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2015-05-19, 02:50 AM
I thought I'd share one of my favorite changes to my homebrew setting.

I traditionally do not like having evil characters in my games. But someone always askss about the Drow. In order to avoid this...

I have changed my setting's drow to be easier to incorporate. They are now the Mago'wa, Winter Elves. In my setting the elves worship four deities that embody the seasons. The aspect of Winter, Maago, who brings time for reflection, strengthens familial bonds, and strength in adversity, felt unappreciated by the bulk of her chosen people. So one winter, she appeared in the form of an owl, and asked that anyone who wished to prove their love to her to follow her and be rewarded. The procession of followers traveled many miles after the owl, eventually ending up in a series of large, underground caverns. These caverns were adorned with a multitude of edible fungi and other sustenance, hot springs, and veins of precious metals to collect.

Over a long time, she changed the elves in her entourage, marking them as her own with her colors, black and white, turning their skin ebony and their hair white as the snow they left above on the surface. There were a few generations of quiet where they thrived in the subterranean passages. They were loved by their goddess in the months that the surface was covered in bright sunshine and blooming crops building a few cities adorned with the image of their goddess in the guise of the owl. When winter comes, some venture back to the surface, usually as a part of trade caravans looking to sell their rare goods. most return, some decide to stay, finding friend groups that aren't turned off by their unique appearance.

Functionally, their stats are identical to pathfinder Drow, with the added benefit of resistance to cold. The Mago'wa society has Lawful Neutral tendancies, being highly structured in familial clan groups. Ummm.... PEACH, I guess.