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2015-05-08, 08:33 AM
So, I'm working on a quasi-original system (it has strong ties to 3.5, but different enough to be it's own system). I'm currently compiling a list of feats. However, I've searched every splat book and modified nearly every feat from them to my own liking, yet I still don't have as many feats as I want to.
I'm especially looking for more feats geared for skill monkeys and non-metamagic feats for casters. Any ideas?

2015-05-08, 09:25 AM
You might trawl through the Homebrewer's Extended Signature thread, and see what you can come up with from there.

2015-05-09, 10:52 AM
Also check the ancillary contest for feats.

2015-05-09, 08:29 PM
If you really went through all the feats of D&D 3rd edition and are still looking for more, my guess is that you could be interested in 3rd party content, so I made a rapid list of books you could be interested in obtaining and reading. All of the following books are published under the OGL, so it is legal to publish their content in any way desired as long as you comply with the rules of the license.

101 Feats, Ronin Arts
101 More Feats, Ronin Arts
Another 101 Feats, Ronin Arts
Fantasy Player's Companion: A Dozen and Three Group Feats, Ronin Arts
Fantasy Player's Companion: Feats I, Ronin Arts
Fantasy Player's Companion: Higher Level Feats for the Fighting Man, Ronin Arts
Feats, Alderac Entertainment Group
Feats Volume I, Silverthorne Games
Forbidden Arcana: Necromantic Feats, Ronin Arts (though this is a reprint of feats from Encyclopaedia Arcane: Necromancy by Mongoose Publishing, which has more content and can be found online)
Mega-Feats: New Paths to Victory, Skortched Urf
Mega-Feats Volume II, Skortched Urf
Netbook of Feats
Rage Feats, Reality Deviant Publications
Summoner Feats, Reality Deviant Publications
Sunder Feats, Reality Deviant Publications
Ultimate Feats, Mongoose Publishing

Note that copying from the sources I cited above is legal (through the OGL) while copying from most WotC books could be copyright infringement, but if your system is really that different from D&D it may not be the case (whether you want to sell the system or only use it to have fun with friends on a sunday afternoon also makes a difference). If you can't find the books or think you'll still need more feats, I suggest you take a look at the d20 modern SRD. It would be easy enough to adjust most of them to a 'medieval' setting like D&D, and some feats like Ultra Immune System could actually be great additions for certain spellcaster builds.

Edit: And if you can't find the books I listed or are still looking for more, I suggest you take a look at the Grand OGL Wiki (http://www.purpleduckgames.com/publication-list). Nearly all of the books have feats of some sort and all of them are OGC, so just take a look.