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2015-06-02, 08:02 PM
A small one off spell, and my second piece of homebrew to date, I wanted to create a spell inspired by the journey of West's three demonic disciples. I wanted to create a spell whose casting could inspire a similar quest in fiends. It's modeled vaguely after the spell atonement, but oriented towards helping outsiders, and involving a quest to accomplish. Evaluations and Criticism are appreciated!

Fiend's Redemption

School abjuration [good]; Level cleric 5, druid 6, Paladin 4
Casting Time 1 hour
Components V, S, M (A divine symbol of a good aligned diety, worth at least 1 gp), DF (a gilded platinum band worth at least 500 gp, placed upon the target's head), DF
Range touch
Target One outsider with the evil subtype, whose challenge Rating does not exceed the caster's level
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance yes

This spell allows an evil outsider to atone for their misdeeds and seek transformation from their vile form, and may only be cast by a good aligned caster. The target of this spell must be present and aware for the entire casting process, and thus must be either willing or helpless.

During the casting of this spell, if the target was once a mortal soul (as many fiends are), they are forced to recall memories of their mortal lives, of their highest points, and what good or selfless deeds they might have performed in life. At the conclusion of this spell, the target may freely choose to seek redemption or not. If this choice is made while under the effect of any duress or compulsion, magical or otherwise, to pick their chosen answer, the spell fails. The target must genuinely regret their misdeeds, and wish to be redeemed, or the spell similarly fails.

If the target chooses to be redeemed, then a symbol identical to the consumed holy symbol appears emblazen in indellible blue marks upon their forehead. They lose the evil subtype, and their alignment along the good/evil axis immediately shifts to neutral. If the Target posessed DR/good, it becomes DR/good or evil. The Target's physical appearance changes to be less demonic, and they may more closely resemble a member of a mortal race or mortal animal.

The path to redemption is not a quick one. The target must therafter accompany the caster, and attempt to perform an extreme act of heroism, while seeking an inner enlightenment. Ultimately it is up to the Game Master to determine when these qualifications have been met. Immediately upon the completion of this goal, the subject is transformed into a good-aligned outsider of equal or lesser challenge rating, and the same alignment along the chaotic/lawful axis. The target is taken to the celestial realm of their associated alignment immediately to seek forgiveness from their new peers, unless such would immediately endanger innocent lives, in which case they remain until lives are no longer immediately at risk.

Should the target die before they are judged to have complete their quest for redemption, their soul does not return to their home plane, but instead to the origin of all mortal souls, where they may be reincarnated as a mortal anew, with no memories or knowledge of their past life.

Should the target of this spell willingly commit an evil act before they have completed their quest, all effects of this spell are reversed except for the indelible blue mark. The subject no longer qualifies for redemption, but so long as they posess the mark they may have atonement cast on them as though they were not outsiders of an aligned subtype. Atonement must be used as though restoring powers to a druid or cleric, with the cost of offerings increasing to 4000 gp, which must not have been earned through evil acts. Doing so will restore the effects of this spell to the target.

Once willingly accepted, the mark given by this spell is considered a natural part of the creature's body. It cannot be removed from the body by anything short of mutilation. Any effect that would restore the flesh of the forehead following this mutilation without severe scarring, such as magical healing, will restore the mark as well. Erase and similar effects do not affect this mark.

Again, only my second piece of homebrew ever, and I have no idea how well this works for any of you, but I like it in concept. Any suggested changes would be appreciated.

Apologies for any typos. This was written entirely on my phone as my computer is broken.