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2015-05-27, 04:56 PM
Anyway in my homebrew setting I'm tossing out the official D&D planescape (no Nine Hells, Abyss, etc).

You can my brief(ish) summary or just know that I am aiming for vaguely Lovecraftian alien outsiders that seek to destroy all life and consume all souls. I'm going with a vague cold and psionic theme.

Cliff notes version of backstory. An evil primordial god, Turoch, created the material plane to harvest souls to consume as a rancher herds cattle. His nine lieutenants united against him and overthrew him, becoming the new lords of creations. Gods known collectively as the Nine. After Turoch's body decayed, all that was left was his hunger. His hunger became the Void.

My planet is a cylinder and if you walk off the edge of the cylinder you walk into another plane, the Void. The Void passively tries to leech out life, but the Nine erected the Barrier to keep the worst of the barrier out, so basically the Void just leeches out heat making the world colder near the poles. The barrier strengthens and weakens based on proximity to the anniversary of Turoch's death creating seasonal temperature variations. The Void also spawns Demons who carry Turoch's essence and his desire to consume all life. When the barrier fluctuates to weaker points, temporary holes show up in the Barrier which lets Demons sneak through into the material plane. More powerful demons are larger and most holes are small so powerful demons make it through less often.

In the distant past, a power mad wizard tore a massive rent in the Barrier letting in Demons Lords of unprecedented power ushering in a period of woe called the Unmaking. The Nine shored up the damage since then though the Barrier never recovered completely, but the world was irrevocably changed. One change is that races that emerged after the Unmaking have psionic potential (mainly humans).

The Void is basically the Negative Energy plane. There is a small demiplane between the Barrier and the material world called the Near Void which is only minorly aligned with Negative energy. Demons rally there to form groups before entering the material plane.

All demons can see perfectly in darkness and magical darkness, and are immune to cold and poison. They are neither damaged nor helped by negative energy or positive energy spells or effects. They do not need to breathe, eat or drink. They do not tire or sleep, and are immune to magical effects that would make cause tiredness or sleep. Demons with psionic abilities may rest to regain psionic power points.

They possess no language of their own but instead communicate telepathically as an extraordinary ability. More powerful demons can communicate telepathically at much greater ranges and all Demons have thier telepathic range enhanced in the Void. Demons can automatically tell if something in their line of sight is a sentient being. They receive a +2 circumstance bonus to Spot, Listen, Search, or Survival checks for tracking if the target is a sentient being. They can’t normally read minds but they can initiate telepathic contact with a sentient being and understand responses. This can be shut out if the recipient of the telepathy is unwilling to communicate, so demons cannot use their basic telepathy cannot be used as a distraction or attack (though some have psionic powers known that can do so).

Demons usually have acute senses but those senses are adapted towards the Void, they are distracted by ambient energy. All but the most barren deserts and tundras bestow a -2 to Spot, Listen, and Search checks for demons. Life-rich environments such as tropical rainforests, areas near magical lifestones (boost plant fertility in the Underdark), or very crowded cities bestow a -4 penalty.

All Demons have a sort of sixth sense for the presence of mortals with souls and can track their scent. Tracking animals and any creature with a souls is almost impossible for a demon, but they don't actually need to follow physical signs. A Demons difficulty to track an individual or group is dependent on the size of the group they are following and the presence of ambient life energy that throws off the "scent".

As foes of the Nine (my world's gods), all Demons can overcome the damage resistance of spirit servants of the Nine as if their natural attacks were cold iron weapons. (The servants of both good and evil gods are vulnerable to cold iron in my world). If a Demon has DR, it can be overcome by silver.

I got the bottom three demon castes right here. I'm still tinkering with the next level. I figure the bottom three demons will be medium, then the next tier will be Large, and the next tier will be Huge, and MAYBE a Gargantuan Tier.

