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Bayushi Koji
2007-04-22, 01:16 AM
Okay gang.... having recently gotten hold of Qin the RPG, and having a circle of freinds who LOVE wire fu films... I've been looking to run some. I've mostly been reading the rules and drooling at how cool it is.
But I've now started thinking in campaign terms and I've got an idea I want to run past other gamers. The game is set in 240BC, so start a campaign then, all about the return of Gonggong, a legendary warlord who was able to challenge the gods and caused the heavens to lean. What I'm thinking is the Pc's get to, in bold, heroic style find out about an attempt to bring GG back.... and they fail to stop it. The bounce forward to the Boxer Revolt, with the PC's being Boxers. The European forces are actually slightly Demonic, because the PC's find out when they failed to prevent GG's return, the did prevent him from just reforming himself, he's had to body hop all along. But the fail to prevent him from doing bad things to China during the revolt.... then finally, the hop to a dark future, cyber punk style setting where the world has gone to hell and only they, the re-encarnated spirits of GREAT heros can stop the fall of heaven.

What do you guys think? Thats VERY breif cleft notes, do you guys see any particular problems with the concept?

2007-04-22, 05:02 AM
If anything, to span that much time, I would have the PCs play the first part, take a blood oath to stop his return, then fail, and then become condemned to wander as ghosts seeking a way to fix the catastrophe they failed to avert. In such a manner you could skip hundreds of years in which they just wander around looking for ideas, and then have a "rumor" of some magic unite them on a quest or two, then kill more time, up to the B. Rebellion, and have them have a climactic victory against their anchient foe.

Then down the line have their spirits called back to fight a new evil, etc.

The big question your players will have is "Why aren't we rolling new characters?" when you shift genres, but a clear spiritual narrative of a fall and the eons long quest for redemption should tie it together nicely.

2007-04-22, 08:29 AM
Sounds like a fun concept. There was a Thread about Qin recently, I think, but I don't think much was said. I think I agree with Wehrkind that you should focus on the Spirits of the Characters and a Blood Oath is not a bad idea, if you can convince the Player Characters that it was their idea. Maybe it grants some minor short term bonus, but they didn't fully realise the long term consequences?