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2007-04-23, 05:29 AM
Wing Rake (General)
Prerequisites: Winged creature, Small size or greater, Fly maneuverability good or better.
Effect: You gain a rake attack with your wings. As part of a full attack, you may make a single extra attack with your wings. This attack is a natural weapon, and counts as a slam attack for a creature your size. This attack is made with all the typical penalties for extra attacks. You do not draw attacks of opportunity when using your wing rake.
You cannot use this while in flight.
Special: If you have Improved Two-Weapon Fighting or the like, you may make additional wing attacks, albeit at a -5 penalty. If you have Greater Two-Weapon Fighting or the like, you may make wing rakes while in flight.

Wing Sweep (General)
Prerequisites: Improved Trip, Wings, Small size or greater.
Effect: While prone, you may, as a swift action, attempt to fan your wings and trip those around you. You immediately may make a free trip check against anyone within your reach, including multiple targets, as long as the targets do not have any obstacles (including targets you do not wish to trip) between them. They do not get to make an opposed trip check if you fail. You do not draw attacks of opportunity for using wing rake from prone.
Special: You may attempt a wing rake from prone, but you draw attacks of opportunity as normal for attempting to attack from prone.

What do you think? I'm fairly sure this could be done better, but it'd been eating at me for a while.
I added the size requirement since I find it hard to believe a pixie-size flier could sweep someone's legs out from under them or do meaningful damage with tiny wings.

2007-04-23, 05:51 AM
And since it came to mind...

Wing Barding
By spending money on a suit of armor designed for wing-bearing characters (use the "unusual anatomy" rules,) Wings can be given protective barding. This barding's true use, however, lies in being useful for enhancing to provide magical damage for wing strikes.
For example, you could have +1 flaming wing barding.

Added this to make the wing attacks helpful in a higher level environment (and in all likelihood, that's where they're going to be usable most)

Wing barding and items that effect natural attacks, such as an amulet of mighty fists, do not stack.

2007-04-23, 06:41 AM
I suggest you follow the same rules dragons use for wing attacks, where they are slam attacks and deal bludgeoning damage.

Wing barding? There are already magical items to improve natural attacks as magic weapons, you're basically adding a free item slot.

Requires two weapon fighting? I understand why you chose that, but I don't think it makes much sense. Think about requiring a certain maneuverability and strength score.

Count them as unarmed strikes? They're natural weapons, they should be treated as such, so they are not useless except for a two weapon fighting monk.

Wing sweep should require improved trip, and I can't really see how this feat would make sense though.

P.S. Sorry for the crticism, but, you asked....

2007-04-23, 07:13 AM
No, no, you made some good points.
I added the barding 'cause I didn't think it would make sense to have to get an amulet of mighty fists to use 'em effectively.
Edit: Alright, revised a little.
And the muscles that power wings are generally fairly large, and if they're on, say, a human, they're magical in nature anyway--so I could fairly easily see someone fan their wings to sweep out the legs of attackers.