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2015-05-27, 01:03 AM
So, I want to stat out a magic sword from Mercede's Lackey's Oathbound series (Which would make an awesome DnD campaign by the way.)

The sword is called Need, to simplify it is enchanted to give the wielder exactly what they *need* in a situation. Not what they want, or what would be slightly helpful, only what is necessary. The sword doesn't help you at all if you're doing something you're good at, or can succeed at on your own.

Examples of things Need does:

Accelerates healing of life-threatening wounds and stops bleeding. Does nothing for wounds that are any less than life threatening.

When wielded by an expert swordsmen, granted near-immunity to magical attacks.

When wielded by a mage, granted skill in combat, but only when she used it to protect herself or someone else against lethal force.

When wielded briefly by an unskilled young girl, did both of those at once, as well as granting enhanced senses and physical reflexes.

Some options I had considered:

Have it grant a bonus to pretty much everything equal to 10 minus your existing modifier.

Have it grant a bonus to everything equal to 20 minus 2x your level.

there's always the option to call it an artifact and have everything to to DM fiat, but that's no fun.

Story wise, the sword also bears a powerful Geas that forces people who wield it to find and help people in trouble, great to give a party. I would really like for it to do something different and useful depending on who was wielding it, so it can be strategically passed around the party. Just mostly looking for ideas and feedback.