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2015-05-30, 05:18 PM
Hello again y'all. My friend and I are currently working on a project to replace the existing Ranger class with similar subclasses, as the current Ranger is kind of a mess and we think we can represent the fluff of a Ranger better with other classes. This subclass is written with the conceit that the Ranger class does not exist in the game, which is why the Beast Companion feature is different and more powerful than that gained by the Ranger. Please critique with this in mind; I have no wish for further debate on fixing the Ranger, just critique this class on its own merits. It is meant to cover the "beast buddy/pet class" archetype.
I intend to follow this up with Fighter and Rogue paths that cover other parts of the Ranger's roles.

Beastmaster Barbarian

Beast Companion: At 3rd level, you gain a beast companion that accompanies you on your adventures and instinctively regards you as its kin and ally. Choose a beast of up to Large size that has a challenge rating of 1 or lower to be your companion. The beast should be of a type your character is familiar with. The beast is friendly to you and your companions. The beast acts on your initiative count, immediately after you do. It obeys any commands that you issue to it, which is a bonus action on your turn. If you don't issue any commands to it, it defends itself from hostile creatures (using the Dodge action, or attacking the last creature that attacked it, as determined by the DM) but otherwise takes no actions.
The beast's hit dice become d10s, and its hit dice and proficiency bonus become the same as yours, regardless of its normal statistics. Its hit points become 22 + 3 times its Con modifier. The creature gains an additional d10 hit die and hit points equal to 6 + its Constitution modifier for each of your barbarian levels above 3.
The beast's Armor Class is its normal AC or 10+its Dex Modifier+its Con modifier, whichever is greater. The beast cannot wear armor.
If you fall unconcious or are incapacitated, the beast defends you until it is killed. If combat ends and you are dead, the beast flees into the wild and loses any previous benefits from having been your companion.
If your beast dies or has fled because you were dead, you must seek a new beast (or the same one, if it is still alive) in the wild and bond with it over a period of 24 hours. At the end of this time, the beast is modified as above and benefits from your other features that affect it. The DM determines the difficulty of locating an appropriate beast.
Shared Rage: While you are raging and your beast can perceive you, it adds your rage damage bonus to its melee attacks.

Superior Beasthandler: At 6th level, you gain advantage on Animal Handling checks and on Intelligence checks to recall information about beasts. You can communicate with your beast and other beasts of the same type as if you were affected by a Speak with Animals spell. Additionally, your beast's primary movement speed increases by 5 feet, and you may distribute 2 points among its Strength and Dexterity, and Constitution scores.

Pack Hunters: At 10th level, you and your beast fight as one. Whenever you use your Reckless Attack class feature to gain advantage on a attack rolls, your beast companion also gains advantage on attack rolls during its turn.

Primal Bond: At 14th level, your rage fully affects your beast as well as yourself. While you are raging, your beast has resistance to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage, and it also gains the benefit of your Relentless Rage class feature. Additionally, your beast's primary movement speed increases by 5 feet, and you may distribute 2 additional points among its Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution scores.

2015-05-30, 05:37 PM
Seems relatively balanced to me. Sindeloke did a similar class conversion, if you haven't seen it- might be an interesting comparison point.