View Full Version : First product (Pathfinder)

2015-05-08, 06:15 PM
Hey everyone I'm starting my own third party publishing company and I wanted to get your collective opinions. So my first few products are going to be pathfinder supplements and once I have a following I'm going to expand into other games and my own unique games.

My first product is going to be a little supplement devoted to food and cooking, I've got a new base class, 10+ archetypes, almost 60 feats, a couple of spells, some magic items, as well as a few articles about food in the world, how trade and politics affect food, and what people at back then.

So I have a good chunk of content, but I want to know what you guys want to see. Last thread I made a few months back pointed out that I should definitely have hyperlinks in the table of contents and when referencing other pages for the pdf's, and that nice looking art is a huge plus.

Firstly what would you pay for a 70-80 page pdf about food with the above included? What do you guys think of pay what you want products? And what sort of stuff do you think needs to get added to make this product worthwhile? Anything else you folks can think of would be really helpful.