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Person Named Bo
2007-04-20, 12:21 AM
Velcome to my vorkshop cheeeldren and adolts. *Sprays cough syrup* ahem. yes welcome, starting today, I am working on a homebrewed setting to intice my lazy friends to play again.

I already have the base plane worked out, as well as a small twist, there are no other planes accessible with ease in this setting. (will be explained in a bit.)

Beyond the Astral realms, and hidden in the deepest shadows of the void, there is a spark of light suddenly, blazing a pure, a line against the darkness of the void. approached, it grows to unimaginable size. looking within, you see forms. A Wheel, a road, a mountain, a tree, more and more, going on into infinity, as you look upon one, you realize you came from there, and it hits you. You have fallen outside of EVERYTHING, and are looking in. a small stream arches up from the flow, and passes by, giggling, Soul Energy, pure and untainted by morality. as it falls down. back into the flow, wonder seeps into you, no matter how tainted you are. That is a persons first encounter with the Outside. -The Tome of Tal-Orhim.

Tal-Orhim was a scholar in at this very university. He said he once traveled to a place he called the "Outside." but he said it wasn't a place, because it contained space in the middle, it simply was. He also said there was life "Outside." but enough about that crazy fool, moving on, Here is the great library of Rasalt - A guide at the university of Rasalt answering a question.

The Setting:
Tal-Orhim was right, in every way. but he did not know one thing. The Flow of Souls, as he put it. does have an endpoint, it is also its beginning. As beings die in the afterlifes they expected, then the souls move on to restart. at the unimaginable speed the souls move, it still takes a hundred of what humans call years for it to make a loop. at that time, having picked up energy at the Nexus, it becomes a new being, somewhere in the Flow. The Nexus is the place where the Flow of Souls contracts to a mere 10'000 miles in diameter. it is there, as they collide with each other, that the energy of souls is refreshed. Surrounding it is a series of massive islands, put there by what, no one knows, not even the greatest of omnidieties. It is inhabited by those who fell through the cracks of existence, souls lost from the flow, planer travelers who took a seriously wrong turn, and their descendants. the Islands of the Nexus are the focal point of the campaign.

Things that
will get changed from core rules.
Where magic comes from, and many spells

The rest will be hammered out.

Things that are different:

There are no other planes (At first.) in this setting. While it may be possible, I/E Epic level quest, to find some way to break into another reality. for the most part, there are no other planes, no inner, no outer. What that means is, Any extraplaner beings, are very rare, and either alone, or in small groups. there is no overarching devil heirachy here. Neither are there gods. Gods are by nature, tied to the multiverses they have power in, they can never reach the Outside. So overall, what this means, is the majority of the extraplaner type beings, will be things that make FarRealm creatures look seminormal and are actually natives of the Outside., and also, Astral Dreadnoughts, as it turns out they are highly intelligent, and travel the Flow of Souls, looking for interesting astral souls to devour.

That is all for now. You may comment.