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Renegade Munchy
2015-05-30, 02:44 PM
Another Class I made, Not as sure with this one as I was with the Shaman one, again any help with balancing, improvements or just general feedback is greatly appreciated. Still not sure how to properly use tables so for the Cell power feature you start with 50 and gain another 25 at lvl 6, 11 and 16, ending with 125 Cell power.

D&D Custom Class Artificer



The Artificer

Class features:
Hit dice: D10
Weapons: All simple
Armour: Light armour
Saving throws: Strength and Constitution
Tools: Choose 3 from this list + all vehicles, Alchemist’s supplies, Carpenter’s tools, Jeweler’s tools, Leatherworker’s tools, Mason’s tools, Smith’s tools, Tinker’s tools, Woodcarver's tools
Skills: Choose 2 from this list
Arcana, history, Intimidation, Medicine, Perception, survival


Leather armour
Any simple weapon
A two tools (must be proficient) B two simple weapons
A Dungeoneer’s Pack B Explorer’s Pack

MagTech body replacements:

All artificers have undergone surgical removal of certain part on their bodies which has been replaced with magic infused metal shaped like the removed parts which act at their will and therefore functions just as normal body parts would.
One arm, one leg and part of the upper right head including some of the brain are always removed, some have more parts added, but those are the only necessary parts.
This is what grants the Artificer most of his power.

You gain the following benefits while you are unarmed:

Your unarmed attacks deal 1d4 instead of the normal 1 damage.
Your natural AC is increased by 1

Cell Power: Basics

The energy used for the MagTech parts is called Cell Power, using the supernatural effects they bring spends a certain amount, you regain half your max Cell power from a short rest and all your Cell power from a long rest.
At 1st level the amount of Cell powers knonw are limited, but as you gain more power more features are added.
You start knowing the three features, Air shock, Cybernetic eye and Power fist.
Some of your Cell power features require your target to make a saving throw to resist the feature’s effects. The saving throw DC is calculated as follows:
Cell power save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your STR or DEX modifier (Chosen at character creation cannot be changed).

Air Shock:
Alters your hand into a cannon like object and fires compressed air at an enemy within 40 feet dealing 1D10 force damage, an enemy must attempt a Dex save, if failed takes full damage if successful half damage is taken. Costs 10 Cell power, can spend up too 10 additional Cell power too increase damage by 1d4 for every extra 5 power.

Cybernetic Eye:
Bonus action:.
Enhances your vision for 1 minute granting true vision within 30 feet and a + 3 on perception checks.
Costs 25 Cell power, can spend an additional 25 Cell power to increase duration by 30 seconds.

Power Fist:
Bonus action.
Increases the damage of your next unarmed attack at the expense of Cell power can increase damage by 2 for every 5 Cell power used. Max (50).

Minor Morphs:
At 2nd lvl you have gained enough control over your mech parts which allows you to alter the looks of your Mech parts at will making non-dangerous changes, these are purely cosmetic changes. Examples are adding patterns, expanding it slightly, claws instead of fingers etc.

Cybernetics path: Choose at lvl 3.

Prefers a ranged confrontation utilizing Dexterous movement and gadgets to avoid and debilitate enemies.

Warforged Adept:
Enjoys the thrill of battle joining the fray at any opportunity preferring brute force over covering in the back.

Chain Extension: Lvl 5.

Adds a chain too the Arm parts granting your unarmed strikes or Morph weapon attacks reach 10.

Elemental Modifier: Lvl 7

Using the magical energies in the Mech parts you can infuse your Airshock or physical attacks with different types of elements gaining bonus effects based on the chosen element. “This is also used to overcome non-magical attack immunity and resistances.”

Corrosive attack, Reduces the attacked enemy’s AC and saves by 1 until the end of your next turn.

Slow attack, reduces the attacked enemy’s movement speed by 50% for 2 turns.

Burst attack, Deals 1d10 bonus fire damage.

Chain attack, the lightning in the attack jumps to adjacent enemies dealing 1d4 damage for every enemy and can jump 1 more time from the adjacent enemies to deal its damage again.
Dex save avoids all damage.

Cell Power upgrade:

At 10th level the artificer has found ways to conserve more energy when using Cell powers while also improving their effects.
This grants the following benefits.

Air shock base Cell Power cost is now 5.
Cybernetics eye now has a base duration of 2 minutes and the base cost and extra duration is now 20.
Power Fist damage can now be added to Morph Weapons damage and lasts for 2 attacks.

At 15th level they are further upgraded granting these benefits.
Air Shock, can now be used as an attack action and the damage dice of bonus damage is increased too D6.
Cybernetics eye, range increases too 60 feet and the perception bonus is further increased by 3.
Power Fist, Bonus damage per 5 Power cell is increased too 3.

Tech Genius: Lvl 11.

With all your extensive training you now gain double your proficiency bonus with tools you are proficient with and half your proficiency bonus with tools you are not proficient with.

Overcharge: Lvl 17.

Once per Long rest you can push the Mech parts on your body beyond their normal limits, granting a singular greatly improved effect too either your Air Shock or Power fist features.
Air shock, The main target hit by the attack is pushed up too 30 feet and is knocked prone the attack also deals a bonus D12 damage.
Power Fist, Unleashes all the power into the ground stunning and knocking adjacent enemies prone for 1 turn.

MagTech Warrior: Lvl 20.

With all your extensive training and knowledge of the mechanical parts on your body you now act like a tank on the battlefield gaining bonus AC and damage resistance too all non-magical attack.
The bonus AC starts at + 1 and increases by 1 more whenever you take damage up too a max of 5 bonus AC.

Cybernetic path features:

Alchemist Features

Alchemist training:
When you choose this path at 3rd level you gain proficiency in 1 more Tool from the Artificer Tool list and resistance too Acid damage.

Tinker Gadgets:
At 6th level you gain 2 additional Cell powers focused on control and debilitating the Mech Boola and Tazer.

Mech Bolas
Morphs your Arm into a launcher and fires of two metal balls connected with a steel chain towards an enemy within 30 feet. The enemy mus succeed on a Dex save or be trapped by the bola getting knocked prone and having restricted movement until he succeeds on a DC 15 Strength check to break free. Costs 15 Cell power and can use up too an additional 15 Cell power to increase the save difficulty on both avoiding and breaking free by 1 per 5 extra Cell power.

Fires off a small part of your arm towards an enemy within 15 feet as a ranged attack action, if you hit the enemy takes 1d4 lightning damage and is stunned for 1 turn. Costs 10 Cell Power and can spend up too 25 additional Cell Power to gain + 1 Attack bonus per 5 Extra energy spent.

At 11th level
Mech sniper
Increases the range of Air Shock/Burst by 40 and a + 2 attack bonus if the attack is made within the original attack range.

At 17th level
Air Burst:
Upgrades the Air shock attack too now deal its damage too all enemies adjacent too the main target. All enemies has a chance to avoid the attack just like the main target.

Warforged Adept Features

When you choose this path at 3rd level you gain the “Morph Weapon” Power cell Feature.

Morph Weapon
Free action (once)
Transforms your hand into any 1 handed weapon copying the weapons damage and Properties.
Every change Costs 5 Power Cells and lasts up too 1 hour.

At 6th level

The regenerative morphing abilities of your MagTech grants the Artificer an accelerated healing process while at critical health levels with all the changes and magical energies infused into his body.
Gain a natural Regen 2 while at or below 50% health.

At 11th level
Heavy Weapons duty:
Morph Weapon can now be used to transform your hand into two handed weapons and every attack deals 2 extra dice of damage on critical hits.

At 17th level
Bonus attack 2
Can attack 3 times with every attack action.

Nerfed some parts that were a little OP.
Fixed the fact that I forgot the levels of some abilities since in the original word file there is a table showing the levels.
Altered some of the damage based abilities, some that I though was fixed, but that I apparently forgot to save like d6 unarmed attacks and the double damage for Warforged adepts.
Fixed so Mech sniper is not as broken as it was as I completely forgot multiclassing when I added it.
Thx Ninja_Prawn for noticing these issues.

2015-05-30, 02:58 PM
Okay, there's a lot of criticism in here, but please take it constructively. I think you can build a very nice class out of this - much better than the artificer arcane tradition in UA Eberron. It would help a lot if you could put this into a table for easy reading.

Please, please divide all the cell power numbers by 5. There is no need to have such big numbers to keep track of. And the 'recharge on a short rest' should mimic the wizard's Arcane Recovery - it should only be usable once per short rest.

d6 unarmed strike... I don't know. I feel like there's a reason all of the other 'natural weapon' races (and the monk and tavern brawler) get d4. Plus, if you've got such a deadly unarmed strike, why would you bother with weapons? I always imagined snazzy weapons as being the artificer's core 'thing'.

Air Shock seems a little strong for something you can (at the moment) do five times per short rest. I'd drop it to 1d8, with +1d8 if you spend another 10 (on your scale) CP.

Short range True Seeing at level 1 is pretty insane. If you're dead set on it, it put it up to 50 CP, otherwise I'd nerf it to be on par with the warlock's Devil's Sight invocation.

Power Fist is fine in principle, but I'd simplify it to "spend 5 CP to add your Con mod to the damage roll of your next unarmed strike".

You don't specify, but I'm guessing Cybernetics Path is at level 3? Oh, you say it later on. So what do you get at level 2? Dead levels below 7 are not a thing in 5e. Hmm... I would start by spreading out the Cell Power Feature upgrades into the dead levels.

Tech Genius is fine. What level is it at? I would suggest maybe 5? Overcharge is fine too... I'm looking at level 9?

MagiTech Warrior is pretty epic. Is that meant to be the capstone?

Mech Boola is a little complicated. Can't it just be a built-in net from the standard weapon list? Also, isn't it usually spelled 'bolas'?

Ooh, I'll have Mech Sniper on my Warlock 2 / Artificer 11! Thank you very much!

Terminator doesn't feel very 5e-ish. I'd make it look more like the fighter's Second Wind.

Why did you give the Warforged Adept double damage and then Extra Attack 2? That doesn't make any sense, and with all your plusses, probably outpunches the fighter at level 17. That doesn't feel right.

Renegade Munchy
2015-06-01, 05:26 AM
Man I screwed some of that up, Im not sure about the whole reduce Cell power thing though, I kinda like big numbers, do you think it really would be better to reduce it, feels like it would limit what you could do even if the costs were reduced too.

LF ideas/suggestions for other custom classes.