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2015-05-03, 10:16 PM
This is my latest sub-class, which is as close as I can come to a conversion of my favorite 3.5 homebrew class of the same name (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?176276-3-5-Magitech-Templar-Iron-Man). Please let me know what you think in respect to balance, flavor, and it being a faithful adaptation of the original!

This is of course a fighter sub-class, and in that respect, I fear I have made it too powerful, especially compared to the Champion. Maybe it breaks even at higher levels against the Eldritch Knight, but I don't know. Should I nerf this sub-class? If so, how? I feel like it would be mechanically sound but methodologically unwise for this sub-class to remove features from the main class, like limiting extra attack to balance the sub-class features.

This was a challenge to design, as there are many upgrades to pick from, and I wanted the features with more prerequisites to be more powerful, and also only be accessed by a character that has attained a high-enough level. Moreover, making the different upgrade tracks unique and equally powerful was very difficult. Please tell me if you think there's a better way of doing any of the upgrades!

Am I missing any important rules for the armor or the upgrades? Are any of these rules exploitable?

Magitech Templar

The archetypical Magitech Templar is a powerful warrior who possesses a sophisticated suit of magical armor which can be upgraded and modified, making them extremely versatile and dangerous combatants. Some upgrades make the Templar a towering machine of war, others a craven shadow on the wall, and others still a flying mechanical wonder, capable of firing beams of energy from his eyes and palms. No matter the configuration, Magitech Templars are a formidable force.

Magitech Armor
At 1st level you gain a suit of magic armor from your church (or family, clan, king, or other organization as appropriate for your character). You may choose any type of armor that you are proficient with. It is of masterwork quality, but is otherwise typical of armor of that type. At any time you may return to any church of your order, and they will provide you with the facilities needed for you to repair, improve, or enchant it, though you must still pay for materials and other associated costs.

Magitech Armor is more powerful than a regular magic item. Only an antimagic field and areas of "dead magic" suppress it's abilities, rendering it mundane masterwork armor until the magic suppression ends. When suppressed by an Anti-Magic Field or similar effect, you also lose any abilities gained from Magitech Upgrades.

Magitech Upgrade
At first level, you may select any two Magitech Upgrades for which you meet the prerequisites. You may not use one of these Upgrades selected at 1st level as a prerequisite for the other. You may select additional upgrades at 7th, 10th, 15th, and 18th level.

Magitech Upgrades apply only while you wear your Magitech Armor. Upgrades that cast a spell require no verbal or somatic components. If an Upgrade calls for a saving throw, the DC is equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Intelligence modifier.

Armored Mind
You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed and saving throws against being poisoned.

Armor Sentience
Requires Energy Shield and Armored Sense
Your armor gains a more complete sentience and gains the ability to transfer some if its magical power into spells. Your armor has 6 charges. You can use an action and expend 1 or more charges to cast one of the following spells from it: lightning bolt (4 charges), magic missile (1 charge), protection from energy (2 charges), or thunderwave (1 charge). If you expend the armor's last charge, you may take no actions for 1d4 rounds, after which the armor regains 1 charge. Your armor regains 1d4 + 2 expended charges daily at dawn.

Armored Sense
Requires Energy Shield
Your armor gains a limited sentience and may alert you early to threats. You gain darkvision and the effects of see invisibility with a range of 30 feet while you wear your armor. You may add double your proficiency bonus to Investigation and Perception checks (including Passive Perception checks.)

Armored Stability
While you wear your armor, you have advantage on ability checks and saving throws against being moved or knocked prone, such as from a Shove action or Trip Attack maneuver.

While you wear your armor, you gain a burrow speed equal to half your base movement speed.

Damage Reduction
Requires Energy Shield
You may cast protection from energy. You must complete a short or long rest before using this feature again.

Requires Armored Mind
While you wear your armor, you longer need to eat or sleep and are immune to magical sleep effects.

Dive Attack
Requires Speed and Propulsion
If you move at least 10 feet downward before making a melee attack against a creature, you have advantage on your first attack against that creature and may add your proficiency bonus to that attack's damage.

Energy Shield
You can cast shield. You can use this ability again after taking a short or long rest.

Requires Speed and Stealth
You gain the Rouge Evasion and Uncanny Dodge features.

Explosive Energy
Requires Power Fist and Repulsor Rays
As an action, you can channel all of the energy of your Magitech Armor into an explosive electrical attack. Each creature within a 30 feet of you must make a Dexterity save. On a failed save a creature takes 3d6 points of lightning damage for each point of your proficiency bonus, or half as much on a successful one. After you use this ability you can take no actions for 1d4 rounds. You must complete a short or long rest before using this feature again.