Soldier Demon (I used Wights a baseline to estimate an appropriate CR)

Soldier Demons are the weakest and most common demons crossing the periodic breaches in the Barrier into the Near Void then exiting into the material plane when they have a small band of fellows. They are roughly humanoid with muscular builds and are approximately six feet tall. They have grayish skin and leathery wings on their backs. Their faces have eyes, noses, ears, but no mouths. They have four fingered hands with claws. They have an insatiable desire to drain the life force of the living, but they do can survive seemingly indefinitely without “feeding” though the only way they can heal damage is by draining the energy of mortals. It’s rumored that they can heal naturally in the Far Void though none have witnessed this. Soldier Demons have telepathy with their own kind within 500 yards. They can communicate telepathically with Scarterran mortals within 100 yards, but rarely choose to do so.

Soldier Demons cluster into groups whenever possible. When not expecting resistance they fan out as far as they can without losing telepathic contact of at least one other demon. They will coalesce to defend their own when one demon is threatened. Soldier Demons have the intelligence of average humans and a general desire to defend their own kind, but they lack a true sense of self-preservation. Threatened Soldier Demons will attempt to rally with each other when threatened, or even seek out a more defensible location to continue fighting from, but they will not choose to flee a battle altogether, preferring to fight to the death.

Soldier Demons will make a reasonable attempt to discern the greatest threat and attack that being first, but they will attack pretty much any mortal or spirit they see. If no mortals with souls are nearby, they will seek out soulless animals to drain the life of. Soldier Demons will generally bypass animals unless the animals are densely clustered or the demon hasn’t fed on more satisfying fare in a very long time.

Soldier Demons will unquestionably obey any higher class of demon. Soldier Demons will not a flee a fight altogether, restrain their feeding, negotiate with mortals, or take plunder unless a more powerful demon ordering them to do so. A Soldier Demon won’t ordinarily use weapons unless ordered to, though once they try weapons, many will keep using them later even without further orders. Soldier Demons have no true sense of boredom and will endlessly follow the last instructions given indefinitely. Demons have been known to patrol an empty stretch of dungeon for centuries endlessly though demons in that position can be temporarily distracted by nearby souls if they haven’t fed in a very long time.

Medium Sized Outsider
Hit Dice: 5d8+15 38 hit points
Initiative: +3
Speed: 50 foot (flight, average mobility), 30 feet (ground)
Armor Class: 18, Flatfooted 15, Touch 13, (Base 10 Natural +5, Dex +3)
Base Attack/Grapple: +5/+5
Attack: Tail 1d6+3 (+8)
Full Attack: Tail 1d6+3 (+8), 2 claws 1d4+3 (+6)
Space/Reach: 5 feet
Special Attacks: Energy drain one level (save DC 12) with tail attack. Regains 5 hit points per successful energy drain.
Special Qualities: Immunity to cold and negative energy, Telepathy (500 yards demons, 100 yards mortals), Energy drain attack with DC 12
Saves: Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +3
Abilities: Str 16, Con 16, Dex 16, Int 6, Wis 8, Cha 10,
Skills: Balance 8 (+11), Hide 8 (+11), Intimidate 8 (+8), Listen 8 (+7), Move Silently 8 (+11), Search (+5), Spot 8 (+7)
Feats: Tracking (bonus), Hover, Multi-Attack
Environment: The Void
Organization: Single, band (2-4), Swarm (10-20)
Challenge Rating: 4
Treasure: None
Alignment: Any Evil

Scout Demon

Scout Demons are similar physically to Soldier Demons, but they are less recognizably humanoid. They have slightly bigger builds and patchy undulating scales on their skin and fingers of tentacles instead of clawed hands. They use psionic powers at the level of a Seer of their Hit dice. Despite being the second weakest level of Demons, they are actually rarer than the more powerful Winter Demons and are rarely seen when not commanded by one. In the unlikely event they are in command of a group of Soldier Demons they will use their powers to locate clusters of beings with souls to feed on. They are more talkative than Soldier Demons and they are not above promising to spare mortals who provide information on where to find more of their kind, though they rarely keep their promises to spare their information sources.

