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2015-05-06, 08:52 AM
There is an interesting and somewhat unique setting called Underworld (no connection to the movies of the same name) which I really like. but I do not like its vague heads/tails coin flip mechanic. So I've been working on this d20 Modern conversion for a long time. You can find it here (https://underworld-1.obsidianportal.com/wikis/main-page). The fluff is 95% from the source book, and all but the magic system is also pulled from the source and tweaked to work with the d20 Modern system.

Anyway, I am currently working on the advanced classes for the setting, and I've chosen to build brand new ones because none of the existing d20 Modern advanced classes fit well with the aesthetic and feel of the setting. However, I'm not that good when it comes to balancing classes, so I was hoping I could petition some other GMs for help in building these classes. The descriptions of the classes I'm planning are as follows:

Rail Razor
The tunnels of the Underworld are a dangerous place, filled with monsters, mythical creatures and unstable magic. To survive in the Deep, everyone has to possess at least some ability to defend themselves. However, the rail razors are a different breed altogether. They are the men and women who have devoted themselves to the art of combat. Almost exclusively members of the Bravos guild, rail razors are not an uncommon sight in the Domains of the Underworld. They act as guards and warriors in the armies of the Domain Lords, as well as private security for merchants, traders and businessmen. However, not all rail razors are members of the Bravos guild. Those that act independently of the guild must constantly watch their back for guild retaliation, but they can find lucrative work as mercenaries and bounty hunters. Some even find work as enforcers for criminal organizations.

Between the Underworld and the World Above, there is no shortage of debris, discarded trash and mountains of scrap forgotten and left to rust and decay. Masters of the scrapyards and kings of the junk piles, scrappers are the men and women who specialize in collecting the cast off items and trash others leave behind and re-purposing it into new useful and unique equipment. They are the inventors and creators of all manner of Salvage Tech and jury rigged devices. They make up a percentage of every guild, and can be found in almost every Domain. If something breaks in the Underworld, its the scrappers who are called on to fix it. If there is something that needs to be built, the scrappers are the ones to build it. Many of them find work as handymen, but more prefer to remain independent in order to work on their bizarre inventions.

In the Underworld there are plenty of ways for thrill seekers to get the adrenaline rush they are looking for, and it's no different for the madcaps. The majority of madcaps are members of the Navigators guild, using their skills to help them get around in the often dangerous terrain of the Deep. However, there are also a number of madcaps in the Taggers guild, seeking their thrills as they explore the tunnels of the Underworld leaving their marks, as well as in the Sappers guild. Madcaps find most of their work transporting goods and people through the most hazardous regions of the Underworld, but they also find work as cavalry in the armies of Domain Lords and getaway drivers for criminal organizations.

Sickness and injury are just as common in the Underworld as they are in the World Above, perhaps even more common. It is only a matter of time before citizens of the Deep run afoul of one of the many monsters that roam the deep tunnels, or take a tumble in the stations. When this happens it is the Medicus that is called to deal with it. They are the doctors, surgeons, pharmacists and paramedics of the Underworld, and any Domain would be foolish to turn them away. Almost exclusively members of the Mendicant guild, Medicus are also occasionally found in the ranks of the Bravos, though they are frowned on by the Mendicants and sometimes blacklisted. Medicus can easily find work where ever they decide to settle. Sometimes they act as small town doctors, sometimes as the personal physicians of Domain Lords. Some even open illicit chop shops that cater to the shadier elements of the Underworld.

Ghost Rat
Rogues, scoundrels, thieves and information brokers are a necessary part of life in the Underworld. Not everything needed to survive in the Deep could be acquired easily or even legally, and occasionally people found themselves in need of back channels and unorthodox methods. Sought after, feared and hated for their skills, ghost rats walk a dangerous line between respectability and revilement. Most often members of the Bravo guild, though also found among the Taggers, Sappers and occasionally Librarians, ghost rats are masters of getting into places they don't belong. Many Domain Lords keep ghost rats on retainer to gather information on their rivals, and the guilds use them to keep an eye on each other. It is a dangerous line of work, however, as a ghost rat who is caught will often find themselves abandoned by their employer and left to their fate. They are well known among the criminal element, and few are picky about where they get their payday.

There are also two magic based classes I'm planning, but they will require integration with the magic system, and I'm pretty sure I have most of them squared away already. I am also open to additional suggestions for classes that may cover roles not covered by the above classes.

Any help would be appreciated. I still have a lot of work to do to finish converting this setting and make it playable.

2015-05-08, 06:46 AM
Guess I'm not getting any help :smallfrown:

2015-05-08, 12:14 PM
I don't think I'd be able to offer much more than moral support, but nevertheless;

Oooh, D20 Modern things! This makes me happy.

Congratulations on receiving moral support.

2015-05-08, 01:17 PM
Honestly, most of them as you describe them just look like minor refluffs of existing classes from various supplements, I don't see much need to have new advanced classes for them

Rail Razor- shadow slayer

Scrapper: Smart hero/Wasteland nomad

Madcap - Daredevil/flying ace

Medicus - field medic

Ghost Rat - Infiltrator