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Human Paragon 3
2007-04-23, 06:43 PM
Hey forum,

I'm starting a new campaign this Sunday and my character is a Supercop type (Batman, Jack Baur, John McClain, Sam Vimes et al) using the gestalt rules and combining a Fighter/Rogue. The idea is that he uses his amazing intellect (Rogue skill points sunk into observational and personal skills) and superior combat prowess (fighter feats) to overcome any obstacle.

Combat-wise I'm trying to optimize the sneak attack class ability with the fighter's great BAB. Here's what I have, level by level up to level 15. Note the monk level inserted at level 11.

I'm also considering using the Expert PC class from the Generic Classes for even more feats or possibly urban ranger, but it's difficult to get the balance right, and I don't want my Sneak to suffer much.

Also note that this character is starting his life at level 2. Thanks!

1Combat Expertise
2Improved Feint

3 Persuasive
4 Quick Draw
6 Combat Reflexes
6 Superior Feint
8 Improved Trip
9 Kick While Down
10 Improved Initiative
10 Skill Focus: Sense Motive? Bluff?
11 Monk Level, Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, d6 unarmed strike, Wisdom bonus to AC, Flurry of Blows
12 Merciless Trip (Aka stay down)
12 Stealthy or Skill Focus?
14 Skill Mastery
14 Improved Disarm
15 Unbalancing Fist? Toss?