Flame Thower
You can fire a stream of flame at your foes as an action. Each creature in a 15-foot cone must make Dexterity saving throw. A creature takes 4d6 fire damage on a failed save, and half as much damage on a successful one. You must complete a short or long rest before using this feature again.

Frost Missile
As a Standard Action, you may fire a Frost Missile. The missile has a range of 5 feet times your fighter level. Make a ranged attack. If it hits, the missile deals 2d8 points of Cold damage, and the target is can move only half its maximum speed until the beginning of your next turn.

Great Strength
Your armor assists you in physical exertion. While you are wearing your armor, increase your Strength score by 1, to a maximum of 20. In addition, your lifting and carrying capacity is doubled.

Your armor is so imposing that enemies cannot ignore your presence. Any space that you occupy blocks the line of sight and line of effect of any enemy attack on the same or lower level of elevation as you. Thus this gives objects and creatures total cover from effects that require a straight line of effect through your square. Friendly creatures that are familiar with your presence may target others through your square normally. Enemies on higher elevation then you ignore this effect, as do enemies that are larger then you.

Light Beams
As a bonus action, you may fire beams of light from your eyes. The light beams have a range of 5 times your fighter level (max 60 feet). Make a ranged attack. If it hits, it deals 2d4 points of Fire damage. After you use this ability you may not use it again for 1d4+1 rounds.

Mecha Transformation
Requires Power Fist and Transmutation
Your armor can become a towering machine of war. As an action, for 1 minute, your size triples in all dimensions, and your weight is multiplied by 27. This growth increases your size by two categories—from Medium to Huge, for example. You also has advantage on Strength checks and Strength saving throws. Your weapons do not grow to match your new size, but your Power Fist does. While the Power Fist is enlarged, your attacks with it deal double damage. In addition, your armor is Fortified as per the Transmutation feature while you are enlarged. You must complete a long rest before using this feature again.

Planar Adaption
Choose a plane of existence other than the Material Plane. You may move and act on that plane as if you were a native, and do not take penalties associated with being a non-native to this plane. This upgrade requires DM approval, as the cosmology of various game worlds vary dramatically.

Power Fist
Your armor has a Power Fist built into one of its arms, which is a one handed melee weapon that deals 1d8 damage, and cannot be disarmed. You are proficient with the Power Fist. You may hold or otherwise manipulate a weapon, shield, or other object on the same arm as your Power Fist, though you may not attack with your Power Fist and use an object or weapon held in that hand on the same turn.

Requires Speed
While you wear your armor, you gain a fly speed equal to your base movement speed. You may not take the Dash or Disengage actions while flying.

Requires Energy Shield and Damage Reduction
As long as you are conscious, you heal a number of health points equal to your proficiency bonus at the beginning of your turn.

Repeating Crossbow
Your armor has a special masterwork repeating light crossbow built into one of its arms, which is a ranged weapon that deals 1d6 piercing damage, has range 30/120 feet, cannot be disarmed, and possesses the Light weapon property. You proficient with this weapon. You may hold or otherwise manipulate a weapon, shield, or other object on the same arm as your Repeating Crossbow (including a Power Fist). Your armor contains an extradimensional space which can store up to 100 bolts, and the repeating crossbow automatically loads any stored bolt of your choice automatically requiring no action.

Repulsor Rays
Requires Power Fist
You fire a number of rays equal to your proficiency bonus. Make a ranged attack for each ray. These rays each have a range equal to 5 feet times you fighter level. If hit, a creature takes 1d6 plus your Intelligence modifier force damage. In addition, creatures hit by rays must make a Strength saving throw with a DC equal to 5 times the number of rays that hit them. Each creature hit makes only 1 saving throw. On a failed save, a creature is pushed back 10 feet.

Your base speed increases by 10 feet.

Spider Climb
While you are in your armor, you gain the effects of spider climb.

Requires Speed
While you wear your armor, suffer no disadvantage on stealth checks due to your armor and you may add double your proficiency bonus to Dexterity (Stealth) checks. You may also cast invisibility. After using this, you cannot cast invisibility again until you complete a long rest.

Requires Power Fist
As an action, you can change the shape and form of your armor to assume the appearance of a normal set of clothing. You can also take an action to Fortify your armor for 1 minute. During this duration, you move at half speed in your armor, and have resistance to Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing damage. After using this, you cannot Fortify your armor again until you complete a long rest.

You can cast web. You cannot use this feature again until you take a short or long rest.

2015-05-04, 01:21 AM
I think your fears are unfounded.
I am usually pretty critical and vocal of anything I see as a major balance concern but I don't really see much in there that is too powerful. Balance-wise it seems fine and concept-wise, it seems awesome.

2015-05-04, 09:29 PM
I appreciate it! Excuse my relentless pessimism; I'm my own biggest critic and the Templar is one of my favorite classes to ever have used, so I want to do it justice, both mechanically and thematically.