View Full Version : Five People on GitP III: Let's try again

2015-05-20, 01:21 AM
The rules are simple. Say something to five different people on the boards here but you may NOT mention their name. Keep it rules friendly, please.

And for added fun claim ones from posters above you as obviously all about you if you like. :smallwink:

1: Hench-vertically-challenged-flying-fey am I? I think you are cool too. Sorry it took almost four years to reply to this. :smalleek:

2: I wish you liked me half as much as I like you. I'll always remember the first time we met, both online and in person.

3: I will miss you at Trogland this year. You always make me feel warm and loved.

4: I miss RPing with you and wish you'd at least come play in Structured Games again.

5: Your avvie reminds me of Professor Randolph Lyall from the Parasol Protectorate Series (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soulless_(novel)).

2015-05-20, 08:03 PM
1) You need to think more before you try these hair-brained schemes of yours.
2) I'm sorry I keep forgetting about your ghost snake! :smalleek:
3) Is it weird that even the mention of you these days makes me think about food?
4) I bet you make a pretty mermaid.
5) I wish you could know how important you are to me.

Scarlet Knight
2015-05-25, 09:54 AM
1) Do you wonder why more people don't crossover in the music threads?
2) We really miss your talents in the Avatar theme week thread.
3) Are you aware I practically squeal when I see you post?
4) Sometimes your "disrupting" is nothing more than trolling.
5) Your captions are often the best, but I just try to give others a turn at times.

Mauve Shirt
2015-05-25, 10:49 AM
2. So psyched to see you at Trogland!
3. You too!
4. I reset my phone and lost the count of games... I'm pretty sure I'm still winning.

2015-05-25, 01:32 PM
You are one of the best Werewolf players I've had the pleasure of playing with.
I enjoy our little rival. But I'll never forget Seb.
Why did you shorten your name?
I miss you and your puppies.
I'm really upset with you. You ruined Playground Squares for me, last year. :smallmad:

2015-05-26, 03:06 AM
1. Did Bob Arctor really get your goat that bad? :smallamused:
2. I really dig your taste in music.
3. I think you're great, but I can see why others don't. Sometimes you bring things on yourself.
4. Is the secret chalupa sidequest over yet?
5. You will forever be my join-week buddy, no matter how rarely our paths cross.

2015-05-26, 04:42 AM
1) How's all that my fault? I wasn't even there!
2) "Supernatural balance" does NOT equal "supernatural wall-climbing." Your ability to run across stalks of wheat without bending them does not translate into sprinting forty-five feet up a fortress wall. :smallannoyed:
3) I realize you think I've got this elitist attitude where I judge people for not owning books. That's not true. I get upset when you assume that the distorted fanon scraped from the walls of the forum's echo-chamber is straight canon. I don't care if you own a book or not, what I care about is you screaming your little diatribes about something that's not in the books; I care that you've never read the book but are ranting about it anyway.
4) Why you gotta be so mean? :smallfrown:
5) I bet you were pretty cute as a mermaid. :smallredface:

5a Violista
2015-05-30, 09:14 PM
♣) Hi! It's been a long time. Since we last talked, I moved a couple cities south, but trains make the distance not seem that far.
♦) I'm sorry. Regardless, it was nice to meet you.
♥) I've missed you over the past while, but I'm glad to see you again.
♠) Thanks for roleplaying with me; it was pretty fun.
★) I know, I know; I really need to post in the arts and crafts subforum more; I just don't don't have as much time as I would like.

2015-05-30, 11:50 PM
1. I have gotten over it, mostly. Just never forgotten.
5) Oh I most definitely was. :smallwink:
♥) Missed you, too. Hope we can role-play again someday.
7} I always thought you were a great person, until I felt you hated me :smallfrown:
(13) I hope someday we can meet-up in England.

Queen of Thorns
2015-06-05, 09:39 PM
1. You're awesome for lot's of reasons related to webcomics and fun games. Thanks new friend!
2. I want you to think I'm cool but I think you just think I'm weird.
3. You put more effort than anyone else into getting me settled into FFRP
4. On the other hand you helped me come up with the greatest character idea ever
5. You're just silly.

