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2007-04-23, 11:15 AM
Right now, I'm playing a changeling swordsage (Diamond Mind/Setting Sun-focused) in a caster-free campaign (we DO get something close to WBL, most of which I've spent on getting myself stitched back together.) The party is comprised of a blind chaos monk, a skarn totemist/future kensai, a kobold scout/incarnate, a rilkan bard, a warblade, and myself, a changeling swordsage4 (at present.) Four of them can contribute in combat; two can tank; one, the warblade, one-hits anything he touches. None of them can think tactically beyond "I hit it again," which is where I'm supposed to come in. (In practice, I'm Red Mage (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2449414&postcount=51).)

The warblade is leaving in June, which neatly defangs the party, so for the sake of survival I figured it's time to seriously think through my build beyond "straight swordsage." After some discussion early this morning, I've tentatively settled on going for Master of Nine.

Currently, I've got the core of the build down to Swordsage9/Martial Mnk2/Master of Nine 1. (The DM isn't playing with multiclass XP penalties; she is playing with any Crystal Keep class she likes.)
The feat progression is like so:

1st: Adaptive Style, Personality:SchemerB (we're using Dynasties & Demagogues)
3rd: Weapon Finesse (rapier)
6th: Improved Initiative
9th: Unnerving Calm
10th: Improved Unarmed StrikeB, Blind-FightB
11th: DodgeB
12th: Desert Wind Dodge, Perfect Clarity of Mind and Body (replacing Dodge)

Beyond the obvious "finish Mo9," I'm thinking of taking a warblade level dip, partly for Weapon Aptitude, mostly for a constantly-refreshed hand of White Raven maneuvers.

Ideas on where to go with this build would be appreciated. (I realize that it matters which order I take the swordsage, warblade and Mo9 levels in, but I have no clue how to divine the best one.) If there are any obvious problems I'm overlooking, pointing them out would be appreciated too.

EDIT: My stats are 10/18/10/14/16/12 as of turning 4th level. It was a spread, not rolled.

2007-04-23, 11:49 AM
Since Master-Of-Nine has access to all disciplines, and you gain something obscene like 8? maneuvers in the class, and since you mentioned you've been having a problem with healing...

Swordsage 12 / Master of Nine 2/ Swordsage to 16th / Master of Nine +4


Because, you get 8 maneuvers known through your master of nine career. You cannot swap those out later.

Strike of Righteous Vitality (Free Heal Spell on standard action hit) only requires three other Devoted Spirit maneuvers known. Which means, that you can have it by 17th level. Use your first three maneuvers learned as Mo9 - 2 to learn the three requisite maneuvers. As soon as you ding 17, you're healing all day long.

Now, in your 16 levels of swordsage, you'll have learned a whopping 21 manuevers - two of which should be 8th level or so. Say you've maxed out on Setting Sun and Desert Wind ...

With your second maneuver learned at 17th and your 18th level maneuver, you can learn the 9th level maneuvers for Setting Sun and Desert Wind - 100 damage AoE, and also Tornado Throw.

To recap, now you can:
1) Bust out full heals on anyone as a standard action (Effectively, full heal every round, with Adaptive Style)
2) AOE for 100 fire damage.
3) Knock everyone in the room on their soon-to-be charred rump.

And then, you have a floating three maneuvers that you can learn as you hit 20th level. If you're feeling adventurous, you can take a martial maneuver as a feat, so that you can get a 9th-level White Raven maneuver too - or any of the other good ones. I'm fond of the Tiger-Claw's save or die myself, but you don't have to take the feat to get that.

EDIT: I suppose you could take the master-of-nine levels earlier in order to get access to at least some healing maneuvers, just remember to save your last three levels of Mo9 for 17-20, so that you can get multiple 9th-level maneuvers.