the following Spell-like ability using your HD as caster level:
1 3/day Magic Missile
2 3/day Fireball
3 3/day Fly
4 Permanent Effect: Detect Magic
5 1/day True Seeing
6 1/day Great Teleport

Chart C: Clerical
Gain the following spell-like ability using your HD as caster level:
1 3/day Contagion
2 3/day Interfaith Blessing
3 3/day Bless Weapon
4 1/day Summon Monster VII
5 3/day Blade Barrier
6 3/day Spell Resistance
7 At will - Sanctuary
8 3/day Flame Strike

Chart D: Psionic
Gain the following psi-like ability using your HD as your manifester level:
1 3/day Call to Mind
2 3/day Cloud Mind
3 3/day Body Purification
4 3/day Death Urge
5 1/day Psionic Plane Shift
6 1/day Energy Wave

Mayhem Chart*

1 Player Chooses from this chart
2 No Additional Effect
3 Etherealness
4 Summon Monster VIII
5 Resurrection
6-7 Empathic Feedback
8-9 Oak Body
10-11 Consecrate/Desecrate
12-13 Daylight/Deeper Darkness
14-15 Word of Chaos/Holy Word
16-18 Protection from Law
19-21 Protection from Good/Evil
22-24 Dispel Good/Evil
25-27 Cloak of Chaos
28-30 Unholy Blight/Holy Smite
31-34 Enlarge/Reduce
35-38 Locate Object/Obscure Object
39-42 Remove Curse/Bestow Curse
43-46 Remove Fear/Cause Fear
47-50 Neutralize Poison/Poison
51-54 Curse Disease/Contagion
55-58 Remove Blindness/Blindness
59-62 Remove Deafness/Deafness
63-66 Detect Law
67-70 Detect Good/Evil
71-73 Chaos Hammer
74-76 Unholy aura/Holy aura
77-79 Magic Circle against Good/Evil
80-82 Magic Circle against Chaos
83-85 Blasphemy/Dictum
86-87 Slow/Haste
88-89 Hallow/Unhallow
90-93 Holy Aura/Holy Aura
94-95 Insanity/Mind Blank
96 Destruction
97 Summon Monster IX
98 Energy Drain
99 Reroll 1D4 +1 times, ignore rolls of 1,2, 99, 00
00 DM's Choice

*All spells on chart affect everyone in a 50' radius with no save allowed. If 2 spells are mentioned in a spell/spell format, a save is given to all within the 50' radius. If the save is successful, the first spell takes effect, if the save is not successful then the second spell takes effect. The Summon Monster spell is random from all monsters on the chart and the monster summoned attacks all within sight.

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