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2007-04-17, 01:04 PM
One of the very convenient things about the SRD is that all of the spells are easy to search through and find. I have a few other source books that have spells in them and I keep having to search through several books to find a specific spell.

I remember that at one point I saw a list on WotC's website where all of the monsters were listed, along with which book they were in. Does anyone know if there's a list like this for spells, official or not?

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2007-04-17, 01:09 PM
Thank you,

Some day I'll figure out how people find things like that in 3 minutes, when nothing I do seems to make it turn up.

2007-04-17, 01:13 PM
Here is the master list, which then links to monsters, spells, feats, prcs, etc