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Hi people, I made a conversion of daelkyr half-bloods for 5e, please give advice, too powerful? too weak?
Daelkyr Half-Blood
“It’s hard being me.”
—Faran Coolworm

Despite being sealed away under the earth, a daelkyr can reproduce, after a fashion. A daelkyr’s corporeal incarceration constantly leaks the virulence of its corrupting spirit. The unborn are especially vulnerable to this influence, and those innocents growing in the wombs of their mothers within the sphere of this beastly influence are born as daelkyr half-bloods

Anguish burns in the eyes of daelkyr half-bloods, because their spirits are always in conflict. The most obvious outward sign that a creature has been “womb-warped” is the natural symbiont that is first birthed with a daelkyr half-blood (the symbiont is sometimes mistaken for a disfigured twin or gruesome afterbirth), then later befriended, worn, and utilized by the adult half-blood.

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution increases by 2 and one ability score of your choice other than Constitution increases by 1
Age. Half-bloods live about as long as humans
Alignment. Half-bloods are far more often evil than good, but nothing predetermines the eventual alignment of a daelkyr half-blood—only the manner in which the half-blood is raised.
Size. Medium
Speed. 30 ft.
Symbiont. Choose a symbiont from the list below, you have that symbiont, and are born with it, You have only half your normal hit points at all times, your symbiont has the other half. If you are ever reduced to 0 hit points, your symbionts mind takes over your body and does what it wants as chosen by you (but approved by the DM, who can take control at any time).Your symbionts mental ability scores are equal to your mental ability scores. You can regrow your symbiont in 2d4 days. You can communicate telepathically with any symbiont you control. when your reach 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th level, your symbiont grows, granting you another symbiont from the list below, all your symbionts have the same mind.
Darkvision. You have darkvision 60 ft.
Unbalanced Mind. Whenever a creature attempts to use a mind reading spell on you and succeeds, they take 1d12 psychic damage, they may succeed on a Wisdom save for half damage. The damage increases by 1d12 at levels 5, 9, 13, and 17


Symbionts follow the same rules as magic items.

Breed Leech. Breed leeches are an extraordinary leap in daelkyr corruption magic. Instilled in each leech is a terrible infec- tion that corrupts a regular pregnancy if allowed to run its course. The resulting child is born a daelkyr half- blood. The vile purpose of a breed leech is to extend the influence of the daelkyr in the waking world, creating aberrations that partake of a daelkyr’s deranged power.
With this symbiont attached, you gain an extra 1 hp per level, in addition, you can unattached it, and attack it to a pregnant humanoid, the resulting offspring is a daelkyr half-blood

Crawling Gauntlet. Crawling gauntlets are a naturally evolved symbiont that first appeared on daelkyr half-bloods. The daelkyr now commonly outfit their own aberration servants with these helpful hands.
With this symbiont attached, your unarmed attacks deal 1d6 bludgeoning damage, and you are proficient in them, in addition, while you are not wearing a shield, you have +1 to your armour class

Spellwurm. The daelkyr create spellwurms for their servants, and they are most commonly found attached to beholders, dolgaunts, mind flayers, and daelkyr half-bloods.
With this symbiont attached, you gain the ability to cast one cantrip, and one 1st level spell one per day without using a spell slot. These spells are chosen from the wizard spell list, and intelligence is your spellcasting ability for them

Stormstalk. Stormstalks are a daelkyr creation inspired by the eye- stalks of a beholder. It is rumoured that the daelkyr are working to create other beholder-inspired symbiont stalks, including charmstalks, woundstalks, sleepstalks, and a dreaded deathstalk.
With this symbiont attached, you gain a natural spell attack that is your range 30 ft, a hit bonus is your proficiency bonus+your intelligence modifier, and deals 1d8 lighting damage on a hit, and the target can’t take reactions until your next turn.

Throwing Scarab. A throwing scarab is a special symbiont—vicious in its own right, but also capable of providing its host with a throwing weapon. When inactive, it is difficult to pick out (and thus makes an excellent concealed weapon).
A throwing scarab generates small shards of hard crystalline carapace. The host can grasp one of these shards and throw it as a normal ranged weapon attack. The shard has a short range of 20 feet and a long range of 40 ft., and the host is always proficient with it. it has a base damage of 1d6 piercing
Living Breastplate. The traditional armour of the daelkyr, living breastplates are occasionally found in the Cults of the Dragon Below, where they are considered holy relics.
With this symbiont attached, your base armour class is 14+Dexterity modifier (maximum 2)

Tentacle Whip. Another creation of the daelkyr, the tentacle whip is a serpentine weapon designed to channel the corrupting touch of its master to a distant foe.
You have a natural weapon attack that you are proficient in, it has reach and finesse and deals 1d4 slashing damage, and 1d4 poison damage on a hit

Tongue Worm. The daelkyr create tongueworms for their servants. They are most commonly attached to beholders, dolgaunts, and mind flayers.
You have a natural weapon attack that you are proficient in, it has finesse and deals 1 piercing damage+1d10 poison damage on a hit, if no piercing damage is dealt, no poison damage is dealt either

Cerebral Hood. The cerebral hood resembles a small cloaker, though it has no eyes or mouth. It is a black, somewhat amorphous, leathery creature that flies slowly by undulating its body through the air. A long tail dangles from its mass, thick and heavy but also wet and tubular. Numerous spiny protrusions extend from the tail.
While you have this symbiont attached, you no longer need to eat, drink, or breath

Mind Leech. A mind leech is a small, slimy creature that coils itself around the brain stem of the creature carrying it.
With this symbiont attached, you gain an ability that is identical to dragonborns breath weapon, except the damage is psychic damage.

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if you think that this is balanced, I have several other homebrewed races that I could post