View Full Version : Original System custom d20 ability system ideas ,suggestions ,general criticism

2015-05-05, 07:45 PM
hello giant in the playground ,i bring an idea to you that i hope the community can help out with.

first let me explain a bit. i love to play d&d and other d20 systems and so do my friends , i gm most of the time .
the main rpg we do play is d&d 3.5 there characters are in the 15-18 range and before that had some epic characters.
the problem i have realized is not as much as a problem as it is just kinda annoying and in the background like that one car alarm going off on your block for like 30 min before somebody shuts it off . its the problem that when you make your character there are many options that you can get and use to make it your own ,but sometimes you wish you could customize it more to the specific character without doing some gm rule-bending.almost like if im making a character that wants to have fireball but not just fireball but a fireball that can be divided and shot to other locations for half of the normal damage each , or if im a melee chi type of character i would want a ability that could be akin to the warblade or sword-sage ability's but different / customizable .

another problem im experiencing is that when the party gets to a certain level almost all challenge is lost , and they steamroll over the challenge . if anything im looking or need help / suggestions for a classless system with freedom to create your own ability's and such . i wish for it to be almost like darksouls in a way , kinda like no matter how strong you are you can still pose a threat if your good enough ,not to say that the extremely experienced melee guy couldn't wipe the floor with the small fry trying to challenge him . because i see it very often after ablut 16th level for a caster charater that has all casting progression and or some other class loophole stuff . the game stops being about solving the problem because it could potentially kill them and more about who kills/breaks it first, how long it will take , and who has enough damage to do it .
ive checked out gurps, mutants & masterminds , exalted ,ect .but gurps is a wee bit to complicated (yea right wee bit more like alot ) because it barely has a srd and character generator . mutants and masterminds is too cartoony kinda and is not the kind of customization i would like ,exalted is cool but i found it to not be exactly what i wanted as setting wise , marvel forever was cool but was like gurps in a way .

ive made systems like this in the past before but the main problem is the "balance" its like i wanna be a caster but im going to spend more time making my spells than the fighter dude thus for i have less spells because i used all my "points" on making 4 spells while the fighter dude gets 8 because there simple to make and wont abuse the rules most likely like spells could because spells need to be more detailed sometimes . any suggestions would be extremely helpful