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2015-05-06, 10:25 AM
Lord of Vile Heroes
CE Demon Lord of evil deeds to heroic ends.
Symbol An open clawed left-hand, its fingers pointed down and its palm held open.
Domains Chaos, Evil, Glory, Nobility
Subdomains Demon, Heroism, Honor, Martyr
Favored Weapon Bardiche

-Among the infinite verity within the abyss, there resides one who has risen to power in his layer and has presented an unorthodox creed, that evil can be used for the greater good. The nameless demon, also referred to as the lord of vile heroes, is worshiped most frequently by individuals who partake in vile acts but choose to inflict such things upon those deserving. A sociopath who has set out to kill killers, a sadist who has taken to torturing the guilty, and a conjurer who delights in calling fiends and setting them upon the wicked are all among those who would find themselves in the nameless demon's service. His clergy are typically secretive about the nature of their patron, at least at first, their mark being their performance of heroic deeds but through the use of tools and methods most would shy away from. As they garner favor, a cult devoted to the nameless demon may come to openly proclaim their faith. At times this proves to help establish a lasting and public presence in the community, while others may find rejection and ruin.
-His reasons for promoting such an unusual practice, by the standards of the destructive and hateful creatures of the abyss, are three fold. Those slain by his followers are those more likely to be destined for the lower planes anyways, including cultists devoted to other demon lords. Furthermore, religions perceived as benevolent in a sense are more likely to prosper, people joining out of curiosity and even adoration, and the followers more likely to be well received publicly. Lastly, the promotion of vile acts for good draws both those vile by nature but wishing to do good, and those who are already themselves heroes who may become tempted to use less wholesome but perhaps more effective methods to achieve their goals. The lord of vile heroes is most commonly depicted as a demonic knight clad in tattered blackened plate, his right hand grasping a bardiche and his left held out as is his symbol. Whether this is his true appearance or simply how his followers wish to depict him is at present unknown.

Just an idea I wanted to throw together. Something i've done before but felt it could use another go. He's nameless, more for lack of any ideas for a name than anything else, but I decided to go with it rather than let that stop me. He's evil, he promotes evil, but he says use it for good because it provides good PR.