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2007-04-21, 06:28 PM
Alright, here's the background info: I'm thinking about making a hexblade character for an upcoming campaign, and abjurant champion seemed a good way to continue to get spellcasting and full BAB, and admittedly hexblade doesn't offer a whole lot of unique class features after 5th.

The thing is, the final level of abjurant champion your "Caster level in a chosen arcane spellcasting class is equal to your base attack bonus." And hexblades normally have a caster level of 1/2 their class level.

So, that leaves two options that both seem reasonable:

1. Effective caster level is treated as if I had hexblade levels equal to my BAB, so, a caster level of 5 at level 10.

2. Effective caster level equal to my BAB, double that of what a hexblade normally has, so 10 at level 10.

Now, I'm not aware of any errata or FAQ entries, so if one exists that I've simply missed, I would appreciate a source and page number. But really what I'm looking for is some opinions and reasoning on one or the other options. See, I figure this is more likely to get accepted if I present the DM with the question of which I get rather than will I be allowed to take it. If he's dead set against it, the answer will be the same whether I ask this way or directly, so I figure I'll just increase the odds in my favor.

To that end, I'd like to be able to present two valid options and see which he likes better (if either one).

Edit: Oh, and I was kind aiming for the swiftblade PrC, which the DM likes, but that will require 11th level hexblade casting. So with five levels of hexblade and five of abjurant champion, what options look good for that extra level that's still unaccounted for? Ideally, I'd like full BAB, and if it requires taking more than one level to get 11th level hexblade casting, I'm losing some of the good swiftblade abilities.

2007-04-21, 07:21 PM
I think the description is explicit enough. Your caster level is now equal to your BAB. The hexblade may say that it is only 1/2 your level, but the description says, "From now on, your caster level in a chosen arcane spellcasting class is equal to your BAB (unless it would be higher)." Well, Hexblade is an arcane spellcasting class, you have chosen it, and it wouldn't normally be higher. I think that the description is plain enough. The "from now on," to me, definitely implies a change of current features. Perhaps your Hexblade was originally only at 1/2 CL, but that old ability has been superseded, because "from now on" you are using BAB=caster level.

As for PrCs, a single level of Bladesinger nets you a +1 to AC and an advance in your current arcane spellcasting class, as well as full BAB. If you wield a longsword and are of the elven persuasion, I assume you are already only wearing light armor or no armor, which means you are set for bladesong styling. Off the top of my head, that's the only Full BAB 100% spellcasting progression PrC I can come up with.

Your options become nearly infinitely more various if you are willing to burn a feat slot for Practiced Spellcaster, especially early on. If you get it around 6th level, it will actually be useful, bumping up your CL for Hexblade to 1/2(Class level) + 4, to a maximum of your HD. Once you get Martial Arcanist, however, it will only serve to act as a "+1 caster level," allowing you to take a "+1 level of existing class" PrC level that doesn't grant Full BAB without losing an Caster Level.