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2015-05-28, 10:43 PM
I have been working on this for a few months off and on. It hasn't been etensively playtested and some information is still being filled in but it's pretty much ready to go if anyone wants to try it out. And it will be leaving "alpha/beta" phase soon.

I cannibalized rules from MANY game materials, both d20 stuff and the official GW rpgs. I believe it all comes together coherently but I'm aware that a lot of editing probably needs to take place. Anyway, the rules were based (at least initially) on Only War, which is the Imperial Guard rpg. In my "reimagining" of the rules, each player controls up to 5 characters, (with some modifications to the rules in order to streamline that process) all guardsmen, and each squad represents a detachment from that character's unique regiment being added to a combined force consisting of all PCs. In the rules as written your guardsmen die in droves but are readily replaced. Good times.

Yes, I'm aware that a lot of people are tired of d20 everything. I don't know what to tell you, it's a simple system that's easy to teach, easy to learn, and very modular.

So here is a link to the rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16L7NUHMnnRkY3CLvctVZfY4_z3JadLABgpV5SfMvlDE/edit?usp=sharing

Feel free to comment, try to spare my feelings. If you try the rules out I'd love to hear about your experience with them!

2017-05-03, 06:59 AM
This is pretty impressive work. Kudos to you, sir.