They will generally shirk from the front lines preferring to aid their brethren from a distance using their psionic powers though they will move to the front if there is seemingly easy feeding. If outmatched they will flee sacrificing lesser demons to cover their escape if necessary. If they escape with other demons, they will attempt to regroup in an isolated area. If they are the sole escapee, they will usually head straight for the Near Void hoping to join up with more Demons before attacking the mortal world again.

Medium Sized Outsider (I gaged their CR from Soldier Demons)
Hit Dice: 6d8+18 45 hit points
Initiative: +3
Speed: 50 foot (flight, average mobility), 30 feet (ground)
Armor Class: 19, Flatfooted 16, Touch 13, (Base 10 Natural +6, Dex +3)
Base Attack/Grapple: +5
Attack: Tail 1d6+3 (+9)
Full Attack: Tail 1d6+3 (+9), 2 tentacles 1d3+3 (+6)
Space/Reach: 5 feet
Special Attacks: Energy drain one level (save DC 15) with any attack. Regains 5 hit points or 5 psionic power points per successful energy drain.
Special Qualities: Immunity to cold and negative energy, Telepathy (1000 yards demons, 200 yards mortals), Energy drain attack with save DC 14 on all physical attacks, doubles telepathic range of all demons within 100 yards (already factored into to his own range).
Psionic Powers: (CL 6, 41 power points) 1st Daze, Defensive Precognition, Energy Ray, Force Screen, Precognition, (5), 2nd Clairvoyant Sense, Inflict Pain, Object Reading, Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions (4), Energy Bolt, Energy Wall, Forced Share Pain, Touchsight
Saves: Fort +8, Ref +8, Will +6
Abilities: Str 16, Con 16, Dex 16, Int 15, Wis 12, Cha 14
Skills: Balance 9 (+12), Bluff 2 (+4), Concentration 9 (+12), Diplomacy 2 (4+) Escape Artist 9 (+12) Gather Information 5 (+7), Hide 9 (+12), Intimidate 9 (+11), Listen 9 (+10), Move Silently 9 (+12), Search 9 (+11), Spot 9 (+10)
Feats: Tracking (bonus), Hover, Multi-Attack, Weapon Focus: Tail
Environment: The Void
Organization: Solitary, Squad (1 Scout Demon with 4-6 Soldier Demons)
Challenge Rating: 6
Treasure: None
Alignment: Any Evil

Infiltrator Demon (I lifted their CR from Succubi)

These are based heavily on Succubi, but they are uninterested in spiritual corruption and do not rely on sex appeal as their primary tactic. If they aren’t acting on the orders of a more powerful demon, they are usually gathering information about mortals and subtly steering mortals into conflict with each other. Infiltrator Demons use psionics as a telepath equal to their hit dice.

Most do not know this rare type of Demon exists. Presumably they are the “youngest” demon race with zero recorded instances of Infilitrator Demons during the Second Unmaking. Those aware of Infiltrator Demons theorize that Demons somehow reverse engineered the powers of the Dopplegangers they once worked with. Indeed when an Infiltrator Demon is exposed, many will assume they found an infernalist Doppleganger.

Infiltrators can take almost any medium sized form, but their natural form resembles a grey androgenous humanoid form complete with a nondescript face with eyes, ears, and a mouth and wide sweeping wings. They almost never take their natural form, preferring to impersonate a humanoid. Infiltatrator Demons will take any form that can advance their schemes, but they prefer Humans or Half-Humans in case they need to justify their psionic abilities. If exposed as an imposter, they often attempt a double bluff impersonating a Doppleganger rather than exposing themselves as a new type of Demon.

They usually impersonate non-combat mortals or garden variety telepaths. If pressed into a straight fight, Infiltrators can use a standard action to “lose” their mouth and associated kiss attack and gain a spiked tail with an energy drain attack identical to a Soldier Demon (1d6+Strength with an energy drain with a 21 DC). If fighting amongst demons they will usually take the physical form of a Soldier Demon while trying to use psionic attacks are range. Experienced demon fighters will likely notice the “Soldier Demon” is fighting stand-offishly and not hitting as hard or as accurately as normal demon, even if they don’t notice the origin of their psionic attacks.
Other Demons automatically recognize Infiltrator Demon whatever form it’s wearing. Any Demon equal to a Winter Demon or lower will follow an Infiltrator Demon’s direction, even pretending to attack an Infiltrator if necessary to maintain cover (though Soldier Demons are not particularly adept at making convincing fake attacks).

Their ability to take any form, speak any language and psionically penetrate most thoughts makes them good infiltrators (duh), but mortal lives are ultimately alien to them reflecting in several interactive skills not being maxed out. For an Infiltrator Demon that has been moving amongst mortals for decades or more will not only have a few more hit dice, but also have a stronger aptitude with interactive skills such as Bluff and Diplomacy as well as a few skills to help them maintain whatever role they are impersonating.

Medium Sized Outsider
Hit Dice: 6d8+6 (36 hit points)
Initiative: Immunity to cold and negative energy, Resistance to Fire, Acid, Electricity 10, Tongues, Spell Resistance 18, Telepathy (500 yards demons, 200 yards mortals), Energy drain attack with DC 14,
Speed: 50 foot (flight, average mobility), 30 feet (ground)
Armor Class: Armor Class 20, Flat Footed 18, Touch 12 (10 base, +2 Dexerity, +8 natural)
Base Attack/Grapple: +6/+6
Attack: Claw 1d6+1 (+6)
Full Attack: 2 claws 1d6+1 (+6)
Space/Reach: 5 feet/5 feet
Special Attacks: Energy Drain with kiss (as a succubus but the save DC for both the level drain and Suggestion is only 21)
Special Qualities: Can use Alter Self an unlimited times per day as standard action, gaining a +10 bonus on disguise checks. +8 to Spot and Listen checks.
Psionic Powers: (CL 6) 1st Attraction, Charm, Detect Psionics, Empathy, Sense Link, 2nd Aversion, Brain Lock, Inflict Pain, Read Thoughts, 3rd Crisis of Breath, False Sensory Input, Psionic Blast, Telekinetic Force
Saves: Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +7
Abilities: Str 13, Dex 13, Con 13, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 24
Skills: Bluff 4 (+13), Concentration 9 (+10), Diplomacy 4 (+11), Disguise 4 (+21), Escape Artist 9 (+10), Hide 9 (+10), Intimidate 4 (+13), Knowledge (local) 4 (+8), Listen 9 (+19), Move Silently 9 (+10), Psi-Craft 9 (+13), Sense Motive 4 (+6) Search 9 (+13), Survival 9 (+11), Use Psionic Device (+3),
Feats: Tracking (bonus), Dodge, Mobility, Persuasive
Environment: The Void
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 7
Treasure: Double Standard
Alignment: Any Evil

My rough concept for the next Demon type is a Winter Demon. With several cold based attacks. I'm not sure if I want to give him cold based melee attacks, spell like abilities, sorcerer ability, or Kineticist psion ability.

The next level above that would be Death Demons. They have greater energy draining powers and the ability to command various types of undead. Other Demons just leave undead popping up in their wake amongst their energy drained victims. I originally created a unique undead creature to represent victims of Demons but the creature turned out so similar to Shadows, I though maybe I should just Shadows. The Faceless are incorporeal undead that drain Charisma instead of Strength to try to get their identities back. Other than consmetics and the Charisma drain rather than Strength drain, they are identical to Shadows.

I'm not sure what I'd want to do for a stronger demon than that. I think going too high in the CR moves a monster from dungeon baddie to campaign driver.

Anyway, what do you guys think about what I have so far?