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2015-05-29, 07:43 PM
Fury Mage

A barbarian who charges down the path of the Fury Mage, uses their rage to draw out energies from the very fabric of reality in order to perform great feats and cast spells. These abilities and spells are called Furies.

Level 3
You gain the ability to expend a Rage in order to perform Furies.

You may only Fury up to a number of times per long rest equal half the maximum number of rages you have (round down), or 3, whichever is lower.

Each Fury has a trigger, a set of circumstances in which must be met before you can use your rage to draw out the full power of the Elicit Rage. Each Elicit expends 1 Rage. You learn three of the following abilities, each time you level up you may change which elicit you know. The base ability for each are usable at-will as the action that

The DC for your abilities is 8 + Prof + Con Modifier. While you have an Elicit in effect (duration abilities) you can not rage.

Destructive Might
Base (Bonus Action): Your scream and pure might shoves all hostile creatures away. Make a Shove contest versus each hostile creature within 5', on a success each creature is pushed 5'.
Trigger: When adjacent to at least 2 hostile creatures
Fury (Action): All creatures within 10' of you must pass a Con Save or take 3d8 bludgeoning damage and be pushed 10' away.

Colossus Grab
Base (Bonus Action): You may use the grapple maneuver.
Trigger: A creature has tried to grapple you or escape your grapple since your last turn.
Fury (Action): The creature must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be paralyzed while you are grappling the creature for the next 5 rounds. The target gains a saving throw at the end of each of their turns to negate the paralyze effect.

Deathly Visage
Base (Bonus Action): When a creature you can see is under an ongoing charm or illusion effect, you send a glare at the creature to scare them out there of the ongoing effect. The creature makes their next save with advantage.
Trigger: You have missed the target with a melee attack on your last turn and dealt no damage to it since then.
Fury (Action): You may cast Phantasmal Force on the creature. Duration 5 rounds.

Ancestral Army
Base (Bonus Action):
Trigger: An ally, within the past minute, has dropped to 0 HP.
Fury (Action): With a mighty scream you summon forth (within 20') the soul of an ancestor to help you do battle. When summoned the ancestor to make a melee attack against a target you desire and deals 1d8 + Con Modifier force damage. On later rounds you may direct the ancestor to move 20' and attack another creature with a bonus action.

Storm of Degradation
Base (bonus action): When you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack you may use your bonus action to cause a spark go through and cause the target to lose their reaction until the start of your next turn.
Trigger: A creature has used a Lightning, Thunder, or Wind ability within 30' of you since your last turn. Natural sources count of Lightning, Thunder, or Storm Winds.
Fury (Action): You cause a black storm cloud to appear above your head. Choose up to three creatures or items within 20'. The targets take 1d8 lightning damage as a lightning bolt flies from the storm cloud to the target. A Dex save halves the damage. If the target fails the Dex save they are filled with shame and regret causing them to take disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks until the start of your next turn. The storm cloud has a duration of 5 rounds and you may use an action to attempt to strike three targets with lightning again. Creatures immune to charm and objects are immune to the Shame and Regret.

At levels 5, 7, 9, and 11 the Elicit damage increases by one damage die or the duration increases by 1 rounds. If the fury has both a duration and damage, the damage increases but the duration stays the same.

Level 6
Fury Specialization: Once per short rest you may modify your fury with a specialization. Choose two of the following specializations, you may add onr ability to your fury at a time. Using Fury Specialization take no actions.

Empower Fury: You may reroll your damage against a single enemy and used the better result.

Quicken Fury: When you use your fury you may also make a single melee weapon attack.

Level 10

You learn an additional Fury.

Level 16