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2015-06-05, 12:06 AM
G'day ladies and gents. Thought I'd give this campaign a journal write-up if only for commemorative reasons. The setting is a mix between the Disciples (the pc games) world and homebrew stuff added in for good measure. The starting point is set in the city of Cadenza a human dominated, multi-racial city. Without further ado let us meet the PCs.

Evard: CN Human Sorcerer going for MotAO. "Let's get this job done" type of character, bit of an elitist regarding magic. Both of his contacts are NPCs working in the magic academy. Friend of Rhacyn before campaign start.

Glim: CN Gnome (!) Bard doing the Dragonfire Inspiration thing. Works in his family buisiness as a jeweler along with his bardic endeavors. Has the longest backstory being the eldest character. Being memorable as a character he is somewhat known in Cadenza.

Maya Winterbourne: CG Human Ranger/Scout. She's the child gone astray of one (ouf of 3) of the city's benefactors. Doesn't really care about her social standing and her father lets her do her thing. Known in the city as the crazy noble girl and as one of the select few rangers that can navigate the Great Forest to the east. Also perhaps the only non-elven friend of the savage elves.

Altharan: CG Aasimar Paladin of Freedom. Building for Annointed Knight. Orphan brough up by the Church. Has some misgivings about the applications of the law and the status quo. He is slow to anger and possesses a heart of gold.

Rhacyn: NG Swashbuckler/Rogue. Son of a deceased miner, brother to a City Watch Lieutenant. Works as cook/entertainer/muscle at a well known inn named "Jill & Jane's. He has the most humble origins in the party. Often plays the fool or the trickster.

Something changed in Cadenza.

"Where was the Governor the last 3 months" "Ιn the Empire? Why do you even care?"
"The Church has abandoned us... Still no Bishop appointed after the last one passed..." "The temples are open. Go pray if you feel the need."
"I don't get it. It feels like the Elves are hiding from us these days." "I've always known you've been moonstruck with the fairies! Haha!"
"T'is the third time from equinox that they proclaimed for the City Watch" "Meh free food. Go join if you like..."
"You heard? They denied entrance to the Clans' caravan!" "First time ever! I'd be damned!" "Obnoxious condenscending #@[email protected]%, serves'em right"

The "when & why's" remained unanswered soon to be forgotten even by the most inquisitive tavern patrons. And life continued...

Cadenza is the biggest city (~70,000 souls) located at the westernmost of the continent of Nevendaar. It's the furthest away population hub still under the influence of the Empire (Humans/Celestials), but not under its direct control. The Onyxian family governs the city since its founding and takes its name from the Onyx mines south of the city. The mineral possesses properties useful for ritualistic and circle magic, and the Onyxians curry favor and amass power by trading with the Empire. In exchange, the City Watch/Guard is comprised from natives, the Church of the High Father just offers spiritual guidance and tutelage, and that's where the presence of the Empire ends.

To the north and through a treacherous mountainous path lies a Clans' (dwarves, gnomes, giants) Shelter. Some few dwell in Cadenza and from time to time caravans of traders and artisans visit from the Mountain for a few days.

To the east lies the Great (reaaaaaally great) Wood. Hunters from the city usually venture up to 2-3 days inside to avoid getting lost for ever. Rumor has it that a little elven village exists at that range. Its inhabitants are Elves and Fey (Savage Elves). Old maps belonging to the scarce elven families (~700) dwelling in Cadenza show another city named Temperance even deeper in the Great Wood.

To the west only endless blue exists... The locals harvest the waters and some nobles have summer houses by the sea. None of the elders remembers anyone arriving from the ocean.

To reach the lands of the Empire one must travel south and then south-east for at least a month on foot and brave the many dangers of the road if he is alone.

Ashengate: The southernmost district of the city. Mostly populated by onyx-miners. Onyx warehouses are also located here. Everyday at dawn the gate opens for miners, gaffers and supervisors to leg it to the mines. At dusk they gather to deliver and get paid.

Black Tower: Residence of the Onyxians. Rumored to be built entirely by Onyx. Located at the center of the city. Τhe name sounds ominous but the building is beautifully adorned with big windows and vitreaus.

Founder's District: The poor, the Church, the main Barracks dwell here. Aw. And some crime. Central district of the city.

Elven District: Elven residencies. The elves work everywhere in the city. West of Ashengate.

Ralanda Hills/Square: A great elliptical span of grassy land and little groves. People gather here for recreation and celebration.

Noble District: self-explanatory. North of Ralanda.

NPCs & Places:

Jill&Jane's: Well known Inn at the Benefactor's Square (Commercial District 1). Run by Jane, a beautiful and spirited middle aged woman. Single. Gossip has it that she turned down repeated proposals from Markus Onyxian, before he got married.

Ink & Poison: Bookstore and magic ingredients. Also publishes the homonymous newspaper. Owner: Jubal Harshaw, hale elder and eccentric.

Shuttle & Loom: City's Boutique. Most nobles get their clothes here. Selize (elf) and Myriam (gnome) work and own the place.

Vik's Forge: Owner: Vikent: Skillful smith, good company, friend of Jane. Few know he came to Cadenza as a deacon almost 35 years ago.

I try to run the campaign in a dark gothic style, with some elements of horror thrown in. Until now we've run around 10 sessions and I feel (and hope) everyone at the table is happy. And that's the main reason for beginning this journal. English is not my first language so the journal will be ladden with errors and for that I am sorry.

Everyone is welcome to ask questions about anything, criticise and suggest things ;)