2015-06-09, 11:41 PM
1. You think I'm an idiot and... yeah, that's pretty accurate. I'm still going to be angry at you, though.
2. Despite the dozens of meteor swarms I've hit you with, you seem a decent fellow despite not being a drow.
3. The drow aren't racist just because everything in our legal system, culture, and psyche revolves around the supremacy of our race and the scimitaring of all the others. Wait.
4. You can't be "true neutral" and value evil unless you value good equally. You can either balance them or have no tendency toward either one. At least, that's what True Neutral people tell me.
5. You faker drow! *Meteor Swarm*

2015-06-10, 07:47 PM
1) I would like to suggest that you calm down a bit.
2) Okay, yeah, no, you win.
3) Thanks for the invitation. I appreciate it.
4) ...that's not how science works.
5) I am genuinely sorry if my actions in any way contributed to your actions.

2015-06-10, 08:19 PM
2) yo dawg i herd you like ghosts so i put a ghost in your ghost so you can haunt while you haunt
3) (screams internally)
5) Oh, dear, it appears I've run out of memes. :smallfrown:

2015-06-17, 04:52 AM
1) I like you, and hope that you continue to play in FFRP.
2) I'm sorry I'm not posting as often as I should. I doubt I'll ever get back to how I played in the old days. :smallfrown:
3) The last one applies to you as well.
4) I'll get you. :smallamused:
5) I can honestly say that I wish you....

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2015-06-26, 09:32 AM
1) I get the impression that at least 3 or thoprinces of the universese first ones are meant for me
2) Come back to Trogland Sometime so I can return your copy of Citadels
3) Still forever grateful for all you've done for me.
4) You still have one of the funnest screen name I've seen.
5) I wonder if you ever found that special someone to collar you?

5a Violista
2015-07-22, 02:39 AM
1) Sorry for totally ditching out on everything
2) Sorry for totally bailing out on everything
3) Sorry for totes not posting, and everything
4) Sorry for suddenly vanishing from everything
5) Hi! I enjoy spending time with you. Also, sorry for <see previous four>.

(There's totes a pattern here, I suspect. To everyone else besides these five people, um...I guess I should also apologize for suddenly not posting for no good reason at all.)

2015-07-22, 05:40 PM
1) Argh, post already!
2) All this lovey-dovey stuff you're doing, you're trying to get him killed, aren't you?
3) You will paint the sea crimson where your keels split the waters.
4) The demon pretends to be your ally.
5) Rearly? Fourteen threads about the same subject? :smallsigh:

2015-07-22, 07:23 PM
1) Hugs for you.
2) Slap for you.
3) Hugs for you.
4) Kiss for you.
5) Hugs for you.

Prince Zahn
2015-07-23, 06:26 AM
Your sudden absence from your thread pains me constantly, I'm not sure how much more we could go on without you.
Just from casually coming back to MBG, you make me feel welcome here.
I hope you never read on all the things I want to tell you. you'd be too embarrassed by how highly I think of you
I'm sorry you didn't make the cut last year, but then again, my game didn't fare too well back in the day.
You remind me of a friend of mine - funny, eccentric, dangerous. I'm sure we'll get along just fine:smalltongue:

2015-07-29, 08:36 AM
1) Thank you for your constant support for me Narrating your Werewolf Classic slot.
2) Thanks for returning to play in my last WWC game.
3) I know you couldn't play, but I missed you this last game.
4) Where have you been? Your leprechaun presence is missed.

Prince Zahn
2015-08-09, 02:32 PM
I knew you would come back! *sobs*
Nice to meet you, too!
...We meet again. *glares*
you feel to me like a very decent person. I don't know why but your posts make me smile. :smallsmile:
you are very much in character on these forums. don't make me worry for you, too... please? :smalleek:

2015-08-09, 08:17 PM
1} We like the three post rule in Silly Message Board Games. But you're forgiven, as it allowed me to post again. :smallsmile:
2} You are a very interesting vampire, I must say.
3} I miss you so much. :smallfrown: A yearly dose is not enough.
4} I miss you also, but not as much as the person above.
5} I really enjoyed RPing with you.

Prince Zahn
2015-08-10, 04:19 AM
1} We like the three post rule in Silly Message Board Games. But you're forgiven, as it allowed me to post again. :smallsmile:

1}Oh c'mon! For some of these threads it was at least a week between activity, if not two. Good Threads should not be forgotten over courtesy rules. I would do it again if I had to, But you're welcome.:smalltongue:

2015-08-10, 11:08 PM
1) I generally edit posts in Message Board Games if I wanna comment on something and there's not three posts since my last post.
2) I'm risking a lot for you right now. I hope you appreciate this.
3) I've been offering you my jaws for like months now, silly. :smalltongue:
4) Glad to hear you like butter pecan. :smallsmile:
5) Gah! I wanna tell you about Exalted! :smalleek: