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Variable Arcana
2007-04-22, 12:43 PM
At the masterís option, he may have any spell... he casts on himself also affect his familiar.
Take the 4th level spell Trollshape (from the PHBII -- one of the Polymorph-replacing spells) -- this spell transforms the caster into a Troll.

Can a wizard with a familiar cast this spell and transform himself *and* his familiar into trolls (so long as they stay within 5' of one another)?

2007-04-22, 12:46 PM
Yes. Note though you lose all class abilities for the duration of the spell.

It may be more advantageous to just cast trollshape as a touch spell on your familiar and then remain a wizard.

2007-04-22, 01:54 PM
Hehehe....familiars are class abilities...

Shhalahr Windrider
2007-04-22, 02:01 PM
If you lose your class abilities, I bleieve that would include Share Spell. So that would pose a problem.

2007-04-22, 02:09 PM
In all other ways, the target's normal game statistics are effectively replaced by those of the new form. The target loses all of the special abilities it has in its normal form, including its class features (even if the new form would normally be able to use these class features).Rest of the polymorph subschool is located here

Thus the casting trollshape on your familiar as a touch spell works (or use imbue familiar with spell like ability and the familiar will do it himself). It appears spells you cast on your familar will still be in effect (including energy immunity acid or fire and energy resistance the one element you aren't immune to via regeneration). Now your familiar can only take nonlethal damage. Have your party archivist or prestige paladin cleric cast a chain favor of the martyr and your familiar is now a troll who can't be damaged effectively and has all these other immunities.

Lord Lorac Silvanos
2007-04-22, 02:24 PM
If you lose your class abilities, I bleieve that would include Share Spell. So that would pose a problem.

Share Spell is a familiar ability (imparted on the spellcaster), not one of the spellcaster's.

The Spellcaster would lose the ability to summon a new familiar while being in Troll Shape.