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2015-05-21, 02:45 PM
Okay, I think we all know how Jeopardy works:

Alex Trebek gives a clue about something in the form of an answer, and the contestants try to figure out what that something is, in the form of a question. If correct, the contestant then gets to pick the category for the next answer/question pair.

The trivia involved is generally pretty hard.

Celebrity Jeopardy is slightly different: All the contestants are celebrities, competing with the intent of donating their winnings to charities; and also idiots, who, lets face it, are going to severely disappoint their selected charities. Because of this fact, Alex tries to give them the easiest answers he possibly can. And yet the celebrities manage to get the questions severely, and hilariously, wrong.

For this game, I am Alex Trebek - for the first page or so, anyway. Alex will give an answer, and the contestants come up with the most hilariously wrong question for the answer that they can. Then they pick the category (and dollar amount) for the next answer. In the event of multiple responses, Alex will pick the one paired with the question he/she finds the most amusing.

Near the end of the page (preferably close to the 25th post on the page), Alex will announce that it is Final Jeopardy! Alex will pick a subject and spoiler the answer so the contestants can theoretically write down their wagers; then at least three people will reveal their questions and how much they wagered, which should probably be Spoilered for authenticity's sake (and remember, for Final Jeopardy, pictures insane scribblings are worth a thousand idiotic words!). Then the current Alex gets to choose who gets to be Alex Trebek for the next page.

Note: It is traditional for the contestants to either act like they are in their own little world, or treat Alex Trebek abusively. I would like to say that this should extend to personal remarks against the player filling the Alex role, that are understood to be part of the game; but perhaps a Moderator might have other views on this matter, which I will gladly place here to hopefully minimize confusion about what is proper.

It is also traditional for Alex to belittle the intelligence of the contestants, but Alex does try to maintain a professional veneer, so should try to be a little more clever about his putdowns. Reacting (in-character, of course) to contestants' jabs are encouraged, but again, I defer to the wisdom of the Moderators.

In lieu of official word from the Moderators, I would recommend saying something with an OOC (Out-Of-Character) tag if something does get a little too intense, but I would hope that Playgrounders are for the most part able to understand what lines not to cross (probably referring back to the Forum Rules (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/announcement.php?f=34&a=1) would be a good idea, though, just in case).

So, without further ado:




Let's begin with Words That End In -ommy

This is the person that gave birth to you. She was probably married to your Daddy.

2015-05-21, 03:41 PM
You assume a lot.
It was true, but assumption nonetheless.

What is a "mommy?"

Scarlet Knight
2015-05-22, 06:35 AM
"Who is a 'Commy'?"

I'll take "Famous Romans" for $100.

2015-05-26, 05:02 PM
"Who is a 'Commy'?"

I'll take "Famous Romans" for $100.

According to the Wyld Stallions, this is the 'Salad Dressing Dude.'

Edit: I'll get rid of this if desired, I just don't want celebrity jeopardy to suffer the agony of falling oh slowly to page two...

2015-05-27, 12:07 PM
Thanks, I just suddenly realized I forgot to check the boards for like a week or so. I'll let your trivia stand, and then I'll presumably take over again for the rest of the page.

2015-05-27, 01:30 PM
Who was "Lucius Tarquinius Superbus?"


General Tarquin|

I'll take "obscure presidents" for $7 billion.

2015-05-28, 11:26 AM
This clue is a picture clue!

It's not Osama! This current president, shown with his hand obscuring his face in the pose he will likely be adopting should you get this one wrong, is the USA's first black president. You might recognize his name from Obamacare, the health reform passed while he was president.

Scarlet Knight
2015-05-28, 08:25 PM
Who is Woodrow "Mookie" Wilson?

I'll take obscure presidents for